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Not having youtube on the IOS6 update.

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Started: 11/3/2012 Category: Entertainment
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On then new IOS6 update for iPods, iPhones,and iPads, there is NO youtube app.
This may upset many users. Especially me!



I'm not sure if you want the first round to be for acceptance or not and since you have not made an opening argument, I'll merely list the main point I intend to make.

1. User experience

That is all.

All will be revealed next round.
Debate Round No. 1


I'm getting a vibe that Youtube will lose interest in many people.
They have to go to Safari or Google. They can't just go to the app and upload a video.
I'm not saying we're lazy, I'm just saying that because they did this, they're going to lose all interest from many common Youtubers today.



My opponent has erroneously stated that one will have to go to safari or of google to upload a video. This is false. One can upload a video to YouTube directly from the Photos application by selecting the video, pressing share and then 'YouTube.' It is easier than ever to upload a video to YouTube from a mobile apple device.

While I wish to respect my opponents 'vibe', I must contest that people will lose interest in YouTube. YouTube is increasing in popularity and the movement away from the old integrated app heralds a new age of improved user experience. YouTube has a monopoly on the video sharing market and, with no alternative with a similar community, YouTube will remain popular.

There are two approaches now to watching a YouTube video on a mobile device.

1. Webapp. Using safari to watch a YouTube video offers a better experience than the old app; the webapp is in keeping with the upcoming YouTube desktop site in terms of design which offers a very easy platform to access videos. Both sites take up the Web 2.0 ethos with clean interfaces; a step above the clunky old app where to merely read the description one had to move to a separate page from the play button.

2. YouTube app. There is in fact a standalone YouTube app available from the app store that allows one to watch Youtube videos. This is superior to even the webapp as one can comment or read comments while the video is playing in the background. The design is even sleeker than the webapp and more resembles the upcoming desktop site. As well as this, Google can now implement bug fixes and updates without having to go through Apple and their OS; this means less apple interference with Google products, a real benefit for all.

Furthermore, one is not directed to the rubbish app from safari having clicked on a video; instead we can enjoy the webapp in all its glory.

What have we seen?

1. It is easier than ever to upload a video
2. The experience fro. The webapp and the new standalone app is far superior
3. Updates and fixes for the user can be better implemented.
4. One can choose what platform to view videos from without being redirected.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes. I understand you can upload a video from your photo gallery, but can you watch videos and listen to music from your photo gallery? No. You can't.
So, people WILL lose interest because they have to go to safari and Google to open it up.


My opponent has not fully read my previous argument and thus has made an invalid and moot point.

There is a superior app available for download from the app store that is far better the old app; it can be launched from the phone just as easily as the old app. The benefit of this is that it is far better than the old app as it is sleeker and easier to use as well as more functional. This means that the removal of the old app and the download of the new will provide a far better user experience. People do not need to use the browser (mentioning Google is irrelevant and reveals my opponents lack of tech knowledge and familiarity) as they can use the standalone app.

Furthermore navigating to YouTube on safari will provide a better experience than the old app as the webapp is far better. This means that the removal of the old app will force users to have a better experience.

Unfortunately I have had to repeat my points as my opponent was unable to respond to or acknowledge my points. I believe my points still stand.

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by imabench 5 years ago
Is this an actual debate or are you just venting your anger?
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