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Obama: The Most Honorable President in The Last 50 Years.

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Started: 12/20/2012 Category: Politics
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After winning his reelection, President Obama can be considered the most honorable president since the assassination of President Kennedy.

President Obama, unlike most of his predecessors, has been able to distance himself from political scandals, corruption, love affairs, military interventionism, and any other event that could have damaged his legacy and image.

Fortunately, the American people are enjoying and experiencing a historic moment in the construction of the best democracy around the world.

No country has been able to escape corruption in his government, and some have endured oppressive dictatorships. On the same token, we cannot blame the population, but its leaders. Since our independence from England, the U.S has strove hard to correct many flaws left by the founding fathers namely, slavery, racial discrimination, women's right to vote, and other inequalities.

With President Obama, the U.S. leads the world as to equality, civil rights, and democracy. Who knows how long it would take Europe to elect a non-white president even though minority groups are everywhere in any of those countries.

President Obama has had the courage to address issues that other presidents did not dare to. Obama has stood up against abusive practices in credit card and loan companies, has attempted to fix the health care system, and other issues. Presently, the president is ready to fix the huge problem we face with the assault rifle proliferation among our civilian population.

I challenge my opponent to present another curriculum with more transparency, honor, and dignity than President Obama's. Good luck!


I negate the statement that Obama is the most honorable president in the last 50 years. Before continuing I want to clarify and establish some framework for this debate. First and foremost, I would like to help have a better understanding of what being Honorable really entails. According to Oxford Dictionary someone who is honorable is 1. someone who is held in high esteem and 2. someone who knows and does what is morally right. Next, I would like to offer two presidents who hold up to this definition of honor more so than President Obama. Presidents Clinton and Reagan. If my opponent cannot prove that Obama is better than either of these two men, then the CON side wins. Lastly, I would like to clarify that things that the public are not well aware of STILL count as evidence against Obama's Honor under my second definition. I will now offer two contentions showing that under both definitions Obama is not the most honorable president.

Contention 1: Esteem
A big part of being an honorable president is having high public approval. According to a the gallup polling service, the average approval rating for Obama since his election has been 49%, a minority. President Clinton and Reagan fared much better. Reagan's approval while in office averaged at 53% while Clinton's averaged at 55%. The reasoning for this is that during both men's presidencies, the country felt the effects of economic booms guided by these presidents. But if that's not enough its important to note that 3 additional presidents had higher approval rating than president Obama. These approval ratings directly show that under my first definition of honor, being held in high esteem, Obama loses to a total of 5 previous presidents.

Contention 2: Morality
Contrary to what my opponent claims Obama has actually been behind political scandals and military intervention all while increasing america's corruption.
1. First lets look to the Obama Administration's political scandals.
To name a few there is the Solyndra Scandal, the General Services Administration's lavish multi-million dollar trip to Las Vegas on taxpayer dollars, Secret Service Administrations Prostitute Scandal, the Libyan Embassy Cover-up, and most importantly Obama's drone scandal. Since taking office Obama has increased the number of drone strikes in Pakistan by 600% according to the bureau of investigative journalism. As a result over 1,000 innocent civilians have died including over 200 children. Also, in these strikes Obama has personally approved of the separate killings of 3 american citizens, one being only 16.
2. Now lets look to military intervention
President Obama has had a very interventionalist track record. He kept our troops in Iraq for years and did a surge of 33,000 troops into Afghanistan. Also, lets not forget about his massive drone expansion in which he personally approves of every killing, even those that take out our own citizens or innocent children. Not to mention, these wars are costing the U.S. hundreds of billions if not Trillions of dollars.
3. Last of all, Corruption
According to Transparency International, Corruption in America has INCREASED by 2 points since Obama took office. This can be seen when we look to the example of the financial crisis which was ,in part, caused by the selling of toxic assets by big banks on wall street. Nevertheless, Obama has not prosecuted ONE of these men. In fact, he has prosecuted less criminals on wall street than his predecessor, Bush. If we look to lobbyists, we can see that his higher-up cabinet positions are full of 17 at least! One of these men is the Attorney General himself, Eric Holder.
In summary, When looking to all of these examples it is important that we remember the definition of honor which is doing what is morally right and that some things are more immoral than others. I know my opponent will try to say that Clinton and Reagan had scandal of their own, but when you decide who made more moral decisions, seriously ask yourself if whatever scandal my opponent brings up is worse than personally approving of the killing of hundreds of children.

In conclusion, Obama is not the most honorable president because he is not held in the highest esteem and because he has made many decisions like killing hundreds of children which are highly immoral. Because of this he fails to meet the requirements of the definition of honorability which are being held in high esteem and doing what is right. For these reasons and many more, I urge you to vote CON. Thank You
Debate Round No. 1


We cannot blame our president for the misconduct of some of his employees.

Concerning President Reagan, he has been credited with allowing Pakistan to build a nuclear bomb, as well as with the creation of al-Qaeda. Another incident damaging his reputation was the sale of weapons to Iran. He did, however, opposed the sale of assault weapons.

The only event affecting President Clinton was the one with Monica, which was blown out of proportion by Congress and the media. It may have been worthy, though. Besides that, Clinton was a great president.


In this round I would like to first respond to my opponent's case and then move on to reinforce my own.

My opponent stated that we are experiencing the construction of the best democracy around the world. This is flat out false. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index, America's democracy since 2008 has DROPPED by 1.1 points to 19th in the world. So in stead of seeing our democracy continually growing, we are actually seeing it shrink before our eyes. Specifically, we still have the PATRIOT Act and the NDAA in place which allow for massive spying and imprisonment without a trial. My opponent then claims that corruption is being struck down, but like I have already said, Transparency International has found that our government is actually MORE corrupt. Next lets talk about presidents addressing issues. My opponent has stated that Obama has really cracked down on financial crooks, but again, look to the fact that he didn't go after anyone responsible for the financial crisis, which is just another example of corruption. Speaking of which, lets look to the healthcare reform he has passed which is a whopping 2,700 pages long. Whereas, our entire country was founded on less than 10 pages. Obviously some of the things in the reform are back-hand deals. Peter Schweizer elaborates in his book "Throw Them All Out". In it he explains that Obama's affordable care act has given monopolies to drug companies who just so happen to also be political donors and lobbyists affiliated with Obama. As far as Gun Control Goes, there are two key things to remember. First is that my opponent assumes that more gun control is the right thing to do, completely ignoring the intense controversy surrounding the issue. Second, we must look to the fact that nothing related to gun control have actually changed, so even if we assume is the right thing to do, Obama has done nothing. However, president Clinton did. He passed a ban on Assault Weapons like the one used in the Movie Theater Shooting in Colorado, which was later repealed.

Now I will reinforce my own case. First of all, my opponent has not even addressed my first contention which states that Honorable is defined as being held in high esteem. Under this definition Obama comes in 6th place to all presidents of recent years, making him, for sure, not the most honorable. Next, I will individually address my opponent's attacks on my second contention. First he stated that the president is not responsible for his employees, but because he employs these people himself and fails to correct their behavior, he absolutely can be held accountable for their actions. If he has a bad employee, it is his duty to either fire or correct that employee. If he fails to do so, which he has, then he must take some of the blame. However, even if we disregard everything that his employees have done, we can see he has still done highly immoral things. If we look to my point about drones, he PERSONALLY approves of every attack. These attacks have killed over 200 children and 3 US citizens. Now I will move on to my opponents attacks on Reagan. First of all, he draws wild conclusions without backing them up. However even if you accept his claims which have no evidence to back them up, its important to understand that he gave three examples of how America's unwillingness to use military interventionism to solve problems were bad in his opinion. But if you look at his first speech you can see that he states that distancing yourself from military interventionism is good, so he is contradicting himself when he states this. Now I will finish off things off by addressing his attack against Clinton. First lets look to the fact that Clinton led America through a prosperous time guided by his leadership. Second, remember the fact that some things are more immoral than others and that Obama has personally approved of the killing of hundreds of children and US citizens. Ask yourself honestly if having an affair is worse than killing hundreds of innocent children. For these reasons I strongly urge you to vote for the CON side.
Debate Round No. 2


Aned forfeited this round.


I would like to finish this debate off by thanking everyone who read through everything to this point, and by thanking my opponent for starting this debate. It has been a pleasure.

Unfortunately my opponent has forfeited this round. I would like to think that he was just busy with the holidays, but who really knows.

In this round I would like to summarize 3 key points of this debate and show you why they all lead to a vote for the CON side of this debate.

1.)The first and most important is that my argument about Obama's approval. Oxford dictionary defines being held in high esteem as being honorable, yet president Obama comes in at 6th place in approval rating out of recent presidents making him very far from being the most loved or the most honorable.

2.)The next key point is that president Obama has committed very immoral things which clearly outweigh the arguments my opponent tries to use against previous presidents. President Obama has hired lobbyists and corrupt official who have gotten involved in prostitution scandals and other dishonorable acts. Even worse, he has PERSONALLY APPROVED of drones strikes which have killed hundreds of innocent children and 3 american citizens. I would say that these acts are far more immoral and thus make Obama less honorable.

3.)The last key point that I would like to make is that my opponent continues to try to say that because Obama has said that he is going to enact gun control that he is doing a good thing, but there are two problems with this argument. First of all, he has not shown how this is necessarily the right thing to do and Second, we must remember that to be honorable you have to DO the right thing, but Obama is yet to DO or enact anything, whereas president Clinton actually did enact gun control, so even if you buy that gun control is good, president Clinton has President Obama beat. For these reasons I strongly urge you to vote for the con side.
Debate Round No. 3
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