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Novak Djokovic is a better singles tennis player than Andy Murray

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Started: 7/19/2013 Category: Sports
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Although Novak Djokovic recently lost the Wimbledon final against Andy Murray, I still believe he is a better player. My main arguments are as follows:

1) Novak Djokovic still remains at rank number one of the world. According to the ATP rankings (below) he has 12,310 points compared to Murray's 9,360 points which is a difference of 2,950 points hence his place at first. I have noticed however, that Djokovic has participated in one more tournament than Murray.

2) Concerning the amount of head-to-head matches played, Djokovic leads this 11-8, therefore proving that he is a more consistent player.

3) Djokovic has been no.1 ranking since November 2012 compared to Murray whom only reclaimed the 2nd spot earlier this year in May, showing that he has been at a higher ranking for longer.

4) Andy Murray has been in 7 grand slam finals and won 2 (less than 50%) whereas Djokovic has been in 11 and won 6 (more than 50%).


1) The better player between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray is indeed Murray.
For instance, he is the only player to hold 2 Grand Slams and the Olympic Medal.
2) Also Murray has a better arsenal of shots ranging from slice forehands, backhands and drop shots and employs his tactics far better than Djokovic, though Djokovic is no slouch.

3) As for the rankings, they are based on performances in tournaments alone and although Djokovic has been consistent (more than Murray) in clay surfaces that does not change the fact that Murray has more variety to his game and like Federer can add touch much better than Djokovic and thus is more versatile.
4) For the GS finals count/ winning percentage Murray's mental game was nowhere near tough until 2012 Australian Open. Also between the two their GS final record is 2-2, however Djokovic's victories have both come in Melbourne (Australian Open) however Murray has beaten him in the US open as well as Wimbledon. This proves that Murray has more variety.
5) Murray is able to adjust to weather conditions better as evidenced in the US open final (wind) and the Wimbledon final (hot weather, sunny)
Debate Round No. 1


First of all, I would like to thank my opponent for accepting this debate.

1a) "For instance. He is the only player to hold 2 grand slams and the Olympic medal".

Although Murray has won these titles and awards, this does not make him a better nor more successful player; Djokovic has won 6 grand slam titles. Three of these were won within the duration of the same year: 2011. They included: Wimbledon, U.S Open and the Australian Open. He has also won the bronze medal for Olympic singles tennis in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

2a) "Murray has a better arsenal of shots and employs his tactics better than Djokovic".

This may be true but it doesn't mean that Murray is better than Djokovic. It means that he prefers to play using a wider range of shots. Whereas Djokovic may prefer to stick to the same kind of shot and use a different tactic. Murray doesn't necessarily employ his tactics better than Djokovic; they simply use a different style of play. Who says Djokovic cant use a wide range of shots also, maybe he just doesn't choose to?

3a) Even if Murray has got a better "touch" of the ball, this still doesn't mean that he is better than Djokovic. We must remember that on the head-to-head Djokovic is in the lead and however much touch or feel or how Murray employs his tactics doesn't really make much of a difference because he is not in the lead.

In fact, on average, Djokovic hits 61 backhand winners compared to Murray who has an average of 40 backhand winners this suggests that his backhand is better and the difference is rather high (21). Even though Murray hits, on average, 83 forehand winners and Djokovic hits 77, this is a considerably smaller difference and proves that Djokovic has the better ground strokes.

He also has a higher percentage of 1st and 2nd serve points won totaling to: 1st serve 82% and 2nd serve 60% compared to Murray: 1st serve 80% and 2nd serve 56%. I do understand, however, that this is a small difference.

4a) Just because Djokovics' wins in the grand slam tournaments against Murray have been in the Australian Open doesn't mean that he can't beat Murray on other surfaces. For example: Djokovic has beaten Murray on outdoor clay in Monte Carlo in 2008 and Rome 2011, on outdoor hard surface in the Indian Wells, Toronto, Miami and the Australian Open and on indoor hard surface in Madrid in 2006, ATP World Tour Finals 2012. He only hasn't beaten Murray on grass. This shows that Djokovic also has a good variety.

5a) Then again, Djokovic can also beat Murray in different weather conditions because he can beat him inside and out as well as when he broke Murray's serve 5 times in the heat of the Indian Wells game in the 2007 semi-final.

Additional information:

-From the 2010 Davis Cup finals to the 2011 French Open, Djokovic had a 43-match win streak which is outstanding and left him high up in the leader board for win streaks (in fact within the top 5).
-He is one of two players, the other being Juan Martin Del Potro, to of beaten Nadal and Federer in a Grand Slam in consecutive matches.
-He is the only player who can claim to have beaten both Federer and Nadal in the same tournament on 3 different occasions (Montreal 2007, Indian Wells 2011, US Open 2011).
-He is also the youngest player in the Open Era to defeat the top three players in succession and he achieved this when he defeated world number three Andy Roddick, world number two Nadal, and World number one Federer in the 2007 Rogers Cup.
-He is one of only two players to have defeated Federer at the semi final stage or later on more than one occasion in Grand Slam tournaments, and also at consecutive tournaments (the other being Nadal).
-He is also the only player to beat Federer in straight sets in a Grand Slam on more than one occasion.


vishnu98 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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