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Non-citizens/permanent residents should be able to run for president in America.

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Started: 3/29/2017 Category: Politics
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I believe that if you live in a country as a permanent resident you should still be able to run for president in America. A non-citizen could easily care just as much for a country as someone who was born there. Even if you don't believe that if you believe that democracy then it shouldn't be a problem to let these people run for president.
Also, it is part of our human rights to not be discriminated against by country of birth. While there are some human rights considered debatable, the right to not be discriminated based on country of birth is not one of them.


First off, I wish Pro the best of luck in this debate. :)

Now then, permanent residents and non-citizens are not citizens, and as such do not have the same privileges as real citizens. It might seem unfair to these people, especially since, as is the case with many Latino illegal immigrants, they are fleeing gang violence and corruption. However, green cards are NOT PERMANENT. As a matter of fact, green cards are renewable, meaning that they expire (green cards last ten years). Why? It is because permanent residents are expected to apply for citizenship and become naturalized so that they can take part in the voting process and have other citizenship privileges. Being a permanent resident or a non-citizen is not supposed to be an indefinite label, and as a result, they should not be allowed to vote.

Debate Round No. 1


Thank you con, I wish you luck too :)

Even though green cards aren't permanent and you have to go back to your country after they've expired, most permanent residents holding green cards do end up staying in America, on a renewed green card, or with citizenship, either way, most permanent residents do stay in America permanently. Although there are many permanent residents that aren't fully educated about America's laws, and history, there are probably still some who are. And the great thing about democracy is that the people can decide whether the person knows enough about America. The people ultimately decide who gets into to power, so why restrict who gets to run?
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Posted by ApatheticVV 1 year ago
To be clear, is this said person a member of the USA, here on a green card/working visa? Be specific.
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