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Noah Chenfeld Rap Battle

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Started: 11/13/2011 Category: Arts
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Spittin on the street goin acapella
skin so white like mozarella
i gotta big fan base
girls and lots of fellas
two words to describe me im hot and stella
i gotta couple of shoutouts and they wont be nutty
one is to my homeboy, the other's to my bubby
im electric
these rhymes are hectic
im kinda thirsty can u fetch me a nesquik?
chocolate milk is what im sippin
im michael jordan youre like the sidekick, scotty pippen
i enjoy good things in life like fine wine,
i'm 5" 9' but i gotta brain bigger than einstein
i gotta go, but i hope you had fun
so peace out youtube there's plenty more to come


This dude's one fake frontin' figure
He ain't no gangsta, he's an action wigger
You got a girl and some fellas?
Not even, you're crew's like a rubix cube, a bunch of squares put together
And I already know that probably won me the battle
But get ready, for I'm bout to whip this kid like cattle
Once this is done all you can expect is for him to tattle
Your talk is a bunch of prattle, incomprehendable, more like rattle
You don't got a girl, rather you got your legs in a straddle
Screamin' "More, more, more!"
Squirming and confirming on the floor
Truth is you're just a weak little whore

Now who am I?
I'm more clever than Sherlock Holmes the private eye
Faster than Usain Bolt ran in Shanghai
As handsome than Mustafa, the Old Spice Guy
No more need to continue, don't want to come off wrong
It's apparent that my lyrics are strong
You however seem to have been hit with the side of a gong
Ever heard of something called capitalization?
I'm injecting ideas into your brain like Inception, call it assimilation
Sh!t, I'm not even sure if that's possible after your decapitation
Wait..was that a hallucination or a way of my self-gratification?
Oh..that's write..this einstein can't even spell
Wouldn't know what an apostrophe even if I yell
So there's no point in trying with this, hell
He's got the IQ of a Paris Hilton clientel
So I should end this early, for it wont go well
He's already "Rolling In the Deep", leave him alone Adele

Debate Round No. 1


You can call me a whore, whatever you like but at least my shi*t gets me paid,
whens the last time your rhymes got anybody laid?
What you dont know is the city is my place to chill
all seasons, all months march ap-a-ril,
and i keep it real
and i plan to kill
this is D 1 rapping call it Vanderbilt
goin to the 10th grade gonna get some females
gonna do some crazy sh*t but i cant give u details
gotta keep rapping i dont wanna work in retail
goin 150 so put on your f*cking seat belt,
this flow is just insanity profanity and vanity i plan to be the man, you see
cuz holy im just randomly, candidly, rising to the top man you rappers can't handle me
this funky elegant got me power like the president
opposite of estrogen
so d*mn intelligent
what you say's irrelevant
the only thing you hear from me is mother f*cking excellence
so always remember which homeboy schooled ya,
peace out brodizzle, go f*ck yourself with a rula


We all know your sh!t is just copy and pasted
Most from Noah Chenfeld's songs, breh my time has been wasted
Oh wait, that's right you threw in one original line
The one from nicepeter, you should be charged a fine
For the worst case of plagiarism I have ever seen
I'm sorry to have crushed your dreams, I don't mean to be mean
If you want to forfeit, there's a huge button on your screen

Moving on, I'll adress this as if it was yours
So I can reveal what really happens behind his closed doors
He ain't no gangster or pimp, he's just another queer
Scared to reveal to the world that he's a rectal bucaneer
That's right the trust has just been spilled
I think it's time to say my opponent has been killed
Now that my victory has been fulfilled
I'll crack a couple punchlines to pass the time
Hey goods, if I had a dime for every rhyme
You tried to spit? Sh!t...I'd have...a dime
I should slow down..don't want to be convicted of a crime
My inner Ted Bundy, I can't expose the grime
Matter of fact I'll show my beast, call me Optimus Prime
Sh!t I ain't even trying, this is a joke
I don't want to reveal my full talent for all the debate folk
So I suggest you judge based on every original line spoke
For I really pity this pool, he's being harassed like Herman Cain the bloke
I think I'll end it hear for we can all agree, goods has came out of the....cloak?
Nah I'm just playin' he finally came out of the closet
So he can bend over and scream DEPOSIT!!!!
Debate Round No. 2


May i remind you the basis of this debate, today?
NOAH CHENFELD RAP BATTLE, even tho ur sh*t is homemade
Noah Chenfeld's the kind in this neighborhood
this aint no regular battle even still youre not good,
I cud rip you apart and you're infantile rhymes,
"oh you're so gay" havent heard that since i turned 9,
Now the one thing you'll remember in this battle,
is that my rhymes will stick with ya, yours pass through the ears like cattle
on a stampede, but u cud never get that many people to make noise
youre rhymes are more fit for a nursing home, tell that to your homeboys
So imma make this verse fresh, but remember what this round is based on
Noah Chenfeld homeys, and with that lets move on

My opponent thinks im a queer, i gotta revelation for you brother,
I'm straight as a ruler, go talk to your mother
I got record deals, money, my rap gets me paid
last gig you got was for your sisters birthday
So when you click that vote button just think and recall
who threw it down better, and it shud be clear to yall
Im no problem homeys, in fact i'm the solution,
so for the afforementioned reasons please affirm the resolution


You're obviously retarded
You knew you were gonna lose before it started
I don't give a fvck if you like Noah Chenfeld
That don't mean you can copy and paste his rhymes to keep this battle upheld
Oh sh!t wait, you changed your mind in the last round
That was the funniest garbage ever, don't even think it's "profound"
Regardless, I'll beat this garbage into the ground
Smack woods a little so I can get crowned
The day this dude rights a good original line
Is the same day that I'll be able to call Beyonce mine
But let's face the fact, that day is never coming
All you can expect is Mr. Woods cumming
All over a bunch of little male s!uts
Not even decent girls, just some low class mutts
Screw that, I'm bout to punch you in the guts
Leave you with seven cuts
Smash your car with a golf club and say I was a klutz

It's quite funny how this dude is hypocritical
His rhymes are pretty terrible and I ain't even trying to be critical
He even stooped to using my rhymes rhyming battle and cattle, gee
Motherfvcker who do you think you are? I AM the best MC
When I walk into the club all the ladies flock with me
You sit around in the back jacking off to Bad Boys 3
This dude isn't even denying he's a homosexual
Don't consider me a homophobic, I'm just perpetual
Mr.Woods does not have "Homeboys"
Only thing he has, is some boys at his home
So he can use the boys' bodies to roam
Nobody knows what goes on in the sick guy's mind
He's reminding me of Sandusky, but this is part two
Just a little more husky, nobody knows what this kid will do
So next time you hear a story about a kid getting raped, you know who
Mr. Woods screaming "I'm innocent I swear!"
Claiming that it's fair
To steal another's rhymes
In the rap game that is one of the most sinister crimes
A rapper can commit
But he's not even a rapper, so just admit
You're one contorted motherfvcker
Looking for a another sucker
Who will make your lips pucker

This round seems kinda long
I may have said some things wrong
I'm just spitting off my head
I may sound weird myself don't be mislead
However I don't do any of that weird sh!t in the bed
So we can look at what has happened in the context of this debate
A dude who's not straight
Doesn't know his fate
Only likes to hate
On a game he has no respect for
Listen up cause I'm speaking real sh!t, not a metaphor
This rappers a fraud
Hoping to find a broad
Stealing rhymes, and it is his fault
I should already have won this battle by default
Since I have pummelled this fake Little John
When the voters decide to vote, I suggest you vote CON
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cameronl35 6 years ago
are you noah chenfeld?
Posted by cameronl35 6 years ago
who is noah chenfeld?
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Reasons for voting decision: round one goes to con, 2 goes to con, 3 goes to pro. I will make it 3 to con and 1 to pro.