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Obama is wasting money with the new simulas package.

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Started: 3/5/2009 Category: Politics
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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you go first.


I thank my opponent for making this debate.

Wasting- to consume, spend, or employ uselessly or without adequate return; use to no avail or profit; squander:

Pork- Informal. appropriations, appointments, etc., made by the government for political reasons rather than for public benefit, as for public buildings or river improvements.

I believe that Obama is wasting money with the new stimulus package by "pork-barreling". Throughout the stimulus plan there are multiple accounts of "pork-barreling".

1. Around 1.2 billion dollars is going to the Detroit Lions to help rebuild there team.

2. $1 million to control Mormon crickets in Utah ,

3. $162,000 to control rodents in Hawaii ,

4. $1.7 million for a honey bee laboratory in Weslaco , Texas.

5. $346,000 for research on apple fire blight in Michigan and New York ,

6. $1.5 million for work on grapes and grape products, including wine

7. $1.8 million to conduct research in Iowa on "swine odor and manure management,"

8. $173,000 for research on asparagus production in Washington ,

9. $206,000 for wool research in Montana , Texas and Wyoming ,

10. $209,000 for efforts to improve blueberry production in Georgia ,

11. $208,000 to control a weed known as cogongrass in Mississippi ,

12. $1.2 million to control cormorants in Michigan , Mississippi , New York and Vermont ,

13. $950,000 for the Western Kentucky University bikeway project,

14. $427,000 for the Gunpowder Creek trail in Boone County , Kentucky ,

15. $1.6 million for the Forage Animal Production Research Laboratory in Lexington , Kentucky ,

16. $238,000 for the Alaska PTA.

17. $819, 000 for catfish genetics research in Alabama

18. $190,000 for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody , Wyoming ,

19. $400,000 for copper wire theft prevention efforts,

20. $47,500 to remodel and expand a playground in Ottawa , Illinois ,

21. $285,000 for the Discovery Center of Idaho in Boise

22. $951,500 for a "sustainable Las Vegas ,"

23. $2 million for promotion of astronomy in Hawaii ,

24. $1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa ,

25. $6.6 million for termite research in New Orleans ,

26. $238,000 for the Polynesian Voyaging Society in Hawaii ,

27. $2.1 million for the Center for Grape Genetics in New York ,

28. $333,000 for a school sidewalk in Franklin , Texas ,

29. $95,000 for r ailroad grade crossing safety improvement, Huntington , Long Island ,

30. $237,500 for Northport Veterans Community Center , Long Island

31. $143,000 for an online encyclopedia in Nevada ,

32. $713,625 for Woody Biomass in New York ,

33. $24,000 for abstinence,

34. $300,000 for Montana World Trade Center ,

35. $950,000 for Myrtle Beach International Trade and Convention Center,

36. $200,000 for Oil Region Alliance.

37. $190,000 for Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody , Wyoming ,

38. $143,000 for Las Vegas Natural History Museum , Las Vegas , Nevada ,

39. $381,000 for Jazz at Lincoln Center , New York , New York , $200,000 for a tattoo removal program in Los Angeles

Overall in the stimulus package there is about 7.7 billion dollars of pork-barrel spending. (

Good luck.
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joshuaXlawyer forfeited this round.


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joshuaXlawyer forfeited this round.


Previous arguments extend.

I am sorry for this really poor debate, I had hoped that I would actually get know...debate. Unfortunately, my opponent was not available for the debate so perhaps another time.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by mongoose 8 years ago
$1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa

$1.8 million to conduct research in Iowa on "swine odor and manure management,"

... you mentioned it twice, with two different costs. Which is it?
Posted by joshuaXlawyer 8 years ago
im sorry something came up
Posted by wjmelements 8 years ago
Defaulted PRO, CON didn't show up.
Posted by wjmelements 8 years ago
and yet he's 'conservative'... Maybe he's just a nub. He tried to do 8 debates at once, then forgot about this website entirely.
Posted by wjmelements 8 years ago
It seems CON is arguing that Obama is not wasting money with the stimulus package.
Posted by Epicism 8 years ago
At least state whether your Con to Obama or Con to the statement... Otherwise you can just spike out of any argument.
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