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Obama isn't the first African American president in the world born from USA

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Started: 3/25/2013 Category: Politics
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i look forward to a great debate...i'll first wait for acceptance. After my opponenet accepts i'll also like for my opponent to write his argument in the same debate. than i'll give me debate.


Hello. I am refuting the side stated as the one in the title of this debate.

I will define the word "president" in this question as being the President of the United States of America (will be used as the United States, US, or the USA), as found in the Constitution of the United States of America, Article II.(1)

My argument is that he is the first African American president of the United States born in the USA in the world, as there have been no other African American presidents that have ever been in the world. (2)

This is currently my only argument. I would like to thank Pro for letting me have the chance to debate with him, and wish him good luck in the upcoming arguments.

Debate Round No. 1


Don't try to change the debate around saying "President of the United States" i said "first African American President in the world"

Controverter 16 hours ago
John Hanson was.,

ohn Hanson (April 14 [O.S. April 3] 1721 – November 15, 1783) was a merchant and public official from Maryland during the era of the American Revolution. After serving in a variety of roles for the Patriotcause in Maryland, in 1779 Hanson was elected as a delegate to the Continental Congress. He signed the Articles of Confederation in 1781 after Maryland finally joined the other states in ratifying them.

In November 1781, he was elected President of the Continental Congress, and became the first president to serve a one-year term under the provisions of the Articles of Confederation. Because of this, some of his descendants, along with some amateur historians, have claimed that he had actually been the first President of the United States.[1][2], Historians claimed! He was claimed that he had been!

Now Obama isn't the first African American President in the world born from USA. The first African American president in the world born from the USA is Joseph Jekins Robert.

Joseph Jenkins Roberts (March 15, 1809 – February 24, 1876) was the first (1848–1856) and seventh (1872–1876) President of Liberia. Born free in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, Roberts emigrated to Liberia in 1829 as a young man. He opened a trading store in Monrovia, and later engaged in politics. When Liberia became independent in 1847, Roberts was elected the first president, serving until 1856. In 1872 he was elected again to serve as Liberia's seventh president.

After hearing of the plans of the American Colonization Society to colonize the African coast at Cape Mesurado near modern-day Monrovia, Roberts decided to join an expedition. The restrictions in Virginia on free Negroes played an important part in his decision. The Roberts family was strongly religious and they felt called to evangelize the indigenous people of Africa.[2] On February 9, 1829 they sailed for Africa on the Harriet. [7] along with his mother and five of his six siblings. Travelling the same ship was James Spriggs Payne, who would later become Liberia's fourth president.[1]

Once in Monrovia, Roberts and two of his brothers established a business with the help of their friend William Colson of Petersburg. The company exported palm products, camwood, and ivory to the United States, and traded imported American goods at the company store in Monrovia. In 1835, Colson emigrated to Liberia, but died shortly after his arrival. Expanding into coastal trade, the Roberts family became successful members of the local establishment.[2] During this time, Joseph's brother John Wright Roberts entered the ministry of the Liberia Methodist Church, founded by Americans. Later he became a bishop. After starting as a trader, the youngest son, Henry Roberts, studied medicine at the Berkshire Medical School (now part of the University of Massachusetts Medical School) in Massachusetts. Joseph Roberts was successful enough to pay for his brother's studies. Henry returned to Liberia to work as a physician.[8]

In 1833, Joseph Roberts became high sheriff of the colony. One of his responsibilities was to organize militias to travel to the interior to collect taxes from the indigenous peoples and put down their rebellions against colonial rule. In 1839, the American Colonization Society appointed Roberts vice governor. Two years later, after the death of governor Thomas Buchanan, Roberts was appointed as the first mixed-race (considered black) governor of Liberia. In 1846, Roberts asked the legislature to declare the independence of Liberia, but also to maintain cooperation with the American Colonization Society. The legislature called for a referendum, in which voters chose independence. On July 26, 1847, Roberts declared Liberia independent. He won the first presidential election on October 5, 1847, and was sworn into office on January 3, 1848, with Stephen Allen Benson as vice president.[1]

History of West Africa, Liberia

Liberia was established by citizens of the United States as a colony for former African-American slaves. It is one of only two sovereign states in the world that were started by citizens of a political power as a colony for former slaves of the same political power: Sierra Leone was begun as a colony for resettlement of Black Loyalists and poor blacks from England for the same purpose by Britain.

Handing over command to Americo-Liberians
Joseph Jenkins Roberts, governor and first president. Daguerreotype taken probably between 1840 and 1850.

The maturing colony was gradually given more self-governance. In 1839, it was renamed the Commonwealth of Liberia; 1841 saw the Commonwealth's first black Governor, J.J. Roberts. By the 1840s, the ACS was effectively bankrupt; Liberia had become a financial burden for it. In 1846, the ACS directed the Americo-Liberians to proclaim their independence. In 1847, Roberts proclaimed the colony the free and independent republic of Liberia. It then counted some 3000 settlers. A Constitution was drawn up along the lines of that of the United States.[citation needed]

[edit]Americo-Liberian Rule (1847–1980)

Between 1847 and 1980, the state of Liberia was governed by the small minority of African-American colonists and their offspring, together called Americo-Liberians, suppressing the large indigenous majority of 95% of the Liberian population. The history of Liberia in this period can be described as four major, intertwined and interacting developments:

  1. Relations between Americo-Liberians and the indigenous peoples
  2. Relations between the U.S. and Liberia
  3. Relations between non-U.S. foreign powers and Liberia
  4. Liberian economy, industry and natural resources

Joseph Jenkins Roberts.jpg


Very well. As facts can't easily be refuted, I will have to give the victory to my opponent.

(Aren't debates about opinions? Just an honest question.)

I would like to thank my opponent for letting me debate with him (particularly to vote). It was nice, even though it was about a fact. Thank you, and voters, choose wisely.

(I will forfeit next round if no other statements are brought up.)

Debate Round No. 2


Ty. U a good person. some ppl were going to go off pissed off.
And u welcome. Maybe we can debate on a different topic. This was a trick topic n I wanted to see who will accept it as alot of ppl don't knw much Abt African American being president


richardfrost forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by richardfrost 4 years ago
Don't worry guys, I got this. I love definitions.
Posted by Nimbus328 4 years ago
It's a trick question, not a debate.
Posted by OneElephant 4 years ago
Read the resolution carefully haha.
Posted by Controverter 4 years ago
John Hanson was.
Posted by michaeltaffe3 4 years ago
This isn't really a debate if it can be proven that he wasn't the first. A debate is for an opinion, not a fact.
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Reasons for voting decision: only an idiot wouldnt see this coming. arguments to the pro but conduct to the con since pro geared this to be an easy win
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