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Obi-Wan vs Darth Malak Who would win?

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Started: 2/16/2016 Category: Movies
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I'm going to take the side of Darth Malak. I think he would win because he is superior in all aspects of a lightsaber duel.

Round 1: Acceptence of challenge
Round 2: Physical abilities (who is stronger?)
Round 3: Force abilities (who is stronger in the force?)
Round 4: Lightsaber skill and technique (whose lightsaber skills are better?)


I accept.

Please state your case.
Debate Round No. 1


Physical abilities: Darth Malgus

Extreme Strength
- He was able to pull himself from tons of rock and live.
-He proved on all occasions that he could fight for extremely long lengths of time and not tire.
-He often had a habit of overpowering his enemy with his physical strength alone.

- Despite his large frame he was really quite fast. He proved this in a lot of different duels by moving just as fast as the lighter, smaller jedi.

High Tolerance for Pain
-He has been described as a "tank" on many occasions because of his ability to shrug off large amounts of pain and keep on fighting.
- He has been attacked by force lightning and was still able to defeat his opponent.
- He has been kicked and punched by many of opponents but was hardly affected at all.

Because of these, I thing Malgus would be able to best Kenobi in this area of skill.
All these attributes can be proven by watching all his duels in the Old Republic game footage.


In case anyone is confused at this point my opponent stated in comments that he meant Darth Malgus instead of Darth Malak when instigating the debate. While this is not the debate I signed up for (I reckon it probably makes my position tougher) I've decided that I probably would have just accepted this debate anyway out of loyalty to Obi-Wan so I ask that any voters just ignore this change.

This is a hard round for me to contest. Kenobi's strengths do not really stem from overpowering his enemies with feats of strength, plus Malgus has over a foot in height over Kenobi and probably a decent amount of weight as well so it would be preposterous to argue that Obi-Wan could match Malgus in terms of pure strength.

However Obi has shown multiple times that he is adept at dealing with opponents that are stronger than himself. In the clone wars animated series (SWTCW) Kenobi is able to handle himself while simultaneously dueling Savage Oppress and a cybernetically enhanced Darth Maul, opponents who where both taller and stronger than he was. Throughout SWTCW and Revenge of the Sith (RotS) he duels the cyborg General Grievous on multiple occasions and ultimately defeats him.

Kenobi's proficiency against stronger opponents comes in no small part from his mastery of Form III lightsaber combat. Also known as Soresu, this form focuses on predominately on defence and allows the user to remain alive until an opponent fatigues or, as is more likely when fighting a sith lord, becomes enraged and makes a mistake. For someone as disciplined and technically gifted as Kenobi, Soresu can become a very effective strategy and while I'm not saying it would allow Obi-Wan himself to overpower Malgus, when combined with his own speed, dexterity and athleticism it would allow him to negate Malgus' strength advantage and allow his main strengths, force use, lightsaber skill and a brilliant tactical mind to come to the fore.

Debate Round No. 2


HenryF5 forfeited this round.


Force Abilities:

    • Throughout the prequel trilogy Kenobi demonstrates his ability to enhance his acrobatic abilities with force, making him able to jump great heights and distances. He has also used the force to enhance his endurance and durabiliy, which greatly complements his fighting style. It allows him to both evade opponents and take a hit if need be.

    • He is accomplished at using telekinesis to move objects and force push opponents.

    • He is strongly connected with the living force and can use it to connect with animals, as seen when he tames a large lizard like creature on Utapau in RotS and on Ryloth when he trained a group of Gutgurrs (

    • Kenobi is able to emply the use of the jedi-mind trick to avoid confrontation and manipulate his enemies.

    • His senses and emotions were also strongly connected to the force, enabling him to be a great tactition.

    • Perhaps the greatest demonstration of Kenobi's connection to the force is that he is able to live on as a force-ghost after death, showcasing just how connected to the force he is.

Debate Round No. 3


Force Abilities

Force Lightning:

-Darth Malgus has demonstrated adept use of this ability and has actually completely won duels by frying his enemies with it.
-He is able to not only use it effectively against others but has been able to withstand its blows without his ROBOTIC features even slowing. This takes a lot of force ability to protect himself against this.


-Malgus has also proven he can use the force as a tool to throw his opponents about like rag dolls.
-He also can move large objects such as boulders to bring his opponents down in a single strike.

Channeling the Force

-Malgus can fight for extremely long periods of time, as demonstrated by many of his duels, this is on account of his great strength COMBINED with his ability to use the force.
-He also is quite large, but is fast nonetheless because of his ability to use the Force effectively.

Lightsaber Skill and Technique


-Malgus has taken on nearly every kind of jedi imaginable. He has an exceptional ability to change his fighting style to suit the jedi he fights.
-Because of this he is adept at nearly all Dueling forms.
-The longer the battle is fought the better he fights which makes him extremely powerful.

I think Darth Malgus would eventually be able to overpower Obi-Wan because Obi-Wan fights longer duels.


Lightsaber combat is where Obi-Wan excels.

At the height of his power towards the end of the clone wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi was seen as the pre-eminent master of the seers form of lightsaber combat, giving him a virtually impenetrable defence. In his final battle with Grievous he is successfully able to repel four whirling lightsaber blades at once, waiting for the inevitable gaps in the defence to appear. Coupled with his incredible (and force enhanced) stamina, this enabled him to fight long duels, staying in the fight until his enemy either tired or made a mistake.

Against Savage and Maul, Kenobi demonstates his profiency in Jar'Kai, or duel saber combat. He retrieves the lightsaber of his fallen conrade, Adi Gallia and using two blades manages to withstand the attacks of two physically stronger opponents until he incapcitates savage and forces them to flee.

Kenobi is also a brilliant tactition, capable of changing his guard and approach as he adapts to a fight. When he relises he is in a losing position he adapts and makes use of his tremendous skill or acrobatic prowess to shift the fight. All in all Obi-Wan Kenobi is a tremendous duelist and at the height of his power would have been able to best even the famed sith lord Darth Malgus.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by HenryF5 2 years ago
Your move. I haven't been able to get my notifications. Very annoying, but I will post both my Force arguments and lightsaber skills in Round 4.
Posted by HenryF5 2 years ago
Oh wait! I actually meant Darth Malgus, sorry! It's really Obi-wan vs Darth Malgus. I always get those two mixed up! Again, I'm sorry.
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Reasons for voting decision: I'm not a big Star Wars junkie so I've no preconceived knowledge of opinions going into this. From what I gather from the arguments, Darth Malgus is stronger, more athletic and more durable... But ObiWan can use the force to boost his own athleticism to counter this... Even though they both have the force available to them. To the uninitiated it reads that a long fight is expected and both characters typically benefit as the fight draws longer.:. Malgus due to strength/durability, Obi due to skill. Reads like a stalemate. Long story short, voting Pro not so much due to the forfeit but because Pro didn't simply type "extend" upon seeing the forfeited turn, and instead made use of the free character space and continued to argue. I respect when debaters go for the proverbial jugular.