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On the spot speech

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Started: 1/17/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I read a "debate" on this site by surpy and InsertNameHere and thought it was a really good idea. So I want to re debate it.
Each post has to be a speech based on one of three topics suggested by the opponent.
When my opponent accepts he/she will suggest 3 themes which can be anything from a colour to a type of memory. I will then choose one of those topics and write a speech on it. At the end of my speech I will then post 3 topics for my opponent to choose from and so on.
Hope this will be fun and good luck to my opponent.


Seeing as we are each permitted 12 hours to respond, these speeches must really be 'on the spot.' However, I still wish for my opponent to provide further explanation of the terms. Such as if we are permitted to use resources, if whatever we write must be of our own knowledge or believable though made up, etc. An example being if I were to ask you to give an 'on the spot speech' about the plot of Hamlet and if you knew nothing, would you be permitted to make up a believable story, like:

Hamlet is a play written by William Shakespeare set in a post-apocalyptic society that analyzes the animalistic tendencies of humankind. Some of the behaviors exhibited in the novel include cannibalism, idiosyncratic tendencies for violence, blah, blah, blah.

Or if I were to ask you to speculate three different dystopian societies that could possibly exist and perhaps you didn't know what the word meant, you could make something believable up but would not be permitted to look up what dystopian means or any examples of society.

Correct me if I am wrong and elaborate fully on the terms prior to your 'on the spot speech' in the next round.

Your three topics that you may pick from:

Synopsis And Philosophically Analytical View Of The Novel, 'Pride & Prejudice'
Impact Of One Animated MTV Series From The 90's On Women (Negative Or Positive)
A Negative Analysis Of Positively Represented Religion In Widely Broadcast Pop Music

Debate Round No. 1


You may use sources if you wish although due to the type of debate I would ask voters not to take sources or lack of sources into account.
You are taking this far more seriously than it was intended however I will do my best with the topics you have provided.
A Negative Analysis Of Positively Represented Religion In Widely Broadcast Pop Music

I won't be specific since it is twenty to two in the morning and I can't be bothered researching. Looking at this in a more general view I really do believe that it is bad to portray and religion positively(or negatively) in pop music. Music is beautiful in it's own right because of the way it somehow connect people who are separated by things like religion. Music is an age old way to tell a story with out having to say a word. It soothes us when we are angry and brings a tear to a glass eye. It has the power to ignite feelings in us created by the composer. We feel his love, his pain, his anguish. We are at his mercy. With pop music being one of the biggest sought after genres in modern music this power can become a dangerous weapon. We should not let any religion or belief be advertised by a media that has such a long history with human emotions. Especially when this media is easily available to young children. If a belief of this importance is going to be installed in anyone it should be done by human being speaking to another human. Sometimes a religion has the power to make or break your life. It can decide your fate. Never should two things this powerful ever become mixed. We are far to susceptable to our emotions and we value our beliefs too highly for this to be a coalition that is benificial.

1) Love and hate are unavoidably entwined
2) Harry Potter should bring the wizarding world out of hiding and tell the muggles everything
3) Palestine should be given statehood


WriterSelbe forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


That is very unfortunate.
I will not post anything in this round so that my opponent has the opportunity to re post her speech for round two in round three. If this happens then voters should not judge on the fact thaat she forfieted that round.


I thank my opponent for his consideration and his clarification. Unfortunately, I didn't have access to the computer this morning or after eight o'clock last night until this moment.

Love And Hate Are Unavoidably Intertwined

Love and hate are both feelings that are developed through observation, interaction, and/or little to thorough knowledge of a subject or person. Both cannot be developed or achieved with particular partiality. Because of this, the two are unavoidable. Knowledge of another's existence or personality forces one to develop a feeling/opinion for another: hate, impartiality, love. All of these feelings are products and dividends of each other. These feelings cannot exist without the other. The reason is because the two - love and hate - are polar opposites, yet exactly the same, as they are products of passion. With passion for anything, one has feelings of strong liking or strong disliking - love and hate. These reasons are why love and hate are unavoidably entertwined.


1. Relevance Of Graphic Design In The USA
2. An Analysis Of The Novel, 'The Book Of Lost Things'
3. The Harms Of Homosexual Relationships On Society

I would like to point out that these are only topics, not beliefs.

Debate Round No. 3


Your still taking this more seriously than it was intended to be.

Relevance Of Graphic Design In The USA
Graphic design - the use of pictures to represent words (road signs etc)
With the USA being home to so many nationalities language barriers are a problem. We cannot make someones life here difficult and possibly put them in dangerous situations when all it takes is a simple picture. Even those born in our own country ccould be at risk if these images did not surround us. We have many, many people in our country who struggle with reading and writing. It is inhumane to marginalise people to the effect that they may be put in danger.

1) We have in inalienable right to love
2) Scotland should have independence
3) Looney Tunes should be banned


I thank my opponent for his respone.

Looney Tunes Should Be Banned

Imagine a world where a hunter's pursuit of his kill was permitted to physically damage public property and surroundings without punishment or fee. Imagine a world where it was permitted for one to shoot within city limits. Both of these seem like horrible scenarios, but in the show Looney Tunes, that we freely show our children and the population, both are allowed. In fact, the two actions are laughed at. Seeing as television is influential to our children, seeing a man obsessively hunt an animal without regard for the property or safety of others is a horrible thing to let our children watch. A television show says that wearing a particular coat is what is popular, so we all do it. A television show says it is funny to consistently shoot at an animal within city limits and damage the property of others. No one wants anyone to do that. The show makes light of harmful behaviors to animals and other human beings. Therefore, the show Looney Tunes should be banned.


The Usefulness Of Alpacas
Dangers Of Christmas Caroling
Analysis Of The Philosophy Of A Serial Killer
Debate Round No. 4


Analysis Of The Philosophy Of A Serial Killer
The Life of Charles Albright
There's a dead rabbit in my hand. Mum'll help me stuff him later. I say mum, I mean the one who adopted me. It has to be buttons for eyes though. Glass ones are too expensive. To hell with that. One day I'll get whatever I want.
Can't believe you would do that. Blah blah blah. Stealing! Your only 13. I never raised you like this. She knows nothing. Just keeps nagging at me. I don't see why it was so wrong. The cops do nothing either. They're too stupid. Maybe I could find another rabbit to stuff this afternoon.
Damn! I can't get into university. No I can. I can. I just have to figure out how. I can get whatever I want remember. I know what I'll do. I'll just forge the signatures. They're all too stupid to figure out if anything is wrong. It's perfect.
Jail! I don't believe it. God how did I let those idiots catch me! They took my guns off me and everything. Both my hand guns and my rifle. Calm down. I'll be out of here in a year. I can wait then it's back to doing whatever I want.
Hahaha! They expelled me from collage. Everyone has a bee in their bonnet about stealing. I don't see what their problem is I wanted it so I took it. No matter. I'll just forge the certificates. Might even give myself a masters degree.
That's twice they've caught me with forged checks and probation again. I really can get away with anything. The wife is getting worked up about it. Wants a seperation apparently. Screw her. I did and I got a daughter out of it. Such a pretty little thing. Alyaws the little ones that are the prettiest.
Probation again! This is too good to be true. For screwing the neighbours daughter too. This just proves it I can get whatever I want. No one is going to stop me now. I'll take all the pretty little things I like.
Got Dixie paying all the bills now. Sweet little thing she is. Sweet but stupid just like the rest of them. I fell the need to go see one of those prostitutes. Might see one I like. Their easy prey too. Give ma all the love and attention I want. Give me anything I want. Tomorrow then. The paper round can be my cover story. This is all too easy.
Got the eyes in a little tub. My trophy. I took them out perfectly. Just like mum taught me with the rabbits when I was little. Shot in the back of the head like the bitch she is. I hear it's human to kill them like that. Ha! It's easy that's what it is. Let her keep her t-shirt, she might get cold in hell.
Got my trophy again. Removed perfectly of course. Shot this one through the heart too. Dunno why just felt right. The police are completely stumpted. Stupid. What I've said all along. This just proves it. The bitch pulled out some of my hair. Ha that can be her trophy. Won't do her any good though.
This one was fiesty. Almost damaged my trophy. Removed them though. Broken nose and all those bruises. Just felt like a bullet should join them. I always get what I want.
Took them months and all they can get me for is the last one. They really are stupid. Got me in here for life apparently. I'll get round it ,I always do. I always get what I want.
Charles Albright was put on trial for the murders of three prostitutes. After a life of crime and getting let off lightly I believe he thought he was superior to the police. We might never understand fully why he done such horrific things but he has been given the sentence of life without parole so he is no longer a danger to our society.

1) The TV series "Lip Service" was harmful to lesbians
2) In the "Jungle Book 2" Baloo should not have gone to the village
3) The Beatles were the best Pop band ever

I thank my opponent for her speeches and thank all those who read the whole thing and voted.
Vote Pro


The Beatles Were The Best Pop Band

Hailed as one of the most influential music groups of all time, the Beatles were a group that hailed mostly from the UK, though the members of the band had ranged tremendously so that many different people of nationalities were involved in it. Some of their more popular songs include 'A Day In The Life,' 'Let It Be,' 'Strawberry Fields Forever,' 'Hey, Jude,' and 'Come Together.'

The Beatles sales records are definitely a large feat on their part. The Beatles have the following achievements under their belts: Most Weeks On Chart (1,278), Most Number Ones By One Act (15), Total Weeks At Number One In One Year (40), Most Number One Albums In One Year (3), Album Spending The Longest At Number One (Please Please Me, 30 Weeks), Most Consecutive Weeks At Number One (Please Please Me, 30 Weeks), Most Consecutive Number One Hit Albums (7), First Ever Album To Debut At Number 1 (Help), Self-Replacement At The Top (2), Largest Total Number Of Weeks At The Top Of Album And Singles Act (45), Most Chart Domination At Any Time In History (3 Weeks: #1 and #2 Top Singles, #1 and #2 Top E.P.'s, #1 and #2 Top Albums), Only Double Wammy In History (Knocked Rolling Stones Off Singles And Albums Chart), Most Consecutive Christmas Number One Albums (3), Artists With Largest Album Sales In US (107,000,000 Approx.), and they have been awarded 14 Golden Albums in the UK, and Paul McCartney has been awarded 17 in the UK and 20 in the US.

Looking at best to mean most successful, their feats definitely place them as the best pop band as they have so many records sold and so many records broken.

I thank my opponent for this debate.
Debate Round No. 5
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