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No one has ever been on the moon and it is really just a conspiracy of the government.

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Started: 12/24/2013 Category: Politics
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Many people believe that no one has actually been on the moon and it is really just a conspiracy theory.
If you believe this, then explain your theory in the first round.


Crap, I accepted on the pro without realizing. Whatever.......

The Con made this debate there for I myself does not need to explain in the first round.

Okay, the first man on moon was Neil Armstrong, an american. They proceed the first man on moon so their country would seem to have the most powerful technology yet at the time. Why would they need to do that though. According to common sense. The phrase "one giant leap for mankind" is what they are exactly trying to do to make them seem great. Why do they bother doing that. To become one of the greatest historical mark ever.

The setup for omfg.............. Your turn
Debate Round No. 1


You fail to state what your theory is and you aren't staying on the debate topic.
Therefore, you haven't really debated.


TheHappyMAn forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


tanquish123 forfeited this round.


TheHappyMAn forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Skepticalone 3 years ago
I almost accepted the debate until I realized I would have to agree the moon landing was a hoax. :(
Posted by dtaylor971 3 years ago
I'd accept this if I had no common sense.

However, here's for you theorists to help you in the debate:
Posted by dawndawndawndawn 3 years ago
Who, even, started this rumor? Krampus?
Posted by ararmer1919 3 years ago
Everyone knows that there really is no such thing as the "moon." That white thing in the sky at night is actually a holographic projection put up by the military and George Bush so they can justify the invasion of Canada for oil.
Posted by braffle 3 years ago
I would've accepted this had my position been con. Very interesting, I will tune into this debate when it begins.
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