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Nonsense Poetry Battle!

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Started: 11/11/2013 Category: Arts
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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1st round is acceptance!

The last three rounds will be for nonsense verse.

- Must be in nonsense verse.
- Definition of nonsense verse: humorous or whimsical verse that features absurd characters and actions and often contains evocative but meaningless nonce words. (Taken from
- Poems can be as long as you want, as long as they do not exceed 5k characters.
- Titles are not needed for your poems, but you can have one if you want.
- Nonsense words do not need to be used (example: Bandersnatch, galumphing, quangle, crumpetty)
- Voters will decide the winner.
- They must be your own original poems or I will bite you. 8D

Great examples of nonsense verse can be found by looking up poems by Lewis Carroll's and Edward Lear's nonsense verse poems. A somewhat familiar nonsense verse poem is 'Hey diddle, diddle'.

Nonsense verse does not mean it should be a random jumble of words that make no sense (Though, they can be a random jumble of words that do sound grammatically correct while still making no sense) nor random numbers (91028732).

I hope someone decides to take up my challenge! There will be four rounds, three of which are for the poems. The time limit for each round is 72 hours, and the character max is 5k (though I'd be surprised if someone actually needed more than that!) Let's have some fun!


I accept your challenge. Let's get this battle started.
Debate Round No. 1


Awesome! Let's have lots of fun, yeah? (and I just finished my first one, so great timing!)

There was a growling underneath my bed
Which was frightening, 'nough said!
So I opened my mouth wide as can be
And was not surprised when not a sound came out of me!

And the monster came out,
Mouth shut as he shout
“There is a monster above my bed!”
And I was surprised up in my head!

You are the monster.” I clarified
“You are, which is why I hide.”
To this the monster scratched his head
“But I am the one hiding underneath your bed!”

“Naturally!” I shouted quietly
“You are the monster, not me!”
The monster laughed rather good naturedly
And replied, “Gee! That doesn’t sound good to me!”



I wrote this back in September and had fun writing it. I hope it fits the rules.

The peep stole the cheese and put in on the air.
It said it was healthy that way,
but it was actually a chronic chocolate of a time
so the solution was to swim to the case land for vases.

The liquid map was not enough help.
They survived anyways and jumped to grasslands.
The brainac had no idea so they sat to the walker ways.

That was not enough though.
The riots were still going.
They needed more cheese even before the peep stole it.
The peep already cannon balled to the pond, but the cheese was rocked.
The elephant was upset about that.

Moral of the story:
You can't please them all.
Debate Round No. 2


Yeah, it's cool; I really liked your poem!

The little bitty kitty cat
whose name was Tumbly Dwight
tripped upon a tiny gnat
since there was no light!

It was the middle of the morning,
when the stars are shining bright
and the sun said, “Here's a warning!”
then shined with all his might

To which Tumbly Dwight
meowed a little “meow”,
and squinted his blind eyes tight,
and did a little kowtow -

- since he’s never seen anything so bright!



Since a pickled rabbit should not be given to a red mango,
the liquid baby walker should also not be put into good use.

There is more to life than hats and cookies.
Take it up and jump up the bottle.

It can stop,
but you can twirl.

Take it with a grain of salt.
Debate Round No. 3


Woops! Sorry for the lateness, I thought I posted it last night!

There was a little girl
whose eyes were bight like night
and every time she blinked
the world went upside-right!

She claimed to see cockatoos
whenever her eyes were open wide,
and whenever her eyes were three-eights closed
everyone seemed to walk on their side!

Every book read like ancient Greek;
the TV talked in French,
And when she stepped outside
the gutters were as deep as a trench!

Essays were never a challenge
for she wrote in perfect scribble
and when the teachers graded her work
She always scored little!

“Tic-Tac-Toe was never a challenge,” she claimed
“for you just need to draw a line,”
“and anyways,” she always countered
“My sight is just fine!”



No problem.

Stella the stick summed up the samoschos.
She sought the suns of the sanduskies.

Stella shocked up the shoshes.
She upped the upshers.

Stella umpired the unis.
She oranted the rocker.

Stella knew.
Debate Round No. 4
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