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Odd even days car formula will be success full in reducing pollution in Delhi for long run

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Started: 1/1/2016 Category: Society
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In my point of view only odd even days car formula would not be long lasting effect on pollution because it has lots of exemptions. And we should also measure the contribution of the cars in total pollution. Because cars are not only factor for high pollution level in Delhi. How we would control to burning of wastage in open. what are the measures Government would take to stop pollution from constructions site.


I agree that there is other factors involved in causing the pollution. The pollution is fed also by construction dust, ash from crop waste burned in nearby farming areas and sand from the Thar desert. But Delhi has an estimated 7.5 MILLION registered vehicles, including many that run on highly polluting diesel. That is equivalent to about 19.64 pounds of carbon PER CAR. A tree can only absorb 48 pounds of carbon A YEAR. And even though there are exceptions it applies to government/civil service vehicles, women ( better if it was for pregnant women or women transporting children only ), sick people, and motorcycles. All reasonable exemptions and would be even better if at least the government/civil service vehicles and motorcycles bought in the city were either electric or ran on biofules only.

Though it will HELP decline the pollution it is not a means to an end but along with other programs that the government will be putting in place such as plans to shut down one of the oldest and least-efficient power plants, a temporary ban on the sale of large diesel vehicles, a stiff toll for pollution-spewing trucks entering the Indian capital, the Supreme Court earlier this month also banned trucks from entering the city if they are over 10 years old, PLUS taxis have to switch to compressed natural gas by March 31, all TOGETHER will reduce pollution in Delhi for the long run. May be not to WHO standard of 20 but with an average PM2.5 levels for New Delhi at well over 297, 15 times the minimum standard, its a start and you got to start some where. Japan, Paris, Bejing, and other cities have implemented such measures now and in the past to combat city smog/pollution to success. The problem was that once the pollution cleared it was back to business as usual and inevitably the pollution came back so critics ( gasoline companies and those media/scientists backed by them ) used that as a negative, not following the logic that where there is burning there is smoke aka burning fossil fuels = pollution

A step further and even better would be to convert ALL the cars to electricity or biofuels, especially biofuels that are made from used cooking oil as India and many countries are greatly fond of fried food and with their warm climate biofuels are easy to maintain as cold weather freezes biofuels and cost extra to heat to be made usable. America could become a leading energy exporter if we converted all the used cooking oil we produce everyday into biofuel, instead of us depending of foreign oil and paying others to import, especially since it is a proven fact that oil levels are dwindling and will eventually all dry up.
Debate Round No. 1


No doubt Idea is good but does not seem to be perfect to reduce the pollution level. This idea is better to reduce the traffic level and make Delhi Jam free. Because there are lots of exemptions provided by Government so ultimately after some time when public passion will come down they will try to utilize these loop holes more and more. On very first day it help to reduce 10% level and after 8 pm pollution level was several times of routine levels. So what ever it will reduce in day time, it will become more worse in evening so everything would be null and void. And the way government advertising it look like just matter of 15 days. After 15 days no need of such rules. So in my point of view this formula is made in hurry and more politically motivated rather than benefit of Public.


I agree on those points but it is that attitude that, ' he's not doing it so why should I " and " it only make a little difference why put in the effort " and " I don't want to be inconvenienced " is what has gotten a planet into such a crapper in the first place. If the Indian govt can hold out caving into companies and consumers greed/need for convenience sake it can make a difference.

The 15 days is because it is a trail period as each city following this program has other factors particular to each city contributing to it pollution in total. If a cost analysis reduction in pollution levels satisfies their Paris agreement commitment, it is highly likely they will either full time implement the program or they will at least do it throughout the year in order to meet their goals and then will have long term success in reducing pollution levels.
Debate Round No. 2


i do agree with some of your points but this 15 days trial is nothing more than a political stunt and i am sure that after 15 days Delhi government going to blame to central government for not supporting to this program for long time. Neither politician not public would follow and work strictly on these rules. Indians have a wrong perception of freedom in mind. They do not want to remain with their own limit.

I am hopeful that Paris summit would also work properly because i still have doubt on developed countries regarding the same. Power full and developed countries do not want to reduce their own carbon emission but want to restrict developing countries.


Whether or not it is a political stunt is beside the point ( though I totally agree it is most likely probably 95% sure a political stunt lol ). It is about whether the program can successfully reduce pollution for the long run, which following logic it can/will if followed. Less cars spewing smog, kicking up dust in Delhi, will reduce pollution in Delhi. For those 15 days the pollution will reduce, it has been proven as a successful formula in other cities before, so if it is extended, it stand to mind that as long as the program is in place and those cars are kept from burning fossil fuels, there will be less pollution in the air. Political agendas are separate from the science.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Kanika.2000 2 years ago
I dont think it is going to work very well. No doubt that in the long run it will be beneficial, but if after 15 Jan they make this permanent ,people will be very frustrated. They will buy new cars or take measures to change their number plates which will ensure that the pollution levels remain the same if not increase. I think it is right to enforce this decision every now and then when the pollution levels increase in order to maintain a balance.
Posted by Sam7411 2 years ago
Well so far everyone is obliging, but let's see how that'll last over some months
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Reasons for voting decision: Con had made a few assertions easily rebutted by pro. No sources for anyone, grammar was about the same. Each had good conduct. As a critique for Con, you need to argue your point and not just have a discussion. Your point was about cars, do not inject factories etc. Discuss miles not cars. It doesn't matter if it's 1 car or 100000 cars the same miles need to be covered. Cutting the number of cars in half only means each car needs to go twice as far. Good point on traffic/idle time, show the problem are the poorly timed lights not the number of cars. Discuss lack of emission systems to control pollution and the type of gasoline. Work on proving your point. Keep up the fight you'll get it :)