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Online(pro) vs offline poker(con)

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Started: 5/9/2016 Category: Funny
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Online poker is rigged, simple as that. I have no evidence, but most players would know.


Well this is easy enough for me to go against. You're simply claiming that it's rigged, with no evidence at all. I'm not gonna deny that it isn't rigged, but if you have no evidence or sources, then you just have a claim without evidence and nothing more.
Debate Round No. 1


Fine then I will bring up other points as to why offline poker is better than online poker-
1) Face-reading- There is no face reading in online poker, which is an important element. You can't study your opponent's reactions, for all you know he could be dancing on the other end. In offline poker you can tell the person has a good hand by that contained grin, twitching of the hands and the way he/she handles the chips. Online poker takes that out.
2) Virtual currency- As most online poker sites give free currency to players almost every week, many players don't value that currency and go all-in in the start of the round. If you have 2 decent cards, you either have to call his bluff or fold, and a lot can happen after the five cards unfold.
3) Internet connection- Sometimes when I had an extremely good hand, a flush to be precise, my internet connection suddenly went out and I couldn't bet and when it returned, I had won only about 500 virtual currency when I could have won about 90000 if I had been given a chance to call my opponent's all in. These kind of scenarios never happen in offline poker.
4) Shuffles- In online poker, if the processor's luck was good it could have about 12 kings in barely 3 rounds. Whereas in offline poker, there is a fixed number of cards (I think it is 2 or 3 decks) and you know that if one card has come it is less likely to come again. But online poker has infinite decks and no predictability.
Please don't turn this into a research debate, I am too lazy for that.


I'm okay with the debate not having any research or sources. They're very unneeded, as most of this debate seems to be opinion-based. Before I try to check your arguments though, I'd like to say that there is no actual answer to this debate. As I said before, it's completely opinion-based. But I'll play along anyway, because I guess I have nothing else to do.

1) No face-reading
My answer 1) I'm completely with you on this one. I know I have to debate against you, but that doesn't mean I'm supposed to be stupid. Face-reading is a huge part of poker.
Going against it 1) However, even if it is a big part of poker, it can also be a big relief to play without it. Maybe some guy out there is really bad at holding his face? Maybe he's just tired of losing, just because he's bad at holding a straight face? Then online poker is literally everything he would've wished for.

2) Virtual currency and its bad value
My answer 2) This argument really depends on which website you use. There are hundreds of poker websites out there. I don't play online poker often, but when I do, I play on my country's own website. It also really depends on how poker works on the websites you visit. Some poker sites are just for pure fun and you don't earn any money through them; some poker sites are real game, but you can't convert the money you've earned from there into real money, and some websites you can convert the money into real money.
Going against it 2) Now what you've actually written here isn't much of an argument, it's more of a fact. Some websites don't allow its players to convert the free money the website sometimes gives them, because the website'd lose money instead of gain it. You have to remember that if poker has to survive, it needs to profit.

3) Bad Internet connection
My answer 3) There really isn't much to talk about here. Sure, it's a bad thing, but that's just how the internet works. This isn't really poker host' fault, it's more your internet provider's fault.
Going against it 3) There is nothing I can say to go against it. Everything has its bad sides and this is just online poker's bad side.

4) Deck limits
My answer 4) This is exactly like my answer to your second argument. It really depends on which website you're playing on. The website I play on has a limited amount of decks, but I can imagine that a small amount of websites probably have unlimited decks.
Going against it 4) I don't have much to go against. I guess you just have to pick the right websites to play on. And if a person lives in a not-so-known country, which only has one poker website, then it's just bad luck. But as I said, it's probably more likely that you'll get into a poker website with limited decks than getting into one with unlimited.

All in all, it's up to opinion. There's one more round coming up, so if I've written anything wrong or something that doesn't make sense, remember to quote it or go against it in your post! :)
Debate Round No. 2


Virtual currency is provided for free on majority of the poker sites, that is okay, but since it has no value people start going even before the first flop (basically as soon as the cards are handed) and that loses out the fun in poker.
No face reading may help the ones who can't control themselves, but also you can't see the opponent's reaction after losing/winning, which adds to the fun element of offline poker. Emoticons are used only on some poker sides and even then it can't beat the real thing.
As for deck limits, I think it shuffles the deck after each round, which increases unpredictability and reduces luck.
Plus, the different type of dealer shuffles have different results, but there is no such variety in online poker. And if you say the dealer can cheat, online sites and players can cheat as well, both not proven yet.
What's more, in offline poker you can do other stuff at the same time, such as drinking or eating something or playing asphalt 8 or another game on your phone. However, due to online poker's time limit, it is not possible to do multi-tasking easily.
Pro concedes that internet connection is a bad side to online poker.
Another thing is that sometimes players leave the game without leaving the table, leaving offline players whose timers keep on rolling for 1 or 2 rounds. In offline poker if someone leaves the cards are put in the deck quickly, the chips left go in the pot, and the turn passes quickly to the next person.
Offline poker for life!


The point of free virtual currency is to attract new and more players to online poker. The way the player uses the currency is his own fault. As I see it, the free currency is a great way to start off new players.

Your opponent's reaction to winning or losing may be funny, but I don't think a lot of people play poker just for the reactions. Online poker is a great way to be able to play poker and win/lose money without having to go to the nearest bar.

I'm not sure what you mean with "different types of dealer shuffles," but for the shuffle-cheating, I'm pretty sure offline poker has many more cheaters than in online poker.

Multi-tasking can also be done in online poker, and it's even much easier and safer. If you begin playing a mobile game in real life while player offline poker, the chances are that someone is gonna cheat, without you knowing, but in online poker, nobody can cheat.

For the players leaving, there really isn't much to do. Not a lot of people leave a game of online poker, as they usually just lose all money they've put in and don't gain anything.

Online poker also gives lazy or scared people the ability to play poker. A lot of real life poker happens in bars or with thugs, whilst online poker can be played freely without having to go meet someone. Online poker also has much less cheating than offline poker, as there are nothing cheaters can do to cheat. I'd say both online and offline poker have their good and bad sides.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by lord_megatron 2 years ago
I have other points
Posted by Epicular 2 years ago
"i have no evidence"

well then you lose, gg
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