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Open Campus Lunch

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Started: 2/9/2016 Category: Education
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Students should be allowed to leave school for lunch. They should be able to leave school grounds because it gives students a sense of trust and responsibility. For example if a kid were buying lunch at a sandwich shop and had the choice between a bag of Cheetos or a vege sandwich. In this moment he is making a choice if he chooses the healthier option it proves that he is making a responsible choice for his body.


Leaving school to get lunch is damaging to a student because there is no supervision. Once a student is outside school grounds teachers wont be there to take care of them, the police and school body guards will. In the situation of a fight the police would break it up and take the people involved, down to the station. The students would miss school and have a permanent mark on their record damaging future opportunities. In conclusion students should have lunch on school grounds to keep people safe from themselves, and others.
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Vote Placed by zman8881 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con had better spelling, although it was slight. Pro argued that the reason for open campus lunch is that it can teach students to make healthier choices, while completely ignoring the safety risk.