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On balance, people who act obscenely/ are disruptive should not be treated as respectfully.

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Started: 8/16/2014 Category: Society
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Impossible to accept. comment if you want to debate. 1st round acceptance only. constructive cases only. Good luck!


Oh my, what a Catch 22. This debate is all about behavior like mine (well, to anyone that has more than a hate and love switch attached to their brain, they can see that my 'unappealing' nature is admirable compared to say some of the real buffoons out there). Therefore I can either listen to the redundant man and his 'acceptance' rule, or I can break it by being "disruptive", while also at the same time being "productive", hence there's a button that says "accept", so what is the point of fearing that your opponent has "an edge" - I never fear this because nobody on here is worth being taught by; hell, the people on this site could learn a lot from a turd still, for an example: 1) The turd floats when it's healthy and sinks when it's not healthy, so when you're sinking below other people (which is why you whine and say someone is better than you), it's because you have a lot to learn from the turd, 2) The turd is one of the important symbols of in with the new; out with the old, but considering that you're lazy and resort to sarcasm and your own desire that lasts temporarily, you're not taking in the new - you're not freeing yourself from your old habits, which is to say that you are a very ancient turd, 3) The turd offends people, but it's something that they produce themselves, however they judge other people's turds forgetting their own turd, which is called a Disloyal Flush.

How strange, I managed to argue the redundant man by simply making fun of him. Then again, people that don't kill off their old habits are nothing except predictable. Here's a principle: "He who must toil with a toilet has toiled with the wrong toilet."

Flush or fold, that is the question and the answer. After all the fecal matter you've throne, we may need the ace of spades!

Aerogant: "Combining two entirely irrelevant topics, bringing it together to flush out ancient turds since ever."
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for your time, Aerogant, even though you disregarded the acceptance round and the "constructive cases only" request.

Since the rules of this debate have already been broken, I'd like to refute one of the statements Con is making. He states that "1)The turd floats when it's healthy and sinks when it's not healthy, so when you're sinking below other people (which is why you whine and say someone is better than you), it's because you have a lot to learn from the turd". What he fails to realize is that floating stools are a sign of high fat content, which can indicate malabsorption, a condition in which you can't absorb enough fat and other nutrients from the food you"re ingesting. It"s associated with celiac disease or chronic pancreatitis. Therefore, his 1st contention is negated and he cannot use that analogy, because it has been proven that in actuality, floating stools are actually "not healthy."

With that being said, I do think that people who act obscenely should not deserve to be treated as respectfully, whether it's their appearance, or it's the way they act. People need to realize that these factors will influence the way people will perceive them. If you choose to present yourself, or act in a way that is obscene or disrespectful to people, these people should not have to treat you with as much respect. They will respect you again if you can clean up your act first. Vote Affirmative.


I will give everyone a deal; they can attack me for being disrespectful and arrogant, after they attack the actual disrespectful and arrogant types: prideful parents, prideful children, authorities, patriots, business dogs, politicians and presidents.

Until then, I am invincible within these double standards. You cannot disagree with me without resorting to hypocrisy.

You think I am the tragedy? Life is the tragedy. I'm just role-playing it for everyone else.

I do not care what people think of me, as long as they do not care about the world they exclude in responsibility. People are lazy cowards that want you to respect them for doing nothing - absolutely nothing with their lives, while judging everyone else's lives. They are nothing - they will always be nothing. Think I went too far? Nonsense. Every leader of every country is the sole reflection of our fellow men's current status - considering our leaders are running our country into the ground with greed and power is a great start. We vote them in by believing their promises because the fellow men today are nothing except impressionable sheep that wonder why passionate men like me do not care about their well-being when they are the ones that let that go years ago. While I am the bad guy for speaking the cold truth - people are more than idiots - they are accomplices to every error in the history of mankind. Wars? Wouldn't have happened if people weren't so easily herded. Serial killers? Wouldn't have happened if people weren't so fake and easily manipulated, wondering what happened to what they thought to be the nicest man in the world they could trust. People today seem to have focused more on their inner lemming instead of focusing on their way of living.

Yes, keep asking for respect and courtesy, while I look at the face of this society built on lies and broken promises, blood and the death of our families. You are the child that worries more about their feelings over the futures we are losing day by day as this world continues to accelerate into its last moments. You'd think the people would learn from what happened to Rome, but frankly people do not understand that stupidity is dark matter - it doesn't matter if you seen the mistake before - as long as you convince yourself that what you're doing is not the same as what they were doing, it's futile. The only way for people to accept their calamity is to be crushed metaphysically until they realize that they are nothing - they are a joke - they are the sole reason why this world is going to hell. I will continue to make people feel bad and the pain they denied throughout their life for temporary desires, while wondering why everything is on fire decades later doing absolutely nothing with their opaque lifestyles.

I see this world for what it is - you and others see the world for what you want it to be. In turn, you want me to respect and be polite.

Man does not fake passion.

Man always fakes politeness.

Welcome to hell, children
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by rross 3 years ago
@SenatorZhen, not really. I suppose it comes down to what respect is FOR. Do you see respect as a kind of tip we give people which they forfeit through boorish behavior? I've always been a bit mystified by the way US men especially talk about respect so much. I've never been exactly sure what you mean. For the purposes of this debate, I took it to mean good manners, but I have a feeling that's not quite right.
Posted by SenatorZhen 3 years ago
@rross- my argument is that if you present yourself in an obscene or disruptive way, you shouldn't deserve to be treated with the same amount of respect as someone who isn't obscene. Does that make more sense?
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
Are you sure? I'm considered to be obscene and disruptive, therefore I apply. Today's society does make truth seem like the new hate speech, so I can understand the complications.
Posted by SenatorZhen 3 years ago
Aerogant, I don't think you really understand that this isn't about you. It's about people who intentionally sag pants, have no manners, and use copious amounts of profane language etc.
Posted by YYW 3 years ago
I will gladly take this.
Posted by Aerogant 3 years ago
Yeah, treat me differently. I don't mind a challenge - I will earn my respect by showing just how much those who automatically get it are worth nothing.
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Vote Placed by CodyLTJames 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Cons conduct was poor.
Vote Placed by rross 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Thank you for this interesting debate! What's does "constructive cases only" mean? I just couldn't decide who had won. Pro's argument didn't make sense, and Con said that site members could learn from turds, which seemed disrespectful somehow (conduct). The turd point was beautifully rebutted by Pro (sources - I never knew that!) but this point was not central to the main topic and so did not really impact on arguments.