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Obama is the hottest president ever

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Started: 4/21/2016 Category: Entertainment
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Let's take a look at 2008 President Obama. What a hottie! Good hair color, nice face, height and that amazing personality. (oh yessss) What more does one need? Compare him to Bush or even JFK...Clinton, I mean come on, none compares to Obama. What a spiffy man. Michelle is one lucky gal.


Obama has charisma, smarts, and the looks. But the hottest ever? Not even close. My Hunk of History is Franklin Pierce. Look him up. His locks flowing to one side; the Piercing eyes; and a face molded by the gods. Pierce was known for his looks and had all the ladies at his feet. He was elected because he was the hottest man on the ballot. He got the looks and the mind too. He memorized his speeches with no notes or reference. He also had the bronze. He general in the Mexican-American war, winning battles left and right with his brilliance. There are plenty other presidents too that surpass Obama that I will mention next round.
Debate Round No. 1


You need no 'smarts' to be hot. Do not get me started with Pierce. He has a ridiculi face...Obama does not. He did have some good hair though, I'll give him that. But if you wanna talk facts about their presidency, we shall. Franklin Pierce was all for slavery. That's the first red flag. Moving along, was Obama nominated for a second term? Yes of course but was Pierce...NO. Why? Because he wasn't the charmer you portray him to be.


The success of the presidency has nothing to do with hotness but to Obama's reelection, we see in modern times that incumbents have very high chances of being elected again even if they did a bad job. I think we can look at a long list of presidents that put Obama down the list. James K Polk rocked the mullet like no other man. He was stern and serious giving him a sexy vibe. Teddy Roosevelt really had it all. His determination is shown in his long list of accomplishments before becoming presidents. His personality oozes charisma. His smile is so lovable. His glasses give him a sense of ambition and intelligence which I find very attractive. Come on, the list goes on and on. Obama is good looking. But he isn't the full package and is simply not the best or hottest.
Debate Round No. 2


Playing basketball = hot.
Smoking cigarettes = hot.
Caring about you so much that he reads your email = hot.

Obama is just...HOT


Obama plays basketball...Herbert Hoover invented Hooverball. It was like volleyball but with a ten pound medicine ball with the net super high up. Ford swam, Bush Sr. played football, Teddy boxed.

Plenty of people smoked and smoke now. I don't really find killing yourself slowly is that hot.

Andrew Jackson let people just walk in and talk to him. So did Polk and Lincoln. JFK and JBL would do a lot more than read an e mail. They would sex you till it hurt.

Obama is hot. No argument there. But the hottest? No way. What he did, others did better. His smile, his looks, his charisma,...all out done by others. I'd give him like 7th place.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by finn.b14 2 years ago
Lol this is such a great debate!
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Reasons for voting decision: Given that this is a troll debate, and troll debates aren't moderated, my RFD doesn't matter. I vote Con because I like his choice better.