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On Balance, Free Trade benefits the United States.

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Started: 3/29/2016 Category: Economics
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I will be arguing the pro side, that free trade is beneficial to the United Statesl. If you accept the debate, you will be arguing the con side.

1. First Round is for acceptance only
2. 8000 character maximum
3. 24 hours to prepare and submit a round


I accept the argument. I will be arguing that free trade while in SOME cases in beneficial, in most it's not. Have a great debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Free Trade is the epitome of a capitalist globe. The United States is no longer alone in it's strides to make capitalism prevalent throughout the world. Free trade is beneficial for the following reasons.

I. Spreads Capitalism throughout the world

II. Keeps the United States economy up to date

III. Provides better for the poor

I.Free trade spreads Capitalism
A prime example of how free trade has shaped countries today is china. China is the United State's most active trade partner, and over the last 30 years or so, we have seen China completely change regarding it's economic system. In 1976, China instituted "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics." Obviously judging by what happens in the coming years, it is apparent that these "Characteristics" were more a cover up for simple characteristics that would make China more accessible to other countries for trade, hence the explosion in economic growth that would follow. China converting from socialism to capitalism is the direct opposite direction that would be expected based off thinking such as Karl Marx's. How this is beneficial for the US, is that the United States benefits from an open market on the global scale. Communism is a synonym for isolationism, leaving the United States out of the scheme on the global scale. This would then put an end to American values at the global level which is a positive for US businesses.

II. Keeps US economy up to date
A free market economy is always changing to meet the demands of a consumer. "Fair Trade" is simply an idea put in place to protect these jobs that are simply out dated in the first place. The free market would not be able to support these outdated jobs anyway. So they don't go over seas because people in the US still would not purchase the goods. Therefore Free Trade does not take jobs away, rather it just keeps the economy current as the job market is always changing.

III. Provides better for the poor
Free Trade Benefits the poor man more than the rich man. To the poor man, raw goods need to be cheaper so this person can afford more. To the rich man however, a tariff would be OK because he could still afford the goods with a tariff in place. Tariffs shrink the middle class by making goods more expensive for the poor and by decreasing competition. The rich man thrives in this situation because he spends roughly the same on goods as he was before compared to his overall wealth, yet soars above everyone else because he has a much larger percentage of his wealth remaining than the poor man.


Yeeet2016 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


people shouldn't forfeit


Yeeet2016 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


That's not how I see trade at all. Considering that you're for free trade and for a system that we've had in place before do you not see the flaws of it? Do you not see the billions of dollars we pwe to China? Do you not sed their devaluation of their currency? As a supreme power in the world the only way to show other countries we are the supreme power is to stand up for ourselves. When China, Japan etc manipulate their currency we need to do something about it. We need to issue a tariff on their goods or at least threaten to use a tariff. While this might raise prices for domestic goods, it shows countries like Japan and China that we won't take what their giving us. And what their giving us is debt and slow economic growth. Regarding your idea that we should keep jobs back in this country i agree. We need to remove regulation on small businesses while lowering the corporate tax. This doesn't mean letting China do whatever they want regarding their currency. We can't be a nation like the rest. We need to seperate our selves and prove to the world we are the leaders. Our GDP is the slowest it's ever been, because people like Obama don't know how to compete with other coumtries. Using your tactic of "let's keep getting ripped off by other countries" not only won't work, but it hasn't worked. Also yes, I am aware that an overwhelming use of tariffs can damage and even kill a country. If we issue a tarrif they issue one as well. It's a never ending circle. But implying a simple tariff's on a particular good in let's say china is beneficial. Putting a 20% tax on a company's goods if they leave the country will deter them from leaving. They will have no reason to leave if we have a lower corporate tax, less regulation and more spending in the government but lets just say they do. This tax or tariff would result in an immediate response from that company who would come flying back to the country it came from The United States of America. It's way past the time where we stick up for ourselves and let every other country know what were about. We're about small business and a growing economy. Not a restricted regulated small business with a broken economy. It's time we stand up to China, end corporate inversion and create a dynamic economy that works for everyone again.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by bballcrook21 2 years ago
I can tell Con supports Trump.
Posted by Yeeet2016 2 years ago
Sorry for adding my reply so late. My bad.
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