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Obama, overall, was a good president.

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Started: 7/19/2012 Category: Politics
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First round is acceptance, and rule clarification.


1. No abusive arguments on wordplay.
2. No insults, etc.
3. Standard rules apply.

This is my first debate, so go easy on me!


I will assume overall to mean on balance and good to be a point of contention between Pro and I. President Obama also obviously refers to Barack Obama, the current POTUS. I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Stevethewriter forfeited this round.


socialpinko forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry, for the previous forfeit. I am back now.

I am going to start by disclaiming, that even though I am democratic by nature, my points for defending Obama will not come from a leftist POV.

Let's start this thing.

My first point is that all presidents will be seen as coherently bad, no matter what course of action they take.
This is true, intrinsically. No matter what president wins in the election, he will always have people who love him, and people who hate him. The sad thing about being a president, is that sometimes, there isn't a whole lot of ways to control that. Barrack Obama said he would make a lot of changes, which is what a lot of naive American citizens took to mean that they would be carried no matter what. Well, as much as I am sure the president would like to do that, he simply cannot. The president in fact, doesn't have as much power as some people think him to have. He has to go through three different systems in order for any law or act to be passed.

So while he didn't carry out every single thing to the last thread, of what he said he was going to do, it doesn't mean he didn't make a full fledged effort to do so.

So what exactly did the president do in the last three years?

He attempted to fix Un-employment (though it was an un-successful endeavor). He did however reversed the decline in American family Income. He has increased special operation forces, and civil affair units. He basically renovated patent and copy right laws. His Libya policy definitely paid off. He fully funded the VA (veterans association) as he said he would. He signed "THE DODD-FRANK WALL STREET REFORM AND CONSUMER PROTECTION ACT of 2010" helping consumers against wall street monopolies. He increased EPA "land and habitats" rights. Of course his biggest course of action probably thus far, was enforcing the Medicare system. And another big promise that was pulling our troops out of Iraq, in which the department of defence has agreed to do in the year of 2014, hopefully ending the ongoing resentment in that country.

The list goes on and on. And in fact, there was much more that the president actually did do good this year. I would like to cite this link of the full list of things he accomplished.

Out of all his total promises, he was able to keep a whopping 37% of them, which is vastly more than most presidents in the last 30 years have been able to do.

If were speaking in terms of accomplishing hat they said they would do, then Obama definitely takes the cake.

My second point is that of winning strategy. Obama, as well as many other presidents in the past, may not neccesarily believe in the options that they are advocating. The political game has to, and must be played in order to become president. I can say with 75% certainty, that a lot of the "democrats" and "republicans" who run for president, do not even hold that ideology. A lot of smart individuals have to realize however, that running in those parties is pretty much the only way to ensure a victory in the presidential race, as those two parties are the only ones ever even considered anymore.

Based on this, it is difficult to even say that the presidents even believe in what they say prior to running! This isn't neccesarily a bad thing however. But it IS the way to win an election. You have to win the mind and the hearts of America in order to win the presidency. Sometimes that has to entail telling them what they want to hear, and being overtly charismatic.

My third and final point will be that Barrack Obama has done more good than harm as a president. I provided a link above that shows all of the many accomplishments and grand attempts to do what he said he would do above.

Besides this, I would like my opponent to prove to me how Barrack Obama has harmed are country, or has done a specific action to make him considered to be a "bad" president.

There is no perfect president. That I hope my opponent can agree with me on. There is no way to satisfy one person and keep another happy as well with that same course of action. People by nature want someone to blame in particular for their problems. That person in power, the person who is suppose to represent them and their brethren, is the president. That's all people know how to blame. When in actuality, everything that doesn't get accomplished is not really his fault. To say that Obama is responsible for "letting down" America in any way, is brutally harsh. As said above, he has to go through the supreme court in order to pass any of his legislation's. The supreme court is responsible for probably more than half of the things that Obama gets blamed for.

Now I am not gullible enough to believe that Obama didn't know this when he took office. It simply is part of the job to allow yourself to be seen by hundreds of people, as a "bad" president when things don't go their way 100% of the time. But I do, however, implore my opponent to find an exceptionally good reason to prove that over all the things Obama has done in his presidency, to prove how he is coherently a bad president. By bad, you must prove how he has ultimately failed to do his job, rather than uphold the values in which his job as president holds.

As my opponent said, the word "good" might be an issue of contention, and I apologize for not clarifying in the beginning round. Obviously, we are not talking about moral values.

The question of this debate is more of, "How well did Obama do his Job as president?".

To conclude my opening arguments, I will quickly recap my points.

My first points was that Obama is a good president because he actually accomplished quite a bit of what he said he would compared to a lot of past presidents. My second point was that a winning strategy will be used by most presidents in order to manipulate the peoples to become president. Obama utilized this, and actually accomplished a lot of good from this, where as most get caught up in the monopoly of power.
My third point was that on whole, he has done more good than bad, as president. Most of the democrats I know that voted for Obama, are completely against him now. While admittingly a lot of this comes from parental influence and manipulation, I cannot really blame them, as they see a lot of what most American citizens see. They want 100% absolute perfection. Who wouldn't?

It is a standard for most everyone to believe that no matter what happens, what is said must be carried out to an absolute tee. This standard of perfection, however, is almost never feasibly drawn out.

I used to work for a Cell Phone company: "Sprint". I worked as a Cell's Rep, signing people into contracts with their cell phones.

People expect everything to work out perfectly when they sign up for a contract, an when one thing goes wrong, we get blamed. But it is never the other person who gets blamed for not fulfilling their part of the contract, because we were always the "big company in charge" and are thus expected to fulfill the consumers every thought or need.
If a customer is late on a bill, then they have failed on their part of the contract. They promised in writing to pay their bill on this time of the month, for the next two years, and fail to uphold this. Still I would get call backs all the time with people wondering why their bill is higher than I said it would be. I would then ask them if they remembered be explaining to them how to do their rebates, and telling them they needed to do these before a certain date. That level of responsibility is rarely taken, and I still was blamed for "lying" to them, when it was they who mis-understood all along.

Point is, I understand that Obama is blamed for more than he should be, and am sympathetic for that reason alone. I hope this becomes an interesting debate, and apologize for the previous forfeit. I am now out of characters. Good luck!


socialpinko forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Unfortunately it seems my opponent is no longer able to continue. I thank him for accepting this debate!

Vote Pro!


socialpinko forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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