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One Direction is a better British boy band than The wanted

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Started: 4/10/2013 Category: Arts
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I say they are better because they have different voices but when they sing together they sound so rich. they have way more fans as well. to prove that I will see more people talk and wear one direction stuff. they have more hit song like what makes you beautiful, one thing, live while we're young, little things, etc. can anybody tell me different ?


Both One Direction and the Wanted Suck.... But You definitely must have bandwagon fever if you think One Direction is better than the Wanted. The Wanted are slightly better when it comes to quality of songs. It doesn't matter if One Direction has more fans than the Wanted, Nikki Minaj has more fans than any of these boy-bands, and she sucks... In fact She ruins the Techno industry with her evil lyrics and snarky personality. Justin Bieber, another crappy famous fad artist who sang songs about being desperate for a girl was picked up by Usher. But even Usher's tutelage didn't help Bieber grow from his desperate for a girl lyrics. Not even his ex Selena Gomez a pretty and great singer/actor change Bieber's lyric stories. So in the end its not about the amount of fans its the quality of the song.

In today's society a hit single means that the song doesn't have to be good, it just has to be catchy enough so the advertisers can sell it to the naive tweens and consumers. Talent is somtimes heard in the mainstream pop radio stations like 106.7, but usually it is used to advertise catchy horrible tunes of Nikki Minaj, One Direction, and the sometimes talented but mainly vengeful Taylor Swift. (she's a sweet singer and person, but one would do well not to get on her bad side just look at all the exes she humiliated with her songs...)

Now it might seem as though I'm not using The Wanted in my case that One Direction sucks, but One Direction sucks so bad that I don't even need to use them at all for support. Listening to The Wanted music makes me gag, but One Directions makes me want to barf last night's Dinner. (Yes you had to know so that I can emphasize) So instead I'm going to kick back relax and listen to a great song like look outrageous which provides for me comic relief, but the quality of the song is undiminished by their looks. On the Other hand One Direction sells their image more than The Wanted hence why their music stocks would take a hit if they tried to pull a stunt like this.
Debate Round No. 1


ok why did you bring up her i mean thats not part of the topic. so i say that one direction is better because of their looks. harry styles has nice curly hair and a wonderful smile ask any girl! liam payne has nice abs he has got a freaken six pack!!!!!! six pack ! HOT! louis tomlinson has the best eyes ever they are so dreamy. nial horan has the best laugh ever. zayn malik has the best style ever i mean the way he does the sexy no smile at camera thing is h-o-t hot!

about their fans they are famous in every country! so dont tell me they dont have any fans. they are most popular in their hometown and in the states and in australia. for twitter they have over a 7 million fans on twitter. remember not all their fans have twitters so that about 1/5 of their fans. they also have celeb fans like justin beiber, katey perry, demi lovato, big time rush,taylor swift,ed sheeran, kelly klarckson, etc.

when they were having their up all night tour concert they had sold 1.5 billion tickets in seven seconds. im not making this stuff up. i dont know about you but i have done research and learned a couple of things.

the best art about them is that they dont repeat the same words in the songs unlike the wanted. for example im glade you came, i mean thats all they say . i understand they need to do that evebody does that but still they sing to much and its cool at first but after a couple times you here that song your all like ughh again!!!! its kinda old and annoying!


It seems that you will not be convinced regardless, so I will now use Satire to show that One Direction sucks to the amusement of the readers, and take the rest of this debate in stride.
Disclaimer: I do not Endorse the jokes of the second video regarding women or mean any harm to those who may be offended by the video.

Comments regarding One Direction Fans from
"Directioners are very annoying they think that these 5 boys that look like they're 12 that I can sing better are the most perfect things ever. News for you, they're not. Directioners screw up other artist stuff and stalk 1 Direction. For example, the So Sick music video by Ne-Yo, a talented artist, was flagged with comments like " Niall sang this song" or "Thumbs up if you came here for Niall". That's rude to Ne-Yo and annoying. They should just keep 1 Direction comments on 1 Direction videos. How would you like it if we flagged your videos with Ne-Yo commits. Also they stalk 1 Direction. They know more about them then they know about themselves. They know facts like the exact moment they were born, have their 6th grade science fair projects, can name all their family members, friends, and classmates. Strange for a band with no talent."

For more visit

So now I pass it back to my opponent as these videos will suffice.
Debate Round No. 2


you know all those videos are fakes right not real news. oh and also you havent said anything about the wanted... just said they suck. how rude of you to bring up a fan like that and then judge them!!! who do you think you are judging other people! BULLY! if you someting mean to say keep it to yourself or dont speak at all.

i got to admit your videos are more funny than anything. im a directioner but i know thats just a bunch a crud. lol.

here is a parody of what makes you beautiful " math song" sorry if this disturbs anybody dont take this the wrong way but its kinda funny


When 1 face palm compilation doesn't cut it

Gasp!!! It seems that One Direction is also contributing to the death of the English Language for my opponent believes that Satire is supposed to be news. It seems that my arguments weren't read by my opponent since my opponent has continuously kept the subjective arguments without facts and still persists with it when I have sufficiently shown through Satirical videos, a forum showing the opinions of those exasperated with directioners and subjective opinions of the first round that One direction is in fact so horrible that it is worse than the Wanted. The wanted on the other hand are off the radar so they haven't been contributing to the garbage of today's pop culture, and the death of English (Good for the Wanted, for respecting their "native" language).

<For my opponent I have been sarcastic this entire time, and am horrified that I have to explain that I have been using trenchant and satirical arguments this entire debate>

Now then I shall post a good song to counter that abomination that is one direction. I'm certain there are readers of DDO who remembers the song Sweet victory or remember the old Spongebob bubbledome (when Squidward was actually successful) episode where Sweet Victory plays at the very end of the episode.

So my fellow DDO members vote for con, messenger of the disgruntled people who dislike one direction, defending the wanted with the motto the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and a man who has an eccentric taste in music. (This is all in jest for readers who take my arguments seriously)

Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by IchaNFTA 3 years ago
You just don't know about them! their songs, their fight to become like now. . don't judge if you don't know anything about them.
Posted by Rayze 4 years ago
Hey Massive Dump nice response, After all the whole point of my argument was to make it so idiotic and sarcastic that it can only be taken as something beyond satire.
Posted by MassiveDump 4 years ago
Posted by Rayze 4 years ago
The Disclaimer was correct, but the videos rearranged themselves so that the second video became the first. The System really likes to play sabotage sometimes.
Posted by BillyTheKids 4 years ago
Ha Raaaay
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