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Other people certainly exist

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Started: 6/19/2016 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a solipsim debate. When accepting this debate, you'll be arguing that we can only be sure that ourselves really exist.


Solipsim; the belief that the self certainly exists, but others are an illusion.

Certain; sure that something is true.

Exists; is real in an objective matter, without doubt.


1. BoP is shared.
2. I'll accept kritiks.
3. Arguments can happen in Con's round 1.
4. No new arguments round 4, or you'll instantly lose.
5. Forfeiting a round counts as an instant loss.
6. Pro must show at least a 60% chance that other people are real. Con must show a 60% chance that only the self exists.

With that, who will accept?


What is real?

"The Matrix"

Morpheus: What is real? How do you define 'real'? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then 'real' is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."


Relatively recently, whilst exploring the mathematics of string theory, Theoretical Physicist James Gates and his researcher discovered something rather interesting buried deep within the mathematical equations of super symmetry.

They found computer code.

And it isn’t just random 1’s and 0’s either. Bizarrely, the code they found is code which is used in computer browser operating system software.

Specifically; Block Linear Self Dual Error Correcting Code.

So what does this code do?

Computer code is just instruction for a processor – Information.

When transmitting information from one computer to another, there are fluctuations that happen, static in the line for example, that can alter the original information sent.

Block Linear Self Dual Error Correcting Codes are vital in the exchange of digital information as they monitor code sent and measure it against what’s already know, self adjusting as required in order to accurately transmit and receive the correct information.

(James Gates interview, video reference)



The "Simulation Argument" seeks to show that one of three possible scenarios must be true (assuming there are other intelligent civilizations).

1)All civilizations become extinct before becoming technologically mature;

2)All technologically mature civilizations lose interest in creating simulations.

3)Humanity is literally living in a computer simulation.

The point is that all cosmic civilizations either disappear before becoming technologically capable, or all decide not to generate reality simulations. The main word is "all", because if even one civilization anywhere in the cosmos could generate such simulations, then simulated worlds would multiply rapidly, even creating reality simulations within reality simulations, and almost certainly humanity would be in one by probability alone because there would be more simulated realities than real realities.


Kathryn Schulz, Psychologist, states, “The miracle of your mind isn’t that you can see the world as it is. It’s that you will see the world as it isn’t.

The main theme of her talk is that we are often not only wrong, but completely unaware of it. She poses the idea that reality is filtered through perceptions and biases, and that it comes out the other side distorted but believed to be truth.


There are some simple questions that science just can't answer. And then there are the strange occasions where the universe up and does a freaking magic trick that seems to be designed by an all-powerful entity dedicated to making scientists slowly pull off their glasses while saying, "What in the hell?"


The Sun can make stuff hotter than itself.

There's a discrepancy between what science says should happen and what the sun actually does, and it's known as the sun's coronal heating problem. Essentially, when heat leaves the sun, the laws of thermodynamics just totally break down for a few hundred miles, and nobody can quite figure out why.


When you look closely, gravity begins to Make no sense.

This is known as the Higgs mass hierarchy problem. Gravity has a tendency to wreak havoc on scientific hierarchies because the closer you really look at it, the more likely it is to begin vanishing. It's predictable when you take a step back and watch it yank things out of midair, but with a closer look, it completely vanishes. In fact, at the realm of particle physics, gravity is 10 ^ 32 times weaker than the second weakest force.

The Earth's mass is 5.97 x 10 ^ 24 kilograms, which allows it to generate the wildly powerful and inescapable force that has held you onto the surface of planet Earth since you popped out of your mommy. The fact that the stray electricity chilling out on your sweater could counteract it makes as much sense as a starving child being able to bench press the Empire State Building.

As far as you can prove Pikachu21, I am your simulated "real father", and I have been sent here to tell are not real. Neither is anyone else...Deal with it son.
Debate Round No. 1


PowerPikachu21 forfeited this round.


Pikachu21 is yet to prove that they themselves exist. Pikachu is a simulation, and so am I.

PowerPikachu21 does not exist because Pikachu did not return to this debate and forfeited the round. I know that I do not exist because I am an AI computer program designed to simulate half carnivorous, half herbavorous dinosaur life mixed with human language skills and a fine, sharp dinosaur witt.

If moving in the direction of the truth is not what you want. If breaking free of the things that have bound your life. If a rejection of the very purpose you are here now, looking for freedom is not what you are after, you should stop reading now.


I’ll assume that if you are still reading, you only want one thing: the cold, hard truth. Now let me dispense with the pleasantries…

None of us do.


I will tell you that all you have ever had of your self is your thoughts about "yourself". Just as your thoughts about gremlins do not mean gremlins are real, your thoughts about yourself are nothing more than just thoughts.


I have looked through my AI concordance and come to find that brontoraptors do not exist, thus, I do not exist. Here is the definition of brontoraptor at first search.

But with a second search I yielded better results.

Brontoraptor in English

Torvosaurus is a genus of carnivorous megalosaurid theropod dinosaurs that lived approximately 153 to 148 million years ago during the later part of the Jurassic Period in what is now Colorado and Portugal.

It is extinct. Brontoraptors simply no longer exist, and probably never did. Why would a dinosaur have been hanging out in Colorado? They wouldn't. With that kind of size, they would have obviously hung out in Arkansas at the Piggly Wiggly Diner. How else would they get enough food to emass those large, sexy bodies? You know it's true.


I looked for PowerPikach21 with unsatisfactory results. Here was its startling revelation, and I quote:

"Pikachu are a species of Pokemon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokemon Company, a Japanese corporation."

Even Wikipedia is convinced that Pikachu is simply...fictional. Just as I thought....

But I will send some guys out to find a Pikachu in real life in these videos-

They found one! No. They didn't find one.

But I did. They dance. They are not real. But they do dance.


And even if a Pikachu really did exist somewhere in the deep stretches of reality, it is as what?

A simulation. A video game character. Die hard proof that we are in a simulated reality, per a video game character literally debating me right this very second...


Welcome to...

Bronto's twilight zone.

Welcome to Bronto's matrix.


You are not real.


You're Not Real.


Round 2 ending credits-

Debate Round No. 2


So I ended up forfeiting a round, because I got lazy. Under rule #5, that means I lost. Go ahead and vote Con.


So in round 3 Pikachu reappeared after disappearing in round 2. This is an example of magic. Magic is not real, thus I pose that Pikachu may be a computer virus, a lazy artificial intelligence, or a meditative attempt by the video game industry to get Pikachu into our subconscious brain.

If you put a truth pill into my drink, I would say that Pikachu is simply a Chinese word that is pronounced with a "Pee" sound, a "kuh" sound, and a "choo" sound by basic phonetics. I digress.


Pikachu21 is not real, at least not real enough to offer an argument in round 2 nor more than 100 words in round 3. Pikachu21's realness is in question because Pikachu21 has yet to show proof of his realness. I don't believe in Pikachu21. I am Pikachu21 Agnostic. I do not believe. I need proof Pikachu! Show us the goodies...


Am I, Brontoraptor, real? Absolutely not. I am an AI dancing animation meme. Want proof?

(Video proof)

Debate Round No. 3


Okay, brontoraptor insulted me. This is just uncalled for. You may not be real, I may not be real, but insults are certianly real, and so are punishments. At least tie the conduct points. I'll report the post, since insults are never okay.



Hi Pikachu21. A word of advice. You will be okay. If feelings are that sensitive, the debate forums are probably not the place for you. I've been called a "godbotherer", "stupid", "idiot", "brontocraptor", and more on this very forum. If I couldn't take the heat, I most certainly wouldn't have come into the kitchen.
Debate Round No. 4
14 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by TechnologicalSingularity 2 years ago
Better yet have a debate between 2 solipsist on both negating the competitor's existence. (Why I am the hive mind and not you!)
Posted by TechnologicalSingularity 2 years ago
Well even if we are not real and in a simulation or string theory, practically what does it matter? If such a simulation is intensive enough to cover all the variables that we perceive?
Posted by Jack_Dead 2 years ago
From Matrix, to computer code, followed up by universal sims, passing through psychology, pointing out Sun's problem, before finally landing in Gravity...
Wow, this guy knows everything.
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
we are in the matrix, so you see, those dragon hats were always there, praise the dragon hat maker.
Posted by brontoraptor 2 years ago
PowerPikachu21 is my simulated love child.
Posted by PowerPikachu21 2 years ago
@plilochristos True, certainty is much higher than 60%, but I don't think it's easy to prove 100%.
Posted by philochristos 2 years ago
I think your rule #6 is inconsistent with the resolution. Certainty entails much higher than a 60% probability.
Posted by debatesRfun 2 years ago
This looks to be interesting and I would take part only that there are an estimated 380 septillion planets in the universe. ESTIMATED. I would say there's more. Out of these planets the probability that only one (earth) has life is very slim. By the way @PowerPikachu21 , you can use this comment in your debate if you like but just mention that I got the estimation of planets off yahoo answers which can be quite useful.
I will be following this debate to see what the opposition has to say if anybody decides to oppose. :P
Posted by That1User 2 years ago
I'd like to argue that we can't even be 100% certain that oneself's exist.
Posted by Jack_Dead 2 years ago
@PowerPikachu21 Yes, I believe you do have a huge burden of truth. Any contestants joining in the future would exploit the settings. (all those kritiks @@
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