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Obama is bad for our country!

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Started: 9/13/2012 Category: Politics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First I would like to thank anyone who takes this debate. I am grateful to debate anyone who takes this no matter your belief system.
President Obama is bad for our country because he does not do anything but do horrible things for our country.
President Obama has accumulated $5,027,761,476,484.56 in debt.
Another reason why Obama is bad is because he is a lair!
A President should be kind, nice, a leader, and truthful, but our president is none of the listed!
For these reasons and many more are why Obama is bad for our country.


I thank my opponent for his challenge. And I hope this will be a good debate. I will first refute my opponent's claims about the president, and then I will give a contention that will back up the refutations of my opponent's cases.


My opponent says that Obama has accumulated a lot of debt. However, he doesn't understasnd the other factors in it like the following:

1. What has the President done with that borrowed money?

2. And what has he done to repay the debt.

Well to start it off, Obama has given 19 different stimuluses to small businesses [1], are the backbone of this nation's economy. he has used the money to bail out the banks that were in danger of going under [2], he saved the auto industry [3], and used it to pay for part of the college education of the future workers [4]. So if we take a look at what President Obama has done, he has used it to do as the ex-president Bill Clinton has said: "build the nation's economy from the ground up". So, this debt while big, was necessary.

R2: Then to my opponent's claim s of supposed lies by the president, my opponent doesn't say what Obama lies about. He just gives a highly biased blog that has questionable credibility. Furthermore, if my opponent proves that Obama has lied he must then do two things:

1. Explain how lying is bad for our country.

2. Give at least one modern president that has lied.

Untill he does that there is no reason to accept this point as grounds for saying he is a bad president.

Contention 1: Foreign Policy

My contention will be based on the president's foreign policy. he has killed Osama, brought down the Gadhafi regime in Libya, ended the war in Iraq, he mobilized resources and manpower to aid in relief efforts in Haiti, Japan, Pakistan and elsewhere, etc. [5]. He has surely done a lot better in the area of foreign policy then anyother modern American President.

I may add more if the situation calls for it, however I will for now wait for my opponent's response.

Thank You.



Debate Round No. 1


Calki288008 forfeited this round.


Arguements extended.
Debate Round No. 2


First I would like to say that i am sorry for not posting in the last round the time just got away from me.

What my opponent needs to under stand is that Obama has accumulated more debt than all the other presidents combined. Obama has spent this money on useless things like a turtle highway in Florida. Another point that my opponent stated about this accumulated debt is that Obama is trying to repay his debt, but i say Obama is not trying hard enough to solve this deep debt that he has dragged us in to because if he was our debt would be way less.

One lie is that he planned to cut the deficit by half in his first year in office. which we know b my first statement that it is one of his biggest lies wile in office.

My opponent states that Obama`s foreign policy is good, but i have to disagree yes he might have aided in all the points my opponent has stated but he didn't do it by himself. He had help for all over the world to get the items listed done.

Thank you to my opponent for the wonderful debate!


1. Obama has created millions of jobs, saved the auto industry, and has bosted small businesses. It takes more then four years to clean up a mess that took more then 8 years to make. Obama is building America from the ground up. Our economy is better now then it was when Bush left office. [1,2].

2. Obama didn't lie when he said that. He obviously would have planned that, but things (especially things like this) do not always go according to plan.

3. My opponent's rebuttel here isn't even worth looking at. My opponent did not use sources to verify his claim, and therefore is not worth anything. I will also contend that if Obama did not do these things, then Hitler didn't kill 6 million Jews. My opponent's claim is absurd.

I thank my opponent and the voters. Good Day.
Debate Round No. 3
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Vote Placed by imabench 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con had superior arguments since nearly every president has added debt to the nation, other then that argument pros only other point is that Obama is a liar, which is a moot point since every president lies or makes gaffes from time to time, also didnt forfeit a round.
Vote Placed by Viper-King 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: DeathBeforeDishonour had more sources and had better arguments. Arguments included that Pro basically said that because Barack Obama didn't do the foreign policy actions alone, that he didn't deserve credit for it. Also Con easily won the argument about the debt and called saving the auto industry, big banks, and businesses "useless." Con had better spelling and grammar and his only weak point was about lying in which Pro could not justify why lying was harmful. Forfeit for Conduct.