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Noah's Ark is scientifically impossible

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Started: 4/24/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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In this debate, we will discuss the validity of the story of Noah's Ark. I will be arguing that Noah's Ark is impossible and didn't happen. You will have to rebut my points and prove Noah's Ark occured.

1) BoP is on you
2) Start your argument in Round 1
3) Cite your sources
4) Forfeiting gives the opponent all 7 points
5) No trolling or semantics

Good luck!


I am a non denominal Christian and I will give you the facts of why Noah did exist and did happen
Debate Round No. 1


Where to begin. I will start at the beginning of the story and go through it. When rebbuting, please use the corresponding number.

1) Noah had a week of warning before the flood happened.
That means he could not do the following:
-Collect several million animals on all 7 continents, some of which hadn't even been discovered
-Collect enough food to keep several million animals alive for a year.
-Pump enough water onto a boat for millions of animals
-Build a huge wooden boat with no tools, no shipyard, no metal, and with no one who knows how to build boats

Amount of species:

2) Once he got all the animals, Noah and his family could not:
-Keep all the animals from killing each other. The lions would eat the gazelles
-Load 18 million animals plus onto the ark
-Keep the food from spoiling
-Not get mauled himself

3) The actual ark is impossible. There was a boat called the Wyoming, built in the 1800s by expirenced shipbuilders in a shipyard, in a much longer time then a week, with metal supports, and it was much smaller then the ark, and it didn't have several million tons on it, and you know what happened to it? It cracked because it was too big. So there is no way the ark would not of sunk in the worst storm ever. Not to mention, the Wyoming had pumps and it still sunk. Plus, there are so many individual specifications for the animals. Like bars spaced the right distance apart for horned creatures, and the right type of flooring for hooved animals. And of course, the ark is not big enough. It is 450*75*45 feet, which simply isn't big enough. There are many other problems with actually building the ark. Like how the wood from early parts of the ship would rot during the building of the later process. Or how the wood would have to be cured, which takes several years.


4) Life on the ark
There is so much impossible with life on the ark. Such as:
-The methane gas created would suffocate the animals
-The animals would need specialized medical treatment, which would not be provided
-Where would all the waste go?
-How would the food not spoil?
-How would the food and water be delivered
-What of the animals got sick and died?
-Wouldn't Noah and his family for from carrying parasites to keep them alive? Ebola is quite deadly
-The sea creatures would of died from temperature and salinity changes
-The Egyptians were building the pyramids during this. Obviously, that is impossible

5) The Water
Where did all the water come from and where did it go? Plus, the pressure from it would fry the Ark

6) After the Ark
There are so many impossibilities with life after the Ark. For example, the herbivores would die as there isn't any food. The carnivores would eat other animals, causing that whole spieces to go extinct. Plus, animals in the populations of under 50 typically go extinct. So most animals would of died.

So obviously, the Ark is impossible. There also would be tons of evidence of a 29000 mile flood that covered the entire Earth. Why isn't there any? So please disbute this and provide proof this happened.


the water came up from the ground
Debate Round No. 2



The water could not of came up from the ground. First off, where is the proof? Secondly, the pressure from that would destroy the Ark.
Again, proof.

Also, please respond to the rest of my arguments.


look the evidence is the dinasours they where killed by the flood and the fossils of the same type of species found in various location
Debate Round No. 3


First off, source please. Next, if you count up the dates in the bible, Noah's Ark happened around 6000 years ago. The dinosaurs died out a few hundred million years ago. As for fossils being found in different areas, first off, source please. Secondly, how does that help you? Finally, assuming that is true, yes, animal fossils are found in different areas. Like how their would be dead cows in Europe and North America. They have existed in different areas.

So 2 things. 1, sources please. 2, respond to my points too.

You have the BoP. You need to provide evidence for your claim, and you need to provide links for your claims. Good luck!


Americaspearjade forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


My opponent forfeited, so vote Pro!


Americaspearjade forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Dicernment 2 years ago
So there's no evidence for an ark but God promised never to do a flood like Noah again and as a reminder he created rainbows. How do you explain rainbows?
Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
Source please? I know how many species are in the world because we have counted them, and I posted a link about it.
Posted by Thiest_1998 2 years ago
Actually Noah's flood happened 4500 years ago and it was found near mount ararat in Turkey also how do you know that there is 7 million animals in the world
Posted by litteraly-hitler 2 years ago
I saw a video on bill nye proving noahs ark wasnt real you cant argue bill nye GG m8
Posted by Vaktus 2 years ago
Would LOVE to be Pro in this spot.
Posted by Americaspearjade 2 years ago
Noahs ark did happen
Posted by Alexforpresident 2 years ago
Noah's ark wasn't the whole earth flooded, and not every animal was on the ark, nor was only Noah's family the only human survivers. That is the truth of Noah's ark. There is no way to disprove that. In fact scientists have proven a large flood happened somewhere in the middle east somewhere withing a few hundred years of when Noah was believed to have lived
Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
The problem with the proposition is that science cannot disprove anything that can be attributed to God. I mean, science involves the study of that which is natural. God is supernatural, so events that are said to be directly influenced by him aren't going to be scientifically possible or impossible. They literally cannot be measured by a scientific study.

There's plenty of other arguments you can use, especially just in the realm of disproving God. Why pick Noah's ark? It's kind of trivial, because given that God exists the way the Bible describes him, then yeah all of the things in the Bible are possible. So the debate begs the question. Trying to debate God on the level of science is irrational. It's a philosophical debate.
Posted by SkyLeach 2 years ago
The validity of the story? What makes a story invalid? Did you mean factual? By factual are we supposed to infer that "all the animals" were on it, and that it rained for 40 days and 40 nights? Who wrote the story?

See, there's a big difference between it being a real story about oral history with a bit of religious embellishment and failing to believe there could be a flood and a guy who saved his family and some animals.
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