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Organized sports is ALWAYS put before EVERYTHING ELSE in high school

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Started: 11/12/2013 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Just a simple argument about how sports/jocks rule high school.


Best friends since pre school Bob an John did every thing together, grew up in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, and even knew the same people. Bob's parents where always pushing him to excel in his academic studies because they knew that would make his life a whole lot easier in the future. Johns father pushed John hard in sports, every chance he got he would teach John how to throw the football or shoot the basketball. Bob was always on his high school honor roll and graduated head of his class. Meanwhile John was a getting less than average grades throughout highschool but man could he run around the football field and shot the basketball. At the end of there senior year in highschool Bob decided to accept a academic scholarship to the University of Florida and continue to push towards his college education. John however wasn't able to get that scholarship that he and his father had been praying for through athletics, so he had to start work immediately after highschool. Now ten years have passed an the best friends have reunited at a highschool reunion. Bob now has his college degree an has become a highly paid doctor. John is still searching for a stable job that can get him through his tough times. John tells Bob "Things would be a whole lot easier if I just had a college degree."

Many parents stress to there children to further their education by going to college. The benefits of a college education are endless, However many people have been able to by pass a college degree and still maintain in today's society. While a college education increases ones chances of earning more money, its not the only way to a well paying and rewarding career. Thus brings the question why is a college education important in today's society?

The main benefit of a college education is it betters your career opportunities. A college degree opens a variety of opportunities in the working force, giving a better chance for success.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok, this story is a wonderful example of how sports are inferior to education, because John was only relying on sports to get through life. So wouldn't that go to my side? I certainly agree that you cannot that have sports over academics. What is your point?


My point is you can not have organized sports over education and academics.

P.S. Do you agree that non-curricular programs shouldn't affect your overall academic grades?
Debate Round No. 2


It looks like were debating the same cause here. I'm not saying sports should be over academics, that would be absurd! What I'm saying is sports are SOCIALLY always more important than academics. Would you watch the Sunday football game or do your homework? If you choose the football game I feel you will not be doing yourself any favors.


Well then, otherwise, I agree.

I would like to instigate an argument about how twerking is innapropriate for children, for it is still conducting sexual activity. Do you agree?
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by wiploc 3 years ago

1. Let's assume for the moment that Pro had the burden of proof. He never argued in favor of the resolution, so he never tried to lift that burden. So he loses.

"Just a simple argument about how sports/jocks rule high school," is not an argument. "So wouldn't that go to my side?" is not an argument. "It looks like were debating the same cause here," is not an argument. "What I'm saying is sports are SOCIALLY always more important than academics." is a restatement of the resolution, not an argument.

Pro never argued. Pro loses.

2. Okay, this time lets say that Con argued first, and therefore Con has the burden of proof. What is Con's thesis sentence? The most cogent line is, "Many parents stress to there children to further their education by going to college." That is, Con asserts that the resolution is false: It is not true that organized sports are ALWAYS put before everything else.

Does Pro attempt to refute Con's claim? Does he ever argue that his resolution is true? No. He is so thrown by the fact that Con argued first, or by the fact that Con's argument involved wandering parable rather than right-to-the-point succinctness, that Pro never attempts to argue. So he still loses.

3. What should Pro have done? Either or both of two things:

a) He could argue first, putting his argument in the first round, so that Con can't confuse him with a preemptive response. Or, he could argue first by saying explicitly in the OP that round one is for challenge and acceptance only. Then Con would accept in round one, and Pro would argue first in round two.

b) He could respond to Con's preemptive argument by saying something like, "Con's post seems almost entirely off topic. Here is my case, my reason for believing that organized sports are always put before everything else," and then go ahead and make his case.

As it is, Con argued but Pro never did. Con wins.
Posted by Grayneer 3 years ago
About the twerking thing, it really depends on how people interpret taboos. Some may think it is inappropriate because it goes against certain beliefs. But not everyone has the same beliefs. I'm undecided on the topic.
Posted by TheAmazingAtheist1 3 years ago
Oh, and I thank my opponent (Grayneer) for a fun and interesting debate.
Posted by Frostbitte99 3 years ago
I am confused myself on his edge, or side that he is trying to debate here. It seems like it has a lot to do with how you interpret the resolved.
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