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Oil production is causing environmental issues which requires a change

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Started: 9/30/2014 Category: Economics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Oil Production is highly subject to accidents and mistakes as shown in north Dakota's boom which documented more then 1,000 accidents in 2011. (1) Exposed oil causes tragedies in even the people that use it. Humans can be effected in, but not limited to, Rashes, chronic headaches, lung disease, organ damage, and nervous system damage. (2) I conclude that oil drilling and the support of all products maintained by oil are causing massive destruction towards the Earth and we, as the human race, must start a dramatic shift towards renewable resources to power our living standards.



Since China and Russia will not abide by any rules for change in order to protect the environment from damage resulting from the use of oil, and if the USA were wiped off the map today, oill damages would probably get worse since the USA leads in safety and environmental protection. The only change that wiill succeed is when Jesus Christ Himself returns and subdues the nations who are turned agaisnt God. Sadly, the USA in its leadership has become one of those nations. The Muslims, The Communits, The Hinduistic nations, the Pagan nations......God will tear down all ungodly governments. Untill then, crying about the damages of the oil industry won't do you any good. Thank God that the USA cares enough to try to put safety measures and environmental protections in place, but if you think China, Russia, and the Arab nations care anything about it you are nuts. They are laughing at the USA and expecting the USA to fall from power completely soon....and when that happens, environmental damages from the oil industry will be the least of your concerns.
Debate Round No. 1


Rather then hope for a shift from China and Russia, I would enjoy seeing America take a stand and step out on a limb to try and find a way to make energy come from electricity supported by renewable resources such as wind, solar, geothermal, and water. Geothermal, by itself, has an estimated potential to support at least 10% of today's electrical needs. (1) This is, of course, using technology we have today which I hope to see always improving. The U.S. per day uses about 18.89 million barrels. (2) Approximating 117,538,000 households, we can assume each house uses 4.8 million barrels of oil a month. Latest current price, of 9/22/2014, each barrel costs $91.46 making it about $439.01/month for each house.(3) Energy, on the other hand, measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), is much lower in price/household average. Each household uses 903 kWh/month and average U.S. price is $.106/kWh making it a monthly cost of $96.62.(4)(5)



The US is already doing those things, and is the only nation doing those things, and it is extremely cost ineffective.
You did a fine job of showing costs of oil. Now look at the cost of erecting a wind turbine and maintaining it, along the the multitudes of endgangered and threatened birds that get killed by the fans, and you can see why progress toward using renewable sources of energy is slow. The exessive costs of contruction and maintainance of those things is prohibitive.

China and Russia are enemies of the USA who plan on a world where the USA has no power to stop them from taking all of the worlds oil for themselves to use in developement of their soicieties and war machines. The insane spending of the USA as it goes impossibly deeper into debt wtih China will lead to the collapse of the US Dollar and the US economy and our enemies are chomping at the bit as they wait to unleash their horses on the world when the US becomes unalble to hinder them. While the USA throws money to the windmills and burns huge piles of money being the only nation to make any attempt to curb problems of fossil fuel use, China and Russia ignore all calls to self-control as they seek nothing but world dominance and laugh at the USA for being so dumb allowing them to build their wealth and militiaries with no regard for the environment. War is coming and the USA will proababy be in no position to fight back when our electic grid is knocked out and everything falls into chaos. Only Jesus Christ can make the cnanges to stop mankind from destroying each other and the world.

What you are saying in calling for more and more controls on the oil industry and more and more development of renuable energy use which you can easily document as being many times more costly than oil (and don't forget the oil and coal powered industry that is needed to built the windmills and tattereries and piping for geothermal) I am not against using thiese things, but realistically, the push to throw more and more money to the wind and bury more and more money in geothermal is only going to sink the US economy further while our enemies, including the muslims, wait for the moment to attack us when they can do enough damage to prevent our military from stopping them from taking over our land and binging and end to America.

Only Jesus Christ can make the changes needed because if all the nations of the world are not stopped from their progression toward wars which will destroy 90 percent of the worlds population and animals, pressuring the oil industry to go out of bisiness in America will do absolutely no good. China will be more than happy to gobble up whatever oil they can get their hands on, and let the huge clouds of emissions drift over america.

The changes you are calling for are not realistic.
Debate Round No. 2


JayDiamond forfeited this round.


Well, again, it looks like my opponent was scared off by the strnegth of my arguments. I hope he is ok and still with us, and not burning in Hell.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
You could always move to Antartica. There is almost no human activity there at all.
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