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Obesety in adolecents is the fault of the parents.

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Started: 12/10/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Parents should be held responsible for their children being obese.

if you make the argument that the children are the ones eating, yes, but the parents are buying.

I am interested in any point of view. please share with me and may the best man win.


An adolescent most likely goes to school. Somewhere in their education, k-12, they learned about how to eat right. Yes, the parent buys and makes the food, but even I didn't eat a lot of a greasy dish that was served to me. The adolescent could also stand up and ask the parent(s) to buy more healthy meals. The child can take matters into their own hands and start exercising, which will then get the attention of the parents, and they will most likely support their child. The child has the power to take matters in their own hands, and the parents can not be blamed.
Debate Round No. 1


I thank you for voicing your opinion. Though, I must completely disagree.

" The child can take matters into their own hands and start exercising."

"The child has the power to take matters in their own hands, and the parents cannot be blamed."

This is a lie. Studies show that obesity in adolescence start at ages 9-12. I don"t think a ten year old will a. really understand health habits. These habits come from parents. And b. wants to eat healthy and exercise every day. Children are not as prone to do these things without parental guidance. If the parents don"t take charge and make their kids have a healthy lifestyle, they will continue to gain weight causing obesity.

A child won"t make his own decision to suddenly change his lifestyle so young. Most all animals have evolved so that the offspring follow their parent"s behavior. Humans are the same way. Unless a parent changes his or her ways, the child will not. Also, if parents buy junk food, their children will eat it. It is unlikely that a child will ignore food they find so irresistible.


I know that a 10 year old knows healthy habits because I received education on how to eat my fruits and veggies when I was in the first grade. in public school. So yes, a ten year old would at least know what healthy habits are. So, that child has that idea to not to eat a fatty treat.

Plus, Beth Turner from parents magazine says, "Exposure to billions of dollars worth of food advertising and marketing may play a key role in the epidemic of childhood obesity, the report concludes." How does what comes on the TV have anything to do with a parent. And yes the parent can shut off the TV, but when it comes to eating, children don't always do what their parents say.

You your self even said, "A child won't make his own decision to suddenly change his lifestyle so young." So, how do you expect a parent, who is a different body, fix the body of a child. The child would just sit there and be unmotivated to do anything. And every parent can threaten and scream, but if the child doesn't do what they say, or do anything to not be obese, how is that the parents' fault.

Works Cited
Turner, Beth. "Fat Kids: What's Really to Blame?" Parents Magazine. Meredith Corporation, 2013. Web. 12 Dec. 2013.
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