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North Korea and South Korea should be unified.

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Started: 7/3/2013 Category: Politics
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Hello, I'm debating this topic because I like talking about politics.

Korea was once a land and people unified. Since the Korean War, many families and people have suffered and continue to suffer the tragedy of seperation of Korea into two independent nations.

Today, I'm going to talk with you about Unification! Here are the positive reasons for Unification of the seperated Korea:

1. Korea would have more land to developed.
2. Families would re-unite.
3. War will not take place with a one-Korea.
4. Koreas military would grow and be strengthened.
5. The Tourism industry would increase multi-fold.
6. They are are same people with same blood.
7. It can protect many hunger's life.
8. Reunification can make people more safety.


Hello, I am debating for my first time here and I too like talking about politics.

To start this debate I would like to give a very brief and short history on Korea and then I will argue why I believe North Korea and South Korea should not be unified.

(1)Korea was its own country (1392-1910) until Japan successfully annexed it. It became a Japanese colony. As World War II started to end, The USSR and USA both took control of Korea. The USSR in the north and USA in the south. The USSR appointed communist leader Kim Il-Sung and the USA appointed anti communist leader Syngman Rhee. They both had two different sections of the country. They both became separate nations in 1948. 1950 North Korea declared war on South Korea. The Korean war lasted from 1950-1953.

Ever since then, North Korea and South Korea became very different. The North's government is communist and it is a militaristic state. Their economy is terrible and the have a tyranny government. The South's government is much more of a "democracy" compared to the North. Their economy is much more capitalistic and their people benefit more because of it. If an attempt to reunite them again would almost absolutely end up in war. The North's citizens are very misinformed and the governments are too different and would not want to change.

North Korea has weapons of mass destruction. If the two nations were to attempt a unification, it would be extremely difficult to switch too one government. The north definitely has power to do a military coup. There would be conflict ending in both sides having destruction. Families may re-unite but not necessarily in a good way, they may have been "institutionalized" to North Korea's or South Korea's ways.What will happen to the allies of North and South Korea? will they have to start fresh or will they have to compromise on that as well?

Now apart from military and government conflicts it would almost devastate both countries and it would turn into a giant war zone where tourism is its least concern. South Korea's economy would be destroyed or at least set back for a while. Not to mention both sides still have harsh feelings for each other.

Have you ever thought what the nations want? I don't think they want to be reunited, and if they do they both want it their own standards. The citizens are very different and I can guarantee they might not be separate nations but they are separate people with a little difference in language as well.(2)(3)(4)

In summary, I think peaceful reunification with these two countries is impossible and will not be achieved for a while (this makes the idea of tourism a little silly). The governments and economies are too different, and finally I don't think it is their interests to compromise their ways of life because their new citizens are not happy with it.

Debate Round No. 1


Several days ago, I watched a movie named "Spy". Before I watched it I expected it to be a very cruel and horrifying movie, but it was completely opposite from what I had expected. The main characters in the movie are spies from North Korea, but in fact they are just normal people just like us, who care about their family and friends. The genre of the movie was comedy, but the story was not so comic. Rather, the movie was a sad story. While we were eating popcorns and having fun at the theatre watching movies about spy, separated families might have been crying with their broken hearts.

Some people argue that there is no problem staying as two separate countries, saying that reunification only takes a lot of money and may also lead to a political and social chaos.

On the other hand, some people say that it is too early for reunification because we cannot yet afford the reunification cost. Moreover, they say that the language and culture between North and South Korea differ so much and that solving such problems should come first.

Of course both opinions have their own sense. However, I strongly believe that North and South Korea should be reunified.

First, the problem of separated families is one of the reasons for reunification. Sometimes we find leaflets looking for missing dogs on telephone poles. People even miss animals they had raised only for a short time. Can you imagine how people long for their separated families who shared blood with them?

The possibility of the 2nd Korean War and the fear it brings are another problem. If the 2nd Korean War outbreaks, an innumerable number of people will sacrifice because modern weapon are incomparably developed compared to the ones 60 years ago.

Another problem is related to the economy. Every year, both countries spend tremendous amount of money for the military. Instead, North and South Korean people could live a comfortable life with the money.
Besides the problems I mentioned, there still exists many other reasons why reunification should be acheived as soon as possible.

If North Korea and South Korea are reunified, such problems will be solved at once. Not only that, Korea will become a wealthier, more powerful country with resources and technologies of South Korea and underground resources and tourism assets of North Korea. Then, China or Japan will not look down on Korea.

However, the happiness does not just come if we just have a wait-and-see attitude. The opportunity always comes to the prepared people.


Firstly I am very surprised that pro thought other people from other countries and cultures are not like us. Obviously there are many other people just like pro and/or like me. We are all of the same species, but this does not by any means imply this improbable reunification is a good idea.

These are not only two pieces of land with a different name and a different flag, they have very different governments and beliefs. The cost of currency is nothing compared to the consequences of ignorant actions and reunification. It is definitely not in the right conditions for reunification.

Separated families are not fun, Pro may have to imagine what it is like but I know from experience. What pro fails to acknowledge or realize is that there is an attempt to reunify them, the problems may cancel the benefits or completely outweigh them.

Reunification does not have to happen for families to join up again. If the North Korean and South Korean Government's can make peace and change their policies (especially North Korea) the families would be able to move without the countries having to join up. If North Korea is not willing to let people cross their borders and move in and/or out, what makes you think they will give up most if not all of their power and political beliefs just so the can be "happily reunified"?

The economy is one of the main reasons why reunification is so difficult. Their political and economic beliefs differ too different for both parties to agree on one. If it is a peaceful reunification other countries might not enjoy it so much (ex: USA, Japan, and others which dislike the North Korean arms race). The North is a very militarized nation which I doubt spends all their money just for South Korea's military. The North spends its money so they can threaten other countries as well.

Again, what I see is pro failing to recognize my points and why theirs are invalid. If anything I think China, Japan, and the rest of the world would be skeptical and be watching cautiously as they see country so fragile and weaken by the terrible economy of the North and the political power struggles of both sides.

In conclusion I completely disagree with pro in their statement of a " wait-and-see attitude". I am not waiting and seeing for reunification but rather I completely do not advise it for South Korea. Being prepared does not mean execution of a plan, but rather ready to commit to a plan. You should not put two rivals in the same house until they are prepared.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for accepting the debate, this is a nice exercise for both of us newbies.

You've made an excellent opening point about the Koreas becoming vastly different nations with contrasting world-views and unparalleled economic structures since the divisive changes of the 1940s and 1950s. There is no doubting this. Koreans north of the 38th parallel as well as Koreans south of the 38th parallel have been through a lot internationally, intra-nationally, and nationally since those events.

As I stated, Korean relations have and continue to change with time, surfacing at times very peacefully and descending at other times with aggressive opposition. But difference can be unifying too. There are lots of examples of this existing within South Korea.

Here are two more recent examples of the inter-Korean relations ups-and-downs:

a) Agreed upon by both Koreas in the 1990s was humanitarian assistance under the principle that political and economic matters are two separate issues. Eventually, South and North Korea were able to establish the Gaeseong Industrial Complex, build the Gyeongui and Donghae railways, and initiate the Mt. Guemgang Tourism Project. As of February, 2011, more than 390,000 South and North Koreans have crossed the border, trade has reached the amount of US$14.8 billion dollars and US$2.9 billion in humanitarian aid has been delivered (See Source 1). To your point about tourism, I think it would work out just fine with time.

b) Improving Korean relations took a nose-dive when North Korea gave international warning of its first nuclear test, conducted in 2006 (See Source 2).

An important historical example, which Koreans can look to for careful re-unification is that of East and West Germany of the late 1980s and early 1990s. While, certainly there are several parallels between the German Unification and the possibility of Korean re-unification, there are differences. But the framework is important.

First, the two Germanys maintained cooperative, open-discussions without a time-table or agenda to fulfill (The Koreas are in this phase - albeit up and down). This made the process more liberating and palatable.

Next, East Germany's economy collapsed fully (to your point about North Korea's horrendous economic structure, the collapse of it wouldn't be 'too far of a fall').

Then, economic merger discussions and negotiations took place between the Germanys. Here is where Inter-Korean relations have planted the seeds of economic support systems, i.e. Gaeseong Industrial Complex. After a North Korean economic collapse, financial policy sovereignty could be transferred to South Korea. Therein, subsidies could be granted and collective economy could be built through social welfare programs. Of course this would go on to include political merging, constitutional merging, reunification treaties, as well as international aid/support to generate ease of integration (See Source 3).

Internal interests cannot be precluded or undermined by foreign interests in the region. Afterall, foreign interests led to the division in the first place. In fact, if foreign interests are lessened in the process of reunification, it is possible foreign relationships between other nations could improve -- becoming less rigid and authoritarian.

One difficulty I foresee is in the aging populations of North and South Korea. As the politics and actions of separation continue, the ages of both nation"s people becomes a factor in right timing. While fewer and fewer younger Koreans are unable to connect with the North Korean lifestyle, and visa-versa, this may perpetuate lack of interest to compromise ways of life (as you said).

But, in this day an age, reunification would be unendingly tied to successful history and story telling -- an important part of Korean upbringing. If a success story takes place, it must clearly rise out of organic processes from within Korea and be supported by outside relationships. I can imagine Koreans myths and folklore arising out of a successful re-unification.

The ideas I have expressed are long term possibilities if Korea were to re-unify. It is clear however, that short-term difficulties are bound to take place. Short term set-backs - economic, social, and political challenges are bound to rise for the Koreas as well as for foreigner partnerships and interests. The North Korean economy is in shackles while the South's relies on democratic capitalism to support its interests. Conflict might arise out of frustrations at merging the economies. Families would get to re-unite, irregardless of the how they re-unite. Hunger and famines in the North could be stopped. Safety wouldn't be compromised. Increased land would help Korea develop agriculture and other main industries. And lastly, Korea would come to the World!

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:


Tevinh forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Nice debate! Really useful info!
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Thank you as well, Sorry I was gone for a camp and I completely forgot about this debate.
Posted by Bros 4 years ago
Wow! It's tie~ I had a funny experience with you, Tevinh! Thank you for enjoying debate with me :D
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