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One Piece is the greatest manga of all time

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Started: 5/6/2012 Category: Entertainment
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This is my first debate, so I want to use an easy topic to argue for. In this debate, I will contend that One Piece is the greatest manga of all time.

The guidelines are as followed:

1. We compare story lines, creativity, character development, artistic ability and popularity.

2. After my opening argument, if my opponent makes a compelling argument that another manga deserves the above title; then logically I lost the debate.

The first round is for acceptance only. Please do not troll during this argument and treat it as a lighthearted but serious debate. I look forward to crush anyone who is foolish enough to debate me.


I accept.

The Burden of Proof is shared. According to Pro he must prove that One Piece is the best manga of all time but to properly meet the requirements set by Pro I must then pick a manga that I believe is better than One Piece and support my point.

That being said, it is up to the voters to decide who has pleaded their case the best for their respective manga.

On to you Pro.
Debate Round No. 1


Mr.DeadBrownApple forfeited this round.


Apparently One Piece is not the greatest manga of all time since you have dropped the case.

I'll continue however with a brief overview of a manga I think is better.

Death Note

Story Line: The story line of Death Note is both engaging, involved, thrilling, unpredictable and witty. It's a mental thriller and puzzle to the very end. You don't find many stories as utterly entertaining to follow and figure out as you go along than in Death Note.

Creativity: With a host of mental geniuses, stratagy, death gods, random killings and an investigation unlike any other this manga has the creative bug like no other. The idea that you can kill with the flick of the wrist from anywhere is certainly as intreguing as it is unique. There is nothing else like it.

Character Development: The lovable and notable characters Light and L are both deep and lovable. Very few stories can create such an intense rivalry that will have you loving one and hating the other. The development, especially in their mental prowess, is powerful.

Popularity: Death Note is wildly popular here in the US as well as in its native Japan. There is a TV show in both English and Japanese, the Black Volume series of re-releases is coming out here in the US and in Japan the manga enjoys a large cult following who indulge in plenty of merchandise and role play. It is far more popular than One Piece.

Since my opponent made no effort at all I think this will suffice.
Debate Round No. 2


Mr.DeadBrownApple forfeited this round.



Thanks for playing chap.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kiddo 5 years ago
This was anti-climatic ._.
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Reasons for voting decision: Full forfeit by Pro. Lame.