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Only white people can stop racism in america!

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Started: 7/16/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Let me be clear we as HUMANS are all responsible for our own decisions and should be united as one in making discrimination a non option for everyone! But I believe ultimately if this is really going to happen it is white people who will and have to do the dirty work period and here is why! White people are 86% of the country, whites have historically held blacks as slaves with forced free labor and cruel subhuman treatment, whites have all the political and financial power in america, whites hold all the top jobs and positions, own all the banks, own most of the buisnesses, write most of the checks, do all the hiring and interviews for new jobs, make up most of the entire police force and i can go on and on but it should be obvious what i am getting at. But most of all the earned or unearned priveledges that white people enjoy and is the MAIN reason why ONLY whites can really solve racism is because wether you are rich, poor, tall, small, smart, stupid, educated, non educated, C.E.O or worker bee if you are white then you are afforded the OPTION to simply not care or even think about race and how it affects others! If you are white then race literally does not EVER affect you negatively even if a gang of blacks beat and kill a white man simply because he was white that would be and is racism and is bad! But it is not the same as white people making laws and creating a system that does not give everyone regardless of skin color a fair chance and equal treatment and due process under the law is a million times worse for society and as a whole! For example i am black and i can write or speak about race with the best rationality, logic, respect and partisan way but my audience will always be smaller than if a white person did the same thing because as a black person if i talk about race i am just angry delusional, looking for handouts, causing trouble basically anything that can be used by whites to discredit my voice so that the message is not received or taken seriously!!! But if i was white i could talk about race and race relations and become famous among all races even white people simply because being white gives my voice more power because other whites will actually pay attention and show empathy for me if i am white simply because i am white!! For example Jane Elliot or Tim Wise are loved by blacks because they get what i am saying but they are famous because whites listen to them, debate their views with seriousness and actually willing to hear what they have to say because its assumed if your white then your smarter and have more value socially in the world and america and if your black and talking about race then your just angry and crying victim even though its natural for any systematically oppressed group to not like being litterally ignored which is crazy!!! Think about that for a second! It does not mean all blacks who talk about race are correct or deserve more air time than whites but the fact is right or wrong, logical or rational or irrational, polite or kind if your skin color is black you have no political power, no financial power, no social power, no verbal power, no physical power and cannot in any shape or form REALLY affect political or ideological views and change about race in america period... We can protest all we want but its still whites who have the power to change laws, we can highlight the issue like i am attempting but it is the white reviews or opinions of what i say that will matter and i can be rich as bill gates and i still would be powerless in affecting change as far as race because i am still black and i don't have the political power to legally or illegally but systematically DISCRIMINATE against others and effect their lives because of my political views! This is not rocket science DISCRIMINATION and the ABILITY to discriminate and DISENFRANCHISE is the real evil here! I don't care about an individuals prejudice or acts of racism but i do care when those prejudices are used to legally bind another race or give my race unearned or unequal advantages over another! Life is not fair but we are civilized and smart enough as HUMANS to where our laws should be fair period there is no excuse for that!!!! White people should not feel guilty unless you are the one that denies what i say here is true or you don't care to talk about it and just opt out all together or you witness injustice and discrimination and never speak out then yes you should feel guilty not for what your ancestors did or even for how the system is right now but if you ignore the obvious discrimination and priveledge and power it affords you then your silence is in effect perpetuating the problem and you are by default part of the problem! Its the same as in the police force if 1 cop murders someone and the other 1 million cops protect him or stay silent and refuse to prosecute him or her just because they are a cop then they all are just as bad not just the killer!!!!



"But I believe ultimately if this is really going to happen it is white people who will and have to do the dirty work period."

A big part of the problem is that Blacks sold themselves into Plantation Politics. They were offered just enough plantation bribery to join forces with the racist whites and stand against neutral/non racist politics.


So what do I propose? Blacks quit voting for and supporting the Democratic Party in the spirit of "Us vs Whites". Why?

1)It gives an "Us against them" representation politically. Instead of voting based on ideology or common thinking between them and whites, they are voting based on ethicity alone. If you are black, you vote Democrat, even though they may represent ideological beliefs that you don't agree with. Voting Democrat has become "voting black".

So why did voting Democrat become "voting black"? Plantation politics.

Essentially plantation politics was the way the Democratic Party, who was forced away from legal slavery, took blacks from slavery to enslavement. The idea was to offer them just enough to secure their vote with the full intent of holding them down for cheap labor, rather than lifting thm up out of poverty.

Think of it like this. If I am a slave owner, and it costs the equivalent of $30,000 a year to feed, clothe, house, etc a slave, so it is cost effective to let him be "free" and hire him instead. Now I pay $15,000 a year for him. Now I give him $3,000 extra as a "bonus" and shake his hand telling him I'm on his side. He views it as me giving him $3,000 out of the goodness of my heart, but in reality, I saved $12,000 and am still getting his labor. I win twice. This is what the leadership of the Democratic Party are doing. And blacks are taking the bate.


(Here is a movie trailer that depicts this concept)


Notice Hillary claims she is on the side of minorities and supports immigrants coming in. This is providing more cheap labor. They are really shipping in people for enslavement and whoring themselves out for votes. They get the vote, save money, and maintain power.


Think about it. If we didn't have the Democratic Party's bribes in place as they are, blacks would have been forced to rise up out of survival and made more money, held more positions of authority and power, and become much more than they are today in general.

If Whites are truely 86% of the population as Pro stated, then blacks rising up and assimilating rather than taking the bribes and living in poorer situations would have been less existant.

The White Democrats used human nature against the Blacks. If you are offered "a little bit better" for no more work vs a lot better for a lot more work, most will choose the "little bit better". So they cast votes to get the "little bit better" rather than fight the battle to get something that actually is eorth getting. Their poverty is being used as a weapon against them. The Democratic Politicians purposefully put the blacks in a cycle that struggles between poverty and political bribes for votes, making these Politicians not much different than drug dealers on the streets, only the drug is the welfare system.


Notice, Hillary claims to be the choice of the poor, yet she is now rich beyond means.

An investigation from the Associated Press ties Cinton's speech fees to government influence. Of the nearly $22 million Clinton made in fees, most was from groups that had recently lobbied the government.

Notice she is guilty in the e-mail scandal concernin Bengazi. But...she will go free. Notice...the sytem doesn't go sfter her kind. Why? Her kind run the system.


The problem is blacks keep voting back into office, the mental descendents of the KKK, so the world stays Black...and White.


Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President. Think about that. The Republican Party came to fruition to stand against slavery. The Democrats fought a war to keep it and even tried to cede from the union. Blacks are voting for the KKK's ideological children.
Debate Round No. 1


First let me say i am releived and very appreciative that you didn't give me the common excuses, defensiveness and ignorance in your response that i usually receive when talking about race with whites (just check the one comment on this debate to get an idea of what i am talking about) i assume you are white correct? ok so i have to say i agree with the historical references and political views of hillary and etc.. I hate 99% of politicans they are ALL CORRUPT republican or democrat and bernie sanders is one of maybe 4 politicans i actually like!

But with that being said you didn't once at all talk about nor attempt to debunk the main topic of debate which is "ONLY white people have the power to stop racism in america"! And when i say debunk i mean i want you to either deny that view or raise an argument against it! If you agree then even better and lets discuss what you and i can do together to fix but if you think by telling me that blacks deliberately and consciously sabotage and destroy our political power and opportunities at EQUALITY and success by voting all democrat well that is an entirely different topic at hand and does not at all address the bigger issues i pointed out):

But i will debunk that argument anyhow:) Ok here is a quote from a pew research article "While the nation"s 156 million non-Hispanic white eligible voters in 2016 far outnumber the 70 million eligible voters that are racial or ethnic minorities, their growth lags that of minority groups. As a result, the non-Hispanic white share of the electorate has fallen from 71% in 2012 to 69%."

That is almost a 2 and 3 quarters difference in just voters that are eligible and i am sure there are more whites than minorities that are eligible to vote but not registered to vote! And here is the actual percentages of race in america from 2015 - "White 62%, Black 12%, Hispanic 18%, Asian 6%, American Indian/Alaska Native 1%, Two Or More Races 2%"
So my original estimate of 86% was not correct but even still when you look at these actual percentages 62% is 3 and a half times the closest group which is hispanics and 5 times that of blacks so the proportional ratio is still enormous and doesn't affect my point!

And my point is this, i am glad that whites were so merciful and gave blacks the fundamental right to simply vote like they do and feel they have a voice! But if we are fundamentally equal and have equal rights in america shouldn't something as simple and fair as voting be every human beings right regardless of skin color or race and should not have to be granted to another EQUAL citizen? 2nd - By saying that blacks only vote for democrats and we should stop are you implying that they don't take the time to compare the republican candidates policies before deciding to vote for a candidate are you implying that republican policies and or views which are usually draconian to be nice are better for blacks? 3rd - Even if all the blacks and hispanics voted for one candidate wether republican or democrat together it still would not equal half of the basic white vote! So the black population as proportionate to whites is so disparaged who we vote for has little to do with who is elected and has even less to do with who is nominated in the first place!

So i challenge you to again agree, agree to disagree, disagree, raise an argument or debunk my initial topic of power above! And let me be clear if i was not before my topic is presented to be seen in the pretense or current situation and not the past tense or what we could have done before or in the past! I am saying that only white people have the power or ability to actually change race or relations in america RIGHT NOW despite everything and to do this they will have to first give up some of their power and dominance (WHICH WILL BE THE HARDEST AND INFLUENTIAL PART) so that our politicians, institutions, schools, jobs, neighborhoods, law makers, C.E.O's are more diverse so that it is not only the usual whites making all the important decisions that govern us all but will naturally be geared towards helping their own! Making everything more diverse will do REAL things to change that! And i don't mean only blacks i mean all other races in america hispanic, asian it does not matter we just need different views and perspectives in the decision making process and not just whites! There is no way on earth you can not logically or rationally understand or disagree with that point but for the sake of a good POSITIVE debate please try! Again it does not mean we are all not responsible but only whites because of the reasons i initially stated and more are the ONLY ones in the end that can give the stamp of approval on a decison and it actually means something! Now you can either deny or give another proposed solution as i am open to hearing either one?


"I assume you are white correct?"

I'm brown. Very, very brown.


"ONLY white people have the power to stop racism in america"!"

I disagree. Micah Xavier Johnson,The Dallas sniper, killed 5 cops and shot many more, putting them in critical condition. He had been to Black Panther events and said he "wanted to kill white officers".

It was not indiscriminate. He targeted white people that he knew nothing about. They could have been supporters of Black people, other races mistaken as "White",(and some were), or even neutral about race. He just went after whites mo matter who they were.

Could innocent whites have erased that racism or magically prevented it from happening? No.


And this mentality is so mindless that the mass shooting of people at a "gay club" by Omar Mateen, an Arab Muslim with declared allegiance to ISIS, was addressed by Black Lives Matter as happening because of "White Supremacy". Say wha?


Does racism exist in America? Yes. And every other nation on Earth. Is it what it as big as has been made out to be as if most white people have an axe to grind with black people? No.

In a debate with Jesse Jackson, Dinesh Dsouza made points against Jackson, of which Jackson replied,"Well, it's unspoken racism." Dsouza was flummixed by this statement. He didn't understand "unspoken racism". But Disouza isn't from America. As he put it, he was comparing America to real countries that exist, where racial minorities are tortured, raped, and killed in the street. He said that Jackson was comparing America to...Utopia.

In his account of the debate he pointed out that they were both the same skin color, but he viewed America as better than all other cultures in terms of racism, so he viewed it well. He called this the immigrant perspective. But Jackson saw America as a racist invisible manifestation of "unspoken hate" because he came from a group who was once seriously oppressed, and the reminance of that oppression has not fully worn off.

I point this out because like Dsouza, I am an immigrant. I saw bigotry as a kid where people were hung with a rope, literally, for being the wrong ethnicity or belief. Luckily my parents fled, and I only endured it in my youth.

So I see America, where the big problems seem so insignificant, and I can see one thing that is America, and the world's problem today. Social media. Social media allows any negative event to be put there right in your face for millions to see. So one incident happens in say Chicago, and someone in Los Angeles gets mad and sees the entire United States in this light. In a country as big as America, you can find any negative manifestation of any kind if you look hard enough, and with facebook and tweeting, it's even worse. There was a racial attack in Dallas, so all blacks must hate whites. It doesn't hold water. Are there racist white cops? Yes. Are there racist black cops? Yes. But whites are the majority, so their offences are going to show up more often by probability alone. If there were 200 million blacks in America, they would now be the "racist, white hating majority". It's semantics to me. I live in a part of the U.S. where it looks like blacks and whites assimilate like clockwork together. It looks to me like you guys get along fine in the right conditions. But in places where there is a history of racial divides, the tension is harder to kill.

If blacks are in an area where they know white cops are targetting them, the heat begins. If white cops now know blacks are conginitally hostile towards them, now they(even the nonracists) put up extra guard around blacks, and it continues to domino until someone gets hurt or killed.


Here is a short snippet of Dsouza talking about his debate with Jesse Jackson-


Is there a racial divide in America? Sure. And in some places it's more noticeable than others. In most countries, being of a minority type can get you killed, and it is just considered normal and how life is. Does it make it right? No. But the concept has been way overexaggerated and overplayed. Does racism exist in America? Sure. Does the racism of 1855 or even 1950 exist in America? No. We aren't talking about not being able to catch a cab. "Black people used to be the cab" as Chris Rock once said in a comedy routine.


Snippet of Chris Rock routine on the topic-(Racial slurs included)


To the millions of immigrants who freely came to America, when choosing their own culture vs American culture, they chose this one. Why? Because America is the greatest culture to ever exist in all of human history.

My advice to whites and blacks is to focus on what you have in common.

1)You would both defend this country together like mad from any foreign invader.

2)The Civil War was fought between? Whites and Whites. Most white people understand that racism is wrong, so much so that they shed their own blood and turned on each other in the bloodiest war on American soil. Don't forget that. Whites are not your enemy. A few idiots who happen to be white are your enemy and the enemy of all free peoples. They are a tinty minority.

3)Whites should remember that blacks built this country too. Without them, the culture would be different, sports would suck, and thousands of whites pay a lot of money to watch those like a Kobi Bryant, Michael Jordan, or Lebron James. Why? They were/are the most physically gifted human beings on planet Earth.

A final note in this round. Jesse Owens. Jesse went to Nazi Germany when Hitler was in power and showed the Nazis face to face that not only were blacks not inferior, but Americans were not inferior to unworthy men either. He proved why this is the greatest country in the world. To try to get along with whites is the modern black man's way of proving Jackie Robinson, Jesse Owens, and MLK did not fight in vain.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by BartMarlows 2 years ago
yes yes i can't Agree more that's why Black Lives matter was originated
Posted by Agingseeker 2 years ago
There are relatively few people of any pure race. To say so is racist.

If white people and black people are both PEOPLE then only people (of any race) can stop this.

I lived in Missouri when Obama and Holder came in and made Ferguson a real Hell. It got worse and worse and never stopped. I moved.
Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
Obviously white people will, "Own most of the buisnesses." You contradict yourself. You claim nearly 90% of the country is white, then act surprised that most of the buisnesses and positions of power are held by white people.
Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
So only whites should try and stop racism? Why? All races can be racist. Also, can you show me 5 American laws that are racist only to blacks.

Also, you know black people can vote too right? Only 63% of the country is white, so whites are not the overwhelming majority. Why is it a bad thing that the majority of the country is white? It was settled by Europeans. It makes sense that the majority is white.
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