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Obese Christians should be taught that they will burn in Hell

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Started: 2/3/2015 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Mr and Mrs O'Beece were sitting at home watching television as they did all day every day. On this particular occasion they were watching a documentary about sub-Saharan Africa.

"Golly!" exclaimed Mr O'Beece between mouthfuls of pizza, "Look at that lion tear that antelope limb from limb: I'd love to be there to witness that in person."

"Yes," agreed Mrs O'Beece, "and I'd love to see with my own eyes some of those savages with bones through their noses go hunting and gathering in the savannah."

"Well, why don't we then?" said Mr O'Beece and he Googled 'African wildlife vacation' on his smartphone and booked flights to Nairobi and a room for two in a luxury safari hotel in the Kenyan bush.

It should be explained at this point that Mr and Mrs O'Beece had serious weight issues and, as a result, that they each needed two seats on the plane to accommodate their vast bulk. They didn't pay for two seats each - that's not how airlines operate - instead two other passengers on their flight were forced to sit in jump seats to make room for them, and as the aircraft lumbered into the sky under the burden of the O'Beece's extra weight the couple tucked into the first of their many complimentary on-board meals.

On arrival at their safari hotel, Mr and Mrs O'Beece wasted no time in taking seats on the restaurant veranda which overlooked the plains where they ordered a scrumptious feast of succulent Philly cheesesteaks, spicy BBQ pulled pork, juicy hamburgers, crispy southern-fried chicken nuggets, tasty hot-dogs, crunchy French fries, buttered corns-on-the-cob, golden hash browns and delicious baked beans in a rich tomato sauce - and gallons of refreshing, ice-cold Coca-Cola to wash it all down with. For dessert they ordered Belgian waffles with double chocolate fudge ice cream and as they tucked into their banquet they asked the waiter where all the animals were.

"Oh, a terrible disaster has visited our beautiful land," lamented the waiter, "The rains have failed three years in a row and many of the animals have died, and the bushmen and their families are also starving to death."

With that, a native Kenyan girl of about ten years, all skin and bones, homed into view. She was on her and knees scratching in the dry earth looking for tubers, seeds, grubs or anything else that might be vaguely edible. Presently, the little girl spotted Mr and Mrs O'Beece and she came up to where they were seated.

She gestured with one hand to her open mouth and with the other she pointed to the mountain of food on the table.

Mr O'Beece rose from his chair, his face purple with rage. "Get your filthy black hands away from our food, you thieving little nignog," he roared and the poor little girl screamed in terror and ran away as fast as her spindly legs would carry her.

"What sort of world are we living in?" said the similarly outraged Mrs O'Beece, "Surely we should be allowed to eat our meal in peace without being pestered by Negroid urchins?"

Mr and Mrs O'Beece aren't very nice people, are they boys and girls? No, they are not, but they are not unusual. In rich countries like the UK and the US, where food is relatively cheap and plentiful, over a third of the adult population is obese. These gluttons continue to shovel junk food down their bloated necks while over a third of children in developing countries are malnourished.

Shame on them. I do not hold any religious beliefs myself but I do think that Christian preachers should teach these stinking piles of sweating human blubber that they will surely burn in Hell as a consequence of their obscene gluttony, greed and sloth which are the main causes of obesity and also three of the seven deadly sins.

Thank you.

Percentage of population obese:
Percentage of children malnourished in developing countries:
Causes of obesity:
The seven deadly sins:


What is the advantage in condemning Christians to hell because they are overweight?
What purpose would that serve?
Why don't we gather all obese people and put them on a remoteness island, where they have to hunt animals, gather food and fight each other to survive? That will force them to get healthy and when all of them are fit, they will be allowed to come back to our society. "Brilliant idea", you might say.

Now, I am not an expert in this area but if you want to decrease the number of obese people in the US, there are many better ways to accomplish that. One way to deflate the high obesity rates could be setting up institutions where anyone could come and receive free diet- and workout counselling. That is just one of many ideas to make things work.

Let's be real, you can't pick out all obese people, and make them do something. This is not some health-holocaust.
Debate Round No. 1


I would like to thank Fraekfyr21 for accepting this debate and for his interesting proposal regarding the 'I'm a Fatty,Get Me Out Of Here' desert island for the obese, which is not without its merits.

However, as my opponent himself pointed out, "this is not some health-holocaust" and I believe it would be much kinder to persuade obese Christians to atone for their sins by eating less and doing more exercise with the threat of burning in Hell for all eternity hanging over them as an extra incentive.

You see, if an obese thought that every cheeseburger equated to a red-hot poker up the jacksie he might think twice before turning into the McDonald's Drive-Thru.

That's right, it's time that Christian preachers told the obese straight: stop eating starving children's meals by consuming more than your fair share of the world's finite food resources or you'll be tortured in Hell for the rest of time.

Thank you.


Fraekfyr21 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Daniel_Nemes 3 years ago
You are not heartless. If you were, you would be dead. You are simply ignorant and foolish.
Posted by brian_eggleston 3 years ago
Call me heartless if you want, but I care more about the starving children in the developing world than I do the delicate feelings of chronically lazy and clinically greedy people in the West.
Posted by missmedic 3 years ago
look at all his debates, brian has a hard on for fat people
Posted by Esiar 3 years ago
If they are gluttons, yes, but if they just got saved and couldn't possibly lose weight that fast, then no.
Posted by paigelovesit 3 years ago
Satan deserves thick girls anyway.
Posted by Daniel_Nemes 3 years ago
What sort of foolish debate is this? The Contender is right. The instigator is ignorantly incorrect and foolishly insulting the fragile self-esteem of some overweight humans.
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