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Ocarina of Time Is Better Than Majoras Mask

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Started: 2/17/2016 Category: Games
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I believe that the Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time is a better game than Majoras Mask. I think Ocarina of time is a superior game in basically every aspect.


Majoras mask is a rich game in story and gameplay. it takes unique elements unlike any other zelda game. in my perspective, it is better
Debate Round No. 1


Ocarina of Time is arguably the best videogame ever made. The gameplay was revolutionary and set the bar for games to come. The platforming, the z-targeting combat, the open world exploration, etc... Majoras Mask did very little to expand the gameplay of OOT. To be fair, Majoras Mask was made in a very small timeframe, but the gameplay is still very much the same. Other than mask items and the tedious timer theres not much that has changed in terms of overall gameplay.

In terms of story, Ocarina of Time wins by a landslide. It is The Legend of Zelda. A timeless coming of age fairy tale. Its a light hearted adventure full of twists and turns that does not disappoint. Majoras Mask just tried to be as weird and surreal as possible to cover up the fact that there isn't much to the story beyond its premise. OOT also had better characters.

Link is a better character in OOT because he literally and figuratively grows as a person. Unfortunately in Majoras Mask you have to play as kid Link the whole time. Ganondorf is also a much better villain than Majora. Ganon actually had motivation whereas majora is just a crazy villain who is evil just because. Sure Ganondorfs motivation is clich" in the fact that he wants to rule and have power, but at least its something. And in Majoras Mask Zelda isn't even there. I mean the title of the game is the legend of Zelda, you'd think she would play a role in the story. While Zelda isn't in Majoras Mask, she plays a big role in Ocarina of time. And she should, because its the legend of ZELDA.

The music is also one of best parts of OOT. Majoras Masks music was again, just trying to be weird, creepy, eerie etc... And I will admit, Majoras Mask did succeed in delivering weird, eerie music but so did OOT. The Forest temple and the Shadow temple boasted creepy soundtracks as well. But you also had more light-hearted music such as "Kakariko Village", "Kokiri Forest", "Castle Town", "Hyrule Field". And lets not forget the masterpiece "Gerudo Valley". Overall theres just much more memorable music in OOT.

Another big part of Zelda is the dungeons/bosses. The dungeons in OOT were fantastic. From the interesting forest temple, to the creepy shadow temple, to the infuriatingly difficult water temple, OOT had great dungeons. Not only are majoras masks dungeons less memorable, but there just less of them period. MM has only 4 dungeons, whereas OOT has 9. That's pretty substantial. As for bosses Ocarina of Time has some of the most iconic boss fights in gaming. Volvagia, Bongo Bongo, Twinrova were fantastic. And who could forget the iconic final battle with Ganon in the Ring of Fire. And once again Majoras masks bosses are less impressive and less of them in general (only 7 bosses). A giant fish and a giant goat aren't exactly the most memorable bosses.

Overall Ocarina of Time is a far better game than Majoras Mask in basically every aspect. MM is a great game, however not as great as OOT.


I know this isn't internet hyperbole etiquette, but I want to give proper respect to Ocarina of Time. Without it and its revolutionizing the Zelda template for 3D, Majora's Mask wouldn't exist. It informs everything about Majora " from the basic controls and moment-to-moment gameplay down to many of the art assets. It's a beloved classic, and a truly fantastic piece of game design.

A mere two years after Ocarina's release, Majora's Mask came on the scene. It was originally conceived of as a side story to Ocarina, a pseudo-sequel, and it was set in the bizarre parallel universe of Termina. Fans tend to love it and call it their favorite, or hate it and go back to playing Ocarina. Structurally, it's the most innovative game in the series. No other Zelda " not even A Link Between Worlds, with its rental mechanic had the guts to mess with the core Zelda formula this much.

Majora's Mask has the player repeating the same three days over and over again, until you have everything in place to finally defeat the main antagonist, the skull kid. A giant, menacing moon threatens to crash down and end the world " and it does, like clockwork, on every third day.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, Majoras Mask is wierd, it's different etc..... However you've said nothing about why the game is good or more importantly better than Ocarina of time. Most Majoras mask fans say the same things. "It's dark, it's different, it's wierd". Yeah sure the games wierd, but that means absolutely nothing when comparing it to the timeless classic Oot. And Other than the game being wierd, the formula isn't as different as people say. You play as link, a villain shows up, the land is threatened, people are in distress, link must find new items, link must beat dungeons, link must beat bosses, and in the end link beats the villain and saves the world. This is ocarina of time, this is twilight princess, this is link to the past, it's basically the basic Zelda story structure. Also the fact that some fans claim Majoras Mask is "dark" makes me laugh. I mean how am I supposed to think the game is dark and serious when the " impending danger " is a moon with a face on it. That's not scary, that's absolutely hilarious.


retrogamerguy forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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If I accept, will you make sure not to forfeit?
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Well it's open in if you want to.
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ooohhh I'm willing but this is just such a subjective topic.
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