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On balance, Donald Trump's presence in the presidential race is good for the United States

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Started: 11/20/2015 Category: Politics
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Anyone who wants can accept, but please be prepared for an interesting argument. I'm going to attempt to lay out my general argument here, con should do so in their first argument also, most likely refuting my arguments too. I'll be using some debate jargon but explaining it so the debate is intelligible for everyone. Sources are of course nice, but hey common sense arguments can always work so don't think you have to source everything, and I ask everyone to only consider sources if something is presented that is more than common sense.
Round 1: Opening arguments, anything goes
Round 2: Continuing arguments, anything goes but this is your last chance at new arguments
Round 3: Pure rebuttal, feel free to respond to arguments/support your own but please refrain from new arguments.
Round 4: Final rebuttal, use this to sum up the debate in your benefit and frame all of the arguments, analyze why you won. Avoid new arguments.

The resolution is that the fact that Donald Trump is running for president is good for the United States. My argument in support of this is predicated on the fact that the policies of the Republican Party, hereon abbreviated GOP, would hurt the US, and Trump ensures that no Republican will become president. I don't support Trump, and that he is a bad candidate actually supports my claims, as you will soon see. So now let's move onto my points.

Contention 1: Harms, or what's wrong about the status quo. My harms are that the GOP's candidates have detrimental policies and that the GOP would have had one central candidate likely to win the 2016 election. For the detrimental policies I will start by focusing on foreign policy, though any GOP policy can be considered if needed. This article: the flaws in foreign policy for the GOP. Namely, the Republican candidates tend towards wanting war and acquiring alliances with excessive numbers of countries, even though this has no benefit for the US. They support the atrocious invasion of Iraq by George W. Bush and blame ISIS on Obama. Clearly these candidates have no idea what they're doing when dealing with the world, if given presidency the US would be doomed. However, without Trump the GOP was set to claim the white house. As recent history shows, "after two terms in the White House, Americans tend to elect the opposing party. The one exception to this rule since World War II was George H.W. Bush, and even then, he was removed from office after just one term.", these policies would have been enacted.

Contention 2: Solvency, or that Trump's presence solves the above harms. According to this article,'s candidacy is having the effect of causing Latino disdain for the GOP. Thus, the likelihood of the GOP gaining a candidate in office is highly unlikely. Trump's controversial comments have tainted the reputation of the GOP and many are far less likely to want to vote for whoever, comes out on top, Trump or no. Additionally, if Trump continues to hold the GOP vote, he will never be elected president by any by the minority who support him, not nearly enough to become elected. There is no chance of the GOP having a president in office.

Therefore, since the GOP holding office would be detrimental to the US, and Trump prevents this with his unpopularity, Trump is beneficial to the US.


Hello readers, friends….comrades… The resolution before us is relatively simple.

On balance Donald trumps presence in the presidential race is good for the united states.

I will make the claim that it is not.


Donald Trump is a megaphone for stupidity, injustice, and evil. ( AKA The Republican Party) ( not good for the US)

He is gifting the GOP the next election. If people could see through his nonsense then we would expect him to be low on the polls, yet as he often brags he has been on top.

Donald trump likely due to his charisma, popularity and perhaps skilled use of rhetoric has been able to create a persona of a brash, successful, tell it like it is, intelligent person with a get it done attitude who simply wants to make America great again…Sadly looking at recent polls it seems average folk seriously believe this fabricated demagoguery.

Second. And lastly.

This on balance is bolstering the credence of the GOP party, as alluded to earlier it seems that Americans are drawn to his rhetoric, again citing the polls.

Thus in conclusion, and as Pro stated in the first round, on balance GOP policies are detrimental and not good for America, thus since Trump is significantly helping the GOP’s chances of winning….

The resolution is negated.- Vote CON.
Debate Round No. 1


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Debate Round No. 2


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Sir_Shadow 1 year ago
Presidential race refers to candidates 'racing' to become president.


How do you misread that XD
Posted by DB8 1 year ago
It's really ignorant to call the presidents a race, it's almost as bad as calling prostitute a gender.
Posted by Nivek 1 year ago
He once called George W. Bush "Baby Stuff". Lmao, you have to admit, he has style.
Posted by Jonbonbon 1 year ago
Shitty conspiracies is my new favorite subreddit.
Posted by altair47 1 year ago
Lol Jonbonbon pretty much I guess
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