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ODT2: Runescape (Full resolution in first round)

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Started: 10/11/2012 Category: Entertainment
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Well here goes my second debate against the competent debater Baggins. I am looking forward to another fruitful debate.

Full Resolution: Playing the game Runescape can help you in life

I'd also like to note that this is debate is part of the second Official Debating tournament (hence the title having "ODT2")

The rules of the debates are as follows:

8k Character maximum
4 rounds
1st round acceptance
72 hour posting time
1 week voting period

All of these rules have been set by the organiser of the tournament (Airmax with Microsuck moderating).

The BOP will be shared upon by both sides.

In this debate Pro has to show that runescape can help 'you' in general. So if there is some benefit for someone under exrtremely rare and exceptional circumtances; that is not sufficient affirm the resolution. Any benefit pointed out by Pro has to be useful for general population of users of the game (i.e. 'You').

And, for "You", it only applies to those people who decide to play the game out of their own source of entertainment. Thus, "wasting your time" would not be an argument as you are spending your own time playing the game for fun.

- Runescape: Runescape is a fantasy massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) released in January 2001 by Andrew and Paul Gower, and developed by Jagex Ltd. It is a graphical browser game implemented on the client-side in Java, and incorporates 3D rendering.- Playing: Engage in (a game or activity) for enjoyment.
- Help: Assist
- Life: The state of living (essentially the state where you are still alive. The definition should be obvious in this context).

Note to readers: We are NOT arguing whether or not Runescape is a good game or not, but arguing whether or not it HELPS you in life. Therefore we will not be arguing on whether or not it is worth buying the Runescape membership, whether or not you readers should start playing etc.

There is no strict structure for this debate apart from the 1st round being acceptance only and no new arguments in the final round.

And lastly, of course, no trolling or semantics. Any violation of these rules will result in the loss of conduct points and if severe enough, the entire debate (up for the readers to decide).

Good luck!


Glad to accept. Waiting for my esteemed opponent to show us the ways in which runescape can help us.
Debate Round No. 1


Before I start off with my arguments, I will establish a clear understanding of my line of arguments. Through my arguments, I will attempt to prove that it will help, most of my arguments being that it will help you learn things or concept whilst playing the game through gaming experience.

C1: Through hard work, you learn skills

As we are talking to a majority of players of the game, it will not be applicable for us to refer to the geniuses of our past, present or future who earns hundreds of millions of $US (or $AUS) every year. We are referring to differing people from the low-class life, earning a meagre salary $40k to the high-class life $300k and over.

Imagine the following situation:

A large amount of homework is due in an hour's time and not completing it on time will result in severe consequences and a bad a report. Out of pure luck and dishonesty, your friend who has finished all the homework permits you to copy their entire work, claiming to the teacher it was "groupwork". Not much effort is required, you do not learn anything useful and lastly, you are falsely representing your ability to the teacher who marks off the work.

Within the game Runescape, this can be compared to the idea of botting, in which people use a program (like your friend in that example), to do the work for them. The only effort they have mustered through would be to log into their account and begin operating the engine. Eventually the account will be notified of botting by other players and be banned.

To truly become good at something, faced with reality, any normal person would require many hours of work to train and eventually master those skills to be used in life. Attempting to imitate others superior to you not only gives you a false impression of yourself, it will later prove to be extremely harmful to you once you are in the workforce and the consequences will prove to be rather fatal.

These Botters on Runescape not only are lazy, but don’t really deserve the “skills” that they have earned through all the time their botting program has been left on working through hours after hours to train their “skills”. They have not spent their time working through the levels themselves, but instead, have allowed another thing do it for them.

Similarly, “botting” in life works in a similar way. The representation of “botting” in life that I would assume is the use of plagiarism for work and projects in life (like the example I gave out earlier).

This is an example of the concept of “botting” in real life. You have not earnt the experience (skills/knowledge) by yourself, but merely leeched it off others (the bot or your friend/colleague etc.) to complete certain tasks for you (reach certain skill levels in Runescape).

With these kinds of dishonest actions results in negative consequences just like life. If you are caught botting on Runescape, you risk every moment botting to have your account being banned and permanently closed. If you are caught cheating off your homework off your friend, you risk being penalised an F- mark (or an immediate zero), phone calls to parents or records of plagiarism may also result in severe enough situations. Similarly on DDO, if you plagiarise your arguments and become caught, voters will ensure you lose conduct, and if not, the entire debate.

These experiences that Runescape players gain can therefore be applied in real life. They will understand that practicing something over and over again will improve their ability in that skill, both in the game and in real life.

C2: Doublers, scammers and other dishonest members:

In kindergarten, we were taught to be nice and honest. However, the world we live in has a lot of people who deliberately decide to oppose that idea. These people seek immediate profit (scammers) or to satisfy their sadistic necessities.

Whilst they may be benefiting themselves at a rapid rate without much effort, they risk consequences of having their accounts banned. Comparatively, in life, if you manage to scam someone, the benefits for you are usually enormous and requires minimal effort, but in turn, you risk being receiving a jail sentence or loss of respect or friendship others.

Through experience, players will learn the patterns of scammers, know how they work and therefore will play safer with their money. Knowing who to trust is important and it is also essential to becoming less gullible and avoid falling for tricks. Some may even choose to be nice enough to warn others of scammers and therefore to avoid them also.

On the other hand, if you choose to attempt to scam other people on Runescape, you will start to learn how to be more convincing and how to falsely persuade other members into believing in your lies. You will understand that you need to start off with scamming the "noobs" (the newer members who are not as familiar with the game as others). Although it is not recommeded that you try to scam other people, it can still help you know how to be good with scamming.

In real life, scamming happens on online markets (eBay for example) and people need to understand the difference between legitimate purchases/dealers and scams.

C3: Team work is better than working by yourself

Within the work forces based on similar fields, different companies will compete with each other for their popularity, respect and number of customers. For example, Nike will compete with Addidas or Asics for their customers. Their products are similar, yet the businesses will compete against each other for profit. They require different types of people who are experienced in different fields to work in order for it to be a good success. Team work and good team management is also key.

On the virtual world of Runescape, players can grasp this particular concept whilst they battle against each other in clan wars. To put it simply, there are three different combat “classes” in Runescape. They include warriors, mages and archers. A combination of these types of players (strong in each field) and good team coordination will usually result in the victory. According to Runescape wiki (Encyclopaedic information on Runescape), they state that mages are strong against warriors and weak against archers, warriors are strong against archers and weak against mages and lastly archers are strong against warriors and weak against mages.

Comparatively to life, a similar concept exists. It is all clear to successful people that they have, undeniably, their own strengths and weaknesses, and will not be able to succeed without the help from others better than them. Meaning, some people will not be as capable in certain areas, and therefore require people more capable then themself to do the work for them. They require others to assist them in order to keep up the work of the entire company.

Through these arguments, I hope I have convinced to you readers that by playing the game Runescape, it will help you in life, through all the lessons and concept that can be learnt and later on applied in life.

Additional arguments in the next round.

And last of all, although Runescape may be a pretty dead boring game, this guy makes it interesting:

Lesson to be learnt: Don’t go gambling, or else you may end up destroying your house.

Looking forward to Baggins's response!



I would like to thank Famer for his arguments. Let me move on to arguments straightaway.

== My opponent’s strategy ==

My opponent has picked up the biggest problems associated with Runescape and claimed that they are its strengths. The reasoning is – bad things provide us with experience. This is a weird argument through which my opponent claims that ‘bots’, ‘doublers’, ‘scammers’ and ‘other dishonest members’ are the most helpful features of Runescape.

These arguments are not valid. Pro needs to establish with appropriate evidence that exposure to horrible stuff on Runescape makes people more equipped to face real life. It is more likely that bad experience may hurt them psychologically.

== Rebuttals ==

1. Through hard work you learn skills: Runescape is full of users cheating with bots. This is extremely irritating. Sometimes such accounts are identified and the users are blocked. It is also possible that they are often not caught. A bot can be programmed to evade detection by limiting the rate of its success.

As per my opponent catching of bot accounts teaches Runescape users that:

  • Cheating on homework is not good

  • Plagiarizing on DDO is not good

This is a non sequitor. The logic does not follow from premises.

We can also turn the arguments on its head. It is possible that bots teach the users that cheating and plagiarizing can be a substitute for hard work. After all, bots are demonstrably much better than human users at Runescape when they are able to evade detection.

2. Doublers, scammers and other dishonest members:

Runescape is full of ‘doublers’, ‘scammers’ and other dishonest members. My esteemed opponent believes that it is good. As per him, this makes people more alert towards scammers in real life. No evidence is offered for this tenuous claim. Life on Runescape is very different from real life in real world. This makes the claim rather counter-intuitive.

3. Teamwork is better than working alone:

It is a fact that in most real life scenarios, teamwork is better than working alone. However no evidence has been offered that Runescape promotes teamwork. In fact regular users are aware that combat and dueling skills are more important than collaboration.

Pro has provided theoretical arguments from Combat Triangle that teamwork may be good [1]. Such theoretical arguments are not sufficient. My opponent needs to show that Runescape promotes teamwork in its game-play. Further he needs to show that such teamwork translates to real life. A quick look at the suggestions offered by ‘Paul’(see link) confirms that none of them are related to teamwork or cooperation.

== My arguments ==

Runescape Addiction: Meet Mr. Lee [2]. His son was ‘typical’, ‘bright’ and ‘sports-mad’ kid before he started playing Runescape. At age of 11, he was spending around 16 hours per day at Runescape. He stopped attending school, stopped going outside, became a recluse and became violent if anybody tried to stop him from playing Runescape.

This is not an isolated case. Try to enter ‘runescape addiction’ on Google [3] and you will be flooded with people struggling with this addiction. This is not a case of people spending some time for entertainment. This is serious psychological problem.

Runescape teaches no specific skills: Life on Runescape is completely different from life in real world. At Runescape a person looks upon his abilities as a set of various scores which represent his ‘skills’. Thes skills have no relation to actual player skills in real life. Acquiring a skill in life requires completely different kind of dedication and effort. Learning something new is a wonderful experience, which can never be simulated by collecting points at online role playing games.

Go out and play soccer. It will provide you more entertainment, build your stamina, teach you teamwork and will be useful in life in many other ways here. (‘You’ here refers to the ‘you’ in resolution). In the meantime I am eagerly waiting for response from Famer.

== References ==




Debate Round No. 2


Sorry. Due to a severe lack of time, I have to forfeit this debate.



Thanking my opponent for debating the issue with me. It is indeed unfortunate that he could not complete the debate. I wish him best of luck with whatever is keeping him occupied.
Debate Round No. 3





Vote Con.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by famer 5 years ago
The video was supposed to be put between the second and third last line of my argument. Due to time constraints, I was unable to find out how to do so. I also apologise for my delay. I've been busy at school with work.
Posted by Smithereens 5 years ago
this will be good...
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