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Obama's mouth is as big as he has lips and ears

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Started: 9/19/2016 Category: Politics
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He claims that Donald Trump is "unqualified" to be president. This is a guy that:
- never ran a successful business
- never had any meaningful accomplishments as a US senator
- never had any meaningful accomplishments as a state senator
- first promoted (false) hope and change, then following election simply promoted pushing forward.
- was never qualified to even be a Mayor and handle a city, let alone a country
- (here's the elephant in the room) he only got voted into due to "progressive" thinking that maybe a black guy could make a difference

plain and simple, Obama has been the worst case of affirmative action in history. His biggest qualification for the Presidency is being black and getting virtually all the black vote. Under his rule, we can't even get this bathroom situation straight regarding mentally unbalanced people.

what in the world is he thinking by criticizing a BILLIONAIRE?



I recently joined, so please bear with me in my learning process. Thank you for your patience, I appreciate your criticisms and comments on how I can become a better debater.

I'm sorry it is a little unclear what the exactly is the topic of your debate, but I will assume it is President Barack Obama's accomplishments since he assumed the Oval in 2008.

I will not be attacking Donald Trump in this debate, his accomplishments, or your perception of him; I will focus on President Obama without drawing comparisons. Though, I do have my own objections to Donald Trump.

President Obama's victory in 2008 was a milestone in US history, though driven by his race (as a positive factor), I believe it is unfair to say that is the only reason he won. Please recall that President Obama in 2008, won with the vote of 69.5 million US voters, which was the most votes any presidential candidate in history has ever received. President Obama was also a Harvard Law School graduate with honors and he won his senate district with a landslide 70.0% of the vote. I believe this track record alone, signifies the confidence in which millions of Americans place in Mr. Obama.

President Obama has also accomplished a great deal in his near two terms since he first assumed the Presidency. I would like to review a few key accomplishments with you:

1. The death of Osama Bin-laden in 2011.

2. Turning around the US auto-industry, and adding over 100,000 jobs in a very short time.

3. Ending the debt-riddled war in Iraq - and beginning the return of US troops from Afghanistan.

4. Reversed George W. Bush's cruel and inhumane torture policies, often on many innocent people.

5. Repealed don't ask don't tell, and added equality for everyone to serve their right and passion to protect and defend their country in the military; regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or race.

6. Improved USA foreign relations, and our standing abroad. He established historic visits to nations such as Cuba and bolstered relationships across many countries throughout the world.

7. Pushed for conservation and helping the environment, nearly tripled many natural reserves and protections, and established the largest maritime nature reserve to date.

8. Ended for-profit prisons, a practice that made a few people rich, but hurt millions.

9. Gave FDA the power to regulate tobacco and other harmful products, often with large lobbies.

10. Expanded stem-cell research and science funding, including emphasis on better science education in high schools.

11. Expanded funding for NASA, and removed many costly and useless shuttles - replaced with new technology and innovation - essentially revitalizing the space program of the USA for the future.

President Obama has also made historic gains in unemployment, reducing it by nearly half in his two terms as President. The economy is finally bouncing back from the era of George W. Bush, which was extremely debt-ridden.

I would love to share more accomplishments with you, however I believe these few points demonstrate his effectiveness.

I would like to address your claim "can't even get this bathroom situation straight regarding mentally unbalanced people,"
not sure what you mean by that. I have not heard of any issues with special-ed or disabled Americans regarding bathrooms. Not sure if you may be referring to transgender bathrooms... but if so, mentally unbalanced isn't an appropriate name, everyone deserves respect (even if you may disagree).

I would like to reiterate he did not simply 'get the black vote' to win, but he was voted by Americans of all races, all of which together led to him becoming the President to get the single-most votes in any Presidential election in all of history, a historic 69.5 million Americans agree he should be President.

Thank you for posing this question, and thank you voters for bearing with me, I appreciate the patience and would love to hear any criticisms or comments on anything I can do to improve for my next debate.
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by Comeatmebruh666 1 year ago
The grammar. "Inaudible mic drop."
Posted by rbhutoria 1 year ago
You really are not posing a serious debate question, I'm glad to debate the merits of President Barack Obama's legacy/accomplishments versus say another Republican. However, it sounds like you're simply angrily ranting -- and not interested in debating
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