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Obama is posioning to America.

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Started: 12/15/2014 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Obama has set in motion events that are damaging to the delicate geo-political balance of the world and thinks he is doing a good job. There fore he must be the anti-Christ. He has cut our Military off at the knees, while creating a power vacuum in the Middle East allowing ISIS to take over. This has all happen when his biggest concern was his golf handicap. Has forced Obama care on us effectively raising medical insurance for the entire middle class. Now he is trying to force his reCockulous immigration policies on us as well. This has made it easier for some previously hard working Americans to become able bodied welfare recipients. Which is ok by him. He signed a deal with Iran that will allow it to rake in somewhere between 7 and 20 billion dollars in sanctions relief and frozen assets even as it CONTINUES to work on enriching uranium. In other words, the Iranians get billions of dollars, give up nothing of consequence.


1. "He has cut our Military off at the knees, while creating a power vacuum in the Middle East allowing ISIS to take over."
I have made the same argument over and over again with you people. The Senate and Congress are also at fault for ruining our country. It is not solely the current President's fault. Also, the American Military are not the ones responsible for the current crisis taking place in the Middle East. It is caused by The Soviet Union allowing those countries to leave from their control with such weak and poorly organized governments. Said governments paved the way for extremists and dictators to gain power relatively easily.

2. " Now he is trying to force his reCockulous immigration policies on us as well"
He's not forcing anything on anyone. He's giving people who are already here and have no felonies a chance at life outside of crime. Of which is completely within his elected power.
Debate Round No. 1


This was Obama"s fault and no one else"s. It was he who decided to pull our forces out of Iraq despite warnings from the top generals overseeing the operation, and the Sec Def Himself. They told him Iraq"s military could not stand on its own, and where right. Obama failed to listen to his expert advisers because he wanted to be the President that ended the war in Iraq. Instead he created an even bigger threat and refuses to deal with it.
During the time when we (me and my brothers sisters) were fighting two fronts Iraq and Afghanistan his hard cuts on military spending resulted in troop reduction and increased an already deployment high frequency.
Military presence there was the only thing stopping the current ISIS problem. I have spoken personal to many different Iraqi citizens during the nearly 3 and a half years I was there. They all invariable told me when asked "if that we were to leave before they are ready".
His exec order on immigration, will have to be later. I'm no room.


Let's talk about America's real problems, as you seem to wholeheartedly believe they all stem from Obama.

The Economy:

1. As it stands now, we're $18,019,147,853,000 in debt and counting (
And who caused this, you ask with a sceptical face?

Random Citizen: OBAMA!

Yama: No, random citizen. Every country accrues debt overtime, but the politicians (not only Obama) do not continuously raise the debt ceiling. Of which allows us the accrue more debt, and involves raising the cieling over and over again. On note of the war effort, it alone contributes $594,903,282,000 to the total by itself. The war on terror has caused that amount to rapidly increase, from it's original amount of $137,000,000,000 in 1980.

2. The wealth gap continously growing.
In short, the economy is getting better. But the benefits are still being felt more by the minority whom consolidate our weath, than buy the minority who need money.

Debate Round No. 2


Merry Christmas, Due to the holiday season of insanity and work I have run out time. Please see the following links.


I was going to use this round to troll the logic behind my opponent's arguments... but I decided to take the moral high route and talk to you about our lord a savior, Santa Claus. Then saner heads prevailed and I decided not to do either of those things.

Instead, I present you a question and a request. Can a country that does not accept it's problems, but blames them all on one man ever survive?

Vote for whichever side you believe won. That is all.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by YamaVonKarma 2 years ago
So... no votes?
Posted by Wylted 2 years ago
@Zarroette, lol
Posted by Zarroette 2 years ago
Obama is controlled by Zionist Jews.
Posted by LostintheEcho1498 2 years ago
@Stocker "Obama is posioning to America."

Hallelujah brother.
Posted by Vajrasattva-LeRoy 2 years ago
Well, I agree that Obama is Poisonous.

Adolf Hitler was the Anti-Christ.
Obamacare can't possibly work, even if they had the $ for it, which they don't.
The so-called "national debt" Alone is Over $18 TRILLION, & Going Up.
They're not only BANKRUPT, but Way In the Red.
They Have Virtually ZERO $ For Anything Whatsoever.
Islam, by definition, means submission to the will of God.
There is no such religion as submission to the will if God.
Since people have been Refusing to submit all along,
Islam has to be False.
The idea that Iran should have to give up many things to get its own $ doesn't make sense.
Posted by Elijahhill97 2 years ago
trolling and no intelligence at its finest
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