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Organ donation should be compulsary in Ireland

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Started: 12/10/2013 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This round is just for the opponent to understand what the motion means and to formally accept the challenge. The motion means that when a person has died, the state are permitted to take the deceased organs, this includes eyes, kidneys, etc.

I await for a challenger and can't wait for the debate to go underway.


This is kinda obvious. How would you feel if you were 'accidentally' killed and had your body parts sold?
This is basically opening up an avenue for the state to sell organs on the black market.

Also, why specifically Ireland? I hear there are far more murders in east asian countries and much more money could be made by selling eyes and whatnot.
Debate Round No. 1


First off, the reason I limited the debate to Ireland only is to focus on the main topics of the debate and not drift onto useless points which will only eat up our time.

The main reason why I feel that organ donation shouldn't be compulsory is because this means that the deceased will become human organ farms. We are using the death of a human as the field of organs and what we are doing is harvesting humans. I feel that this is a horrible thing to do to a person and also to the family of the deceased. How would you like it if someone gutted up your loved one after them being dead for a few hours.

I feel that the system of organ donation is perfectly fine at the moment as people feel that donating is an act of goodness and they don't feel forced into it. I know you may say that if compulsory organ donation was made than peoples deaths would have meaning, but really, I feel sick to the bone to know that this person will be laid to rest with organs missing and the person may not want this.

There may be no "opt out system", and if there was, who would we opt out? We are in the "big brother" effect where the state is contradicting our every move and action.

So I rest my argument for this round and I wait for your response. P.S. From your last statement, it sounded like you were agreeing with me. Please know the side your on for future debates. Thank you.


Be that as it may, some sadists receive pleasure from cutting people up, even if the person is already dead.
How can we deny them an activity that allows them to have so much fun?

Personally, I would not give a single f*ck if a loved one's organs were taken, dead or alive, as it is helping another human live. It makes no difference to the dead person if organs are taken out of them, the only people that care are the butthurts that finally found something to cry about. Your feeling of being 'sick to the bone' is nothing more than your butthurt being activated.

P.S. Yes, I'm sure focusing on Ireland would prevent the debate from drifting into useless points that would eat up the little time in the three day period we have to post our arguments. Good call on that one mate.
P.P.S You come across as an arrogant bastard. Please refrain from acting like one for future debates. Thank you.
P.P.P.S In your post script, you used 'your' in the place of 'you're'. 'Your' refers to possession whereas "you're" is a contraction for 'you are'.
P.P.P.P.S In what way was my last statement in agreement with yours? I stated that revenue could be generated by selling body parts. This is a good thing for the Irish, as I hear their leprechauns are running little short on gold as of late.
Debate Round No. 2


First off, if anything I would be a bitch as I am a girl. Second, I'm sorry that I came across rude. And third, I read your last statement wrong, so I apologise. Now onto the debate.

The reason why I feel that there shouldn't be compulsory organ donation in Ireland is because people have the right to their body. We have the right to do what we want with our bodies, and our bodies are the most personal thing we own, so why must we do something that we are forced to do with something that is so personal to us. And when a person dies, the possessions of that person goes to the family. All the most valuable possessions of that person goes to the family, so why not the body, the most personal thing that person owned, be given to the family. If the family wants the organs to be given away, than so be it. The main reason why I am so against compulsory organ donation is because I feel that something like that should be an act of charity, a sign of goodness. I feel that if something is forced onto someone, it will lose its meaning.

In the final round of the debate, I will be discussing the religious objection and discussing why I believe organ donation shouldn't be compulsory.


While it is true that the possessions of a deceased person will go to whomever the deceased has stipulated in his or her will, the same cannot be said for the corpse of the deceased.
Traditionally, corpses are given to the family of the former person to bury simply out of respect and simplicity, not because they are entitled to the body.

Here's an example: bodies excavated by archaeologists only become property when they are appropriated by the excavators as historical artifacts. Prior to appropriation, the bodies did not belong to anyone.

If a person dies without any heirs and leaves nothing in his will for others, his possessions do not belong to anyone and are claimed by the state. In the same way, since bodies do not belong to anyone, the state has a claim to corpses within its jurisdiction. Thus, the state(Ireland) has the right to take organs out of corpses.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by themohawkninja 3 years ago
Is there any specific reason why it is limited to Ireland?
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