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Oranges do more good in the world than apples

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Started: 4/1/2013 Category: Society
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Hello Sawybean! Per what I said in the last debate, we will now debate the cultural and medicinal impact of oranges and apples. You will be siding for apples, and I will be siding for oranges. Here are the formalities:
Round 1: Acceptance only. No arguments
Round 2: Post arguments with no refutations
Round 3: Clash
Round 4: Clash and conclusion

Please accept!

A note on the topic. We will be debating which one does more good. Any place that oranges or apples have affected society, in regards to eating or anything is relevant to this debate.

Remember only accept for the first round.


I accept! The battle of the fruits begins!
Debate Round No. 1


1. The Health Impact of Oranges
Oranges are a tremendous source of Vitamin C. One orange provides one hundred percent of our daily Vitamin C value [1]. Vitamin C, commonly found in citrus fruits, helps us do amazing things like not getting scurvy and keeping our sperm healthy. Go figure![2] Also, the white stuff that everybody hates (in oranges not testicles!) contains anti-cancer cells [1]. In addition, oranges lower cholesterol, blood pressure, treat arthritis, prevent ulcers, relieve constipation, prevent kidney stones, strengthen immune system, and of course they have a very low amount of calories [3]. Oranges have 62 calories[4] and apples have 116 [5].
2. The Cultural Impact of Oranges
The Annoying Orange, the popular web series, features the protagonist as an orange and the villain is an apple. That's right. Apples are the villain. The series has 108 million views on youtube [7], and has provided lots of joy and well-being to those who watch it. Also, the color of orange was named after the fruit [8]. I'm not saying that the color orange wouldn't have existed without the fruit, but it would have had a different one. Perhaps one not as satisfactory and awesome as "orange".

3. General Tastiness and goodness
In China, oranges are considered a symbol of good luck and well-being [6]. Originally, oranges were used in Eurpope for their medicinal values [9]. Also, it is worth noting that since oranges are so high in vitamin C, which is good for preventing scurvy, oranges saved hundreds of sailor's lives on ships.


Vote Pro



6 words have started a war:

I like apples better than oranges

The battle of apples vs. oranges is a complex and multi-layered one.

Lets dive in, shall we?

1) Apples Represented in Modern Day

One obvious example of apples having a tremendous amount of influence is with the electronics company that goes simply by the name of the delectable fruit itself, Apple. Apple’s products are well known for their sleek form, that feels good in your hand. This applies to the fruit as well. Think about an orange, a round shape that doesn’t quite naturally fit in your hand. It pushes out more, and is uncomfortable. Now think of an Apple product. The iPhone. Its curved edges slide into your hand, and using it feels cool and uncomplicated. Now think of an apple. Its indented shape fits in your hand perfectly. Don’t worry about having to take off a peel and break it apart, simply bite in. Apple, one of the most world renowned electronic companies, named itself after the most sleek, delicious fruit in the world. Besides, do you see any companies named “Orange”? And we cannot forget the truly inspired song, "I Like to Eat Apples (and Bannanas)" for honorable mention.

2) Religion

I am not one to argue about religion. But when it comes to an argument this significant, I do what I must. The apple hangs from that tree, seducing to come near it. You have been told not to eat it, but you’re too cool to follow directions. You reach for it, pick it, and take a bite into its cool, sweet skin, revealing the white fruit beneath. You regret absolutely nothing. This, of course, is the story of Adam and Eve, who ate one of the coolest fruits in the world, even when told they would be kicked out of the garden of Eden.

3) Geography

The Big Apple! The pinacle of nicknamed cities! Given the nickname with the fruit itself. New York isn’t even worthy to have The Big Apple as its real name, because nothing beats an apple. On terms of actual geographical growth of apples, they are grown all over the wold, because they don’t require any sort of climate. They’re a universal fruit, making it easy to grow and enjoy.

4) Deliciousness

While many healthy foods don’t taste all that great (eg: any vegetable you present to any over privileged child), apples are deliciously sweet, while providing plenty of vitamins and very low fat. Plus, there is a mix of flavors, with the advantage of having the ability to eat the skin. You get the lightly flavored skin paired with the powerfully sweet inside. On top of that, the core is easily disposable. Simply throw it into the dirt and it will quickly decompose and become soil, good for the environment.

5) Conclusion

The apple truly has inspired people around the world. Wether it be producing electronics, changing the path of various religious groups, making locations famous, or just tasting great, the apple is the fruit for you.

I would also like to applaud my opponent on providing sources that I could not acquire.

Bravo and good luck.

Debate Round No. 2


My opponent discusses the apple product and how apples are sleek and smooth. He discusses the ergonomics of apples, however apples lack in that they are not perfectly circle. What would be easier to play catch with, an apple or an orange? Obviously an orange. So, orange wins in sports playing.

My opponent discusses how apples were eaten by Adam and Eve, however he forgets that SATAN CONVINCED THEM TO EAT THE APPLES. SATAN LOVES APPLES. Apples are the tool of satan. God doesn't want us to eat apples.

My opponent then discusses "the big apple", however there is no reason that having this nickname does any good in the world. He also says that do not require any sort of climate, however they do need to be in cold areas for maximum juiciness and tastiness.

My opponent now discusses how he thinks apples taste good. Bias source much!!?>11!>!>!11>>!1one!!>>?? He provides no source for his health statistics, and also says that the core is easily disposable. Hey, do you know what doesn't have a core? ORANGES. Oranges also have removable skins that you don't have to eat if you think they are yucky. If you don't like apple skins, you are screwed.

Good evening. A vote for pro is highly encouraged.


Hah! Playing catch with an orange, when an apple is far more firm?
I don't think so. Apples are hard enough to be caught at most velocities thrown by a human without them falling apart. Would you want to throw a squishy ball back and forth?

Having the nickname "the Big Apple" is not beneficial? Have you ever stopped to think about classic movies such as Annie Hall or Breakfast at Tiffany's that wouldn't have been quite as good if they didn't take place in "The Big Apple"? The Big Apple's name is what gives it fame. It makes people want to visit. What if New York was called "The Big Orange"? Would you think of over-the-top theater productions, Central Park, or the Empire State Building? NO. You would think of a really big orange.

My opponent also mentioned that if you don't like an apple's skin, you can't do anything about it.

Debate Round No. 3


My opponent says that apples are easier to play catch with, however, even though oranges are less firm, they are much more aerodynamic.

Also, there is no evidence that if New York was called "The Big Orange" it wouldn't be as popular. Names are silly things.

Also, my opponent points out an expensive object that takes off apple peels. Well, you know they have that for oranges and it is called YOUR THUMB.

I have showed much more good done by oranges than he does. He basically gave up on nutritional values.

Vote pro and vote for america and jesus. Con is for satan.


Sawybean forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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