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Open Debate - Genetic Alteration for Human Fetuses, or Selective Breeding? Opponent Chooses.

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Started: 3/21/2017 Category: Science
Updated: 10 months ago Status: Debating Period
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I will be taking Pro on this one, and my opponent will be delegated as Con. [Note] This debate is open to the first person that accepts. I welcome any opponent.

Selective Breeding - The principle of sterilizing certain portions of the population (or preventing them to breed) to generate desirable traits across an entire species. (In the case of humans).

Genetic Alteration - The concept of altering the genome of a human fetus to generate desirable traits in offspring.

I can take Pro on both. Opponent chooses.

1 - No trolling
2 - No ad hominem
3 - No profanity
4 - Empirical evidence
5 - First round is short introduction and acceptance. Arguments and rebuttals permitted on all rounds. Round 5 is not a conclusion only, new arguments and rebuttals can be made on top of wrapping up.

Thank you
RC - 9282


I'm going to call "selective breeding" by its proper name, eugenics. Eugenics has no basis in factual science, and is usually only proposed by people who don't mind inbreeding!!!!!! If you erase the fact that eugenics has no desirable bennefit for mankind, you're left with a sad person who fears other races, and people who are different.(people who don't mind inbreeding).

I accept!!!
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Smooosh 9 months ago
OK, we can do that.
Posted by RC-9282 9 months ago
Respectfully, (I just kind of threw the eugenics thing out there because it sounded like a cool thing to debate) I admit I should have researched eugenics more. May I request we move to genetic alteration, assuming you want to debate that?
Posted by Smooosh 10 months ago
Posted by RC-9282 10 months ago
Hes just pissed off about me opposing his opinion in the comments of another debate. I called some things out, and he went around and posted comments on nearly everything I have. He thinks just because I am young I have no right to think and learn about these things. It just shows how narrow minded he is.
Posted by Smooosh 10 months ago
Aren't you late for a book burning party or something?
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 10 months ago
Your just shy of neonate yourself, what do YOU know about this subject?????
Like I said, all opinions , ZERO experience on .... well on anything. You thought evolution was real.
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