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One should read a book before watching the movie it's based off of.

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Started: 1/28/2014 Category: Entertainment
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I will begin this debate by stating that while a movie is given the supremacy of visual stimulation, it is however limited in relations of needing to convey a story mainly through dialogue. Constructing that change from words to a visual in addition to dialogue is not as simple as it appears, above all when you are dealing with a book that has a great deal of internal dialogue, or that gives the reader understanding of a character"s mind. It is problematic for filmmakers to portray the central works of a character"s thoughts.


Have you seen the movies lately?

10 years ago, I probably would have agreed with you. Some things, I might still agree with on. But have you seen the movies lately?
Harry potter 1,2,3 were really awesome, so I read the books. Every Harry Potter afterward was a disapointment.

I haven't read Twilight, and I rejoice everytime Dakota Fanning's character dies at the end. My wife always seems confused during the scene because, "that's not what happened in the book."

I read Ender's Game long before they ever thought of making a movie, and took my mother-in-law with me to watch it. She felt excited the whole time she was watching it. I was just waiting for the end.

I'm really not sure why they even kept the same name on the Percy Jackson movies. I can't tell if the movies suck because they're stupid and have bad acting, or if they suck because I expected them to be as exciting as the books.

Apearently, it not only problematic for filmmakers to portrey thoughts, it's problematic for them to not make horrible movies that ruin books.
Debate Round No. 1


I see the point you have made. However you have to look at the other sides.

The movie could end up horrible. Perfect example, in my opinion, Eat Pray Love. Wonderful story of a woman finding herself on three major adventures. When you watch the movie, you see a lot of the main character's situations and a lot of loose ends are not tied up. Kind of like deleted scenes that never made it.

In some cases, the movie is enjoyable to watch the movie first, but nothing is more enchanting than where a story can take you. A story can exercise your imagination further, whereas a movie hand feeds someone elses visuals and imaginations. Not that that is a bad thing, but wouldn't it be nice to have read a book, transition what you've read to your your perceptions, and then compare based off of your knowledge?

I dare you to read "The Fault in Our Stars" by John Green and then go watch the 2 hour movie coming out this year.


Well, I agree that reading books is better for you than watching movies. It increases your vocabulary and your memory.

But movies and books aren't related. Every person should probably read a book and make thier own movie.
Debate Round No. 2


sarasmiles forfeited this round.


Josh_b forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Josh_b 3 years ago
the story lines between movies and books are remarkably different in many cases. I can't think of any movies where I read the book first and didn't walk away from the movie upset in some fashion. Some of the reasons I dislike the movie after I read the book are: the movie didn't follow the book, the movie left out a part that i thought was a key element, the characters in the movie have a different demeanor or look than the character in the book, the book carried a lot more emotion than the film. I just find that reading the book first often causes the movie to feel less dramatic. There are no unexpected plot twists, no dramatic chapter breaks, or cliff hanger endings. If the movie doesn't follow the book to the letter, it might as well be a different story with plagiarized character names and scenery.
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Reasons for voting decision: In Round 2 Con did not make new arguments or refuted Pro's arguments. I guess Con conceded and agreed upon Pro's arguments. "Movies and Books aren't related". How? Many movies are based on books.