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No to legalizing prostitution

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Started: 2/26/2016 Category: People
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Prostitution should not be legalized and here is why: Prostitutes nowadays might think this is what they want, but sooner or later they will be finding themselves at a place, where they do not want to be. Some people, mostly girls, wants to give up on their EDUCATION to become a prostitute, if it gets legalized, which everybody knows is not what they should. They should stay in school, get an education and stay on a path they can use for something. Some of the prostitutes out there does not even WANT TO be a prostitute, they are just doing it to earn money because they cannot get any better job. Do they world really want that? Do the world want prostitution to be legalized if the prostitutes might not be able to live a normal life after?


Although legalising prostitution itself is perceived as a negative thing, it is very easy to see the positive side of this decision.

First and fore-mostly, prostitution is going to exist no matter if it is legal or not. Making prostitution illegal does not stop people from taking this path, or going to a prostitute, similar to making drugs such as heroine illegal will not stop people from buying them, dealing them, or using them. Thus, all of your points will still stand no matter if prostitution is legal or not. Given this case, acknowledging and making prostitution legal at least give prostitutes basic rights to protect themselves from abuse, being under-paid, or being raped. If prostitution would forever remain illegal, it will not die down, and the prostitutes, often young and vulnerable, will have no rights protecting them from various harms on the streets. Although making prostitution legal will not terminate anything, it will still decrease the chances of ' finding themselves at a place, where they do not want to be. ' as they will be under the protection of the law. Making prostitution into a lawful job also means that laws could be implanted so that STDs and such diseases could be checked frequently, and an age limit put on. Thus making prostitution legal will be beneficial to the health and safety of both prostitutes and their customers.

Of course, most of the people entering prostitution are young and should be getting an education instead of selling their own bodies. This is largely due to poverty, domestic abuse and human trafficking. This phenomena is not going to improve whether prostitution is legal or not. It is structured deep within society and unless there are ways for domestic abuse and human trafficking to stop, there will be forever children and teens entering the industry. This also brings me back to my previous point. If prostitution is to remain illegal, 'in the dark', and as a social taboo, the children and teenagers will find themselves in a situation in which they would never make enough money to get out of, and being constantly abused at the same time. If prostitution was legal however, their situation will improve drastically, as they will be under the protection of the law, perhaps even providing them with a minimum wage and various welfares.

Lastly, forced prostitution and human trafficking aside, if someone is willing to exchange sex with money and enjoy the process of it, why should it be illegal? The pornography industry is perfectly legal, so why isn't the prostitution industry legal?

In conclusion, it is undeniable that forced prostitution should not be supported, but it is also clear that if prostitution remain illegal, prostitution will not stop and the conditions will be relatively worse. On the other hand, if it was legalised, laws could be implanted to protect the prostitutes from harm and abuse and help them get on the right track, and it will also give people who enjoy this profession a lawful job.

However please keep in mind that most problems with prostitution is not caused by 'prostitution' but factors like poverty and domestic abused, as well as human trafficking.

Debate Round No. 1


That is some interesting points, however, there is still chances that children will sell their body for money, even though there is an age limit. Even though they might enjoy it in the start, it is not certain that they will continue enjoying it and when they then want to stop, they probably do not have anything to do with their lives because they chose to sell their body instead of educating themselves. It should not be like that. They should care a bit more about their bodies and just because it gets legalized it does not mean that the costumers will stop abusing them. They can still threaten them as well as murders and rapists do to their victims. As good as people are at lying today, there is no way anybody can trust each other.


The Con's point has certain flaws in them. It has to be considered that most children in the prostitution industry are forced to be there. (1) No child in their sane minds would give up a normal life and turn to prostitution. Problems such as human trafficking and domestic violence which turns the children into runaways or force them into the streets is not going to solved whether if prostitution itself is legal or not. This would be the topic of another debate, not this one.

It is correct that legalisation of prostitution will not terminate anything (abuse, rape, violence and etc.), like I have pointed out before. However, legalising prostitution will mean that prostitutes can now go to the police/law departments for such crimes without worrying that they will be arrested as well. If it was illegal, no prostitutes will dare go to the police in fear of being arrested, and their customers will have no fear abusing them, as they cannot tell anyone. This does not make their situation better.

If prostitution is to be stopped, problems like poverty, human trafficking and domestic abuse have to stop first. Without these problems stopping, prostitution is going to continue on no matter if it is legal or not, just like how it has been since ancient times. (2) Given that it being legal is more beneficial and safe to everyone, my point still stands.

Debate Round No. 2


GetItStraight forfeited this round.


daphne.r forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: SocialDemocrat// Mod action: Removed<

7 points to Pro. Reasons for voting decision: Pro just annihilated him, it was just pure destruction.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) The voter doesn't explain sources, conduct or S&G. (2) Arguments are insufficiently explained. The voter doesn't provide a reason for this decision, merely stating that one side dominated the debate without explaining why.
Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: U.n// Mod action: Removed<

2 points to Pro (Sources). Reasons for voting decision: Only Pro cited sources.

[*Reason for removal*] Merely having more sources is not, by itself, sufficient explanation. The voter has to explain how those sources contributed to the debate, and not merely point out that one side had sources and the other didn't.
Posted by GetItStraight 2 years ago
Which it definitely should not be. What was mentioned, was the fact that children would probably still do it as they do today due to the age limit.
Posted by Boesball 2 years ago
No one said child prostitution would be legal, con.
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