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Ouija board? is it real, or just part of your imagination?

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Started: 7/8/2015 Category: Religion
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Most people say the Ouija Board is the devil's toy. And the other half say its just a part of our imagination.
My opening argument to this debate is if the Ouija Board is real or fake?


The Ouija Board has been manufactured now for over 100 years, billed as "the Wonderful Talking Board" in 1901 when a businessman named William Fuld stole the idea from his boss Charles Kennard, and an associate named Elijah Bond who"d created something similar in 1890. The name "Ouija" simply was a blend of the two words "Oui"," (Yes" in French), and "Ja" (Yes in German), presumably to give it the enticement of mystery. .It contains no electronically moving parts, no battery-operated gizmos, yet it is has a pointer to move around the board and a letter/number board with "yes" and "no" listed. Sold in toy sections of stores it sends a mistaken message that it is a safe, harmless, whimsical board game, just because it"s in the same section with the chess boards and checker boards, etc. It truly isn't

Now to the "nitty gritty": What moves the pointer? Spirits do! You obviously notice that the pointer is moving without your own hands pushing it around. You know this for a fact, as you can "feel something else there---someone else doing it". What you are actually doing engaging in this "board game" is linking to the Spirit Realm, but who in the Spirit Realm? There is no guarantee that you are going to contact the one person that you wish to, even though you asked. It is not like dialing up a friend knowing their telephone number,--it is more like dialing up a huge city"s phone booth with many people accessing the single telephone, and chances are that the one person whom you wish to speak to is slim to none. But others will gladly talk to just anyone who is able to ring up that phone. Add to that the fact that the people there near this huge city"s "phone booth" might not be anyone whom you would even consider speaking to if you knew their character. It can obviously be an open invitation to spirit or demonic possession. The movie "The Exorcist" was based on a reportedly real demonic possession occurring in 1949 which arose out of the use of a "talking board".

All in the Spirit World is governed by the Lord, and if there is someone playing with the Ouija board, thinking that it is a "game" and is fascinated with an activity that might also provide some entertainment as well as an element of mystery and excitement, then it is an open invitation to the dark elements, and the Lord will not block it. Why? Because the Lord is also our Father and as a parent he will allow us to learn a huge "school of hard knocks" lesson delving into what is essentially an extremely easy access point to the Spirit World with the attitude and intention of entertainment. Many times people learn the "hard way" and if that is the way that we ourselves have chosen by our own will, then the trouble will not be blocked. Therefore, I strongly suggest that there should not be the usage of the Ouija Board.

Using the Ouija Board is an extremely easy to contact lower realm and negative energy spirits who also are a part of this huge universe. Those beings can and will become involved directly with your Auric Field and that is the trouble. You see, within the contact action they also establish a direct touch with your energy and use your energy to establish a link so that they can tap your energy even afterwards when you"ve put away the Ouija Board. The risks are just too high and dangerous.

The Ouija board needs at least two people to touch the pointer. People may not have given much thought to this, but the fact is that we humans are Spiritual Beings Encased In Physical Bodies. That"s the clincher! We have energy that we are made up of, and this is real energy that can and could be accessed if the Lord is willing to allow it. Now with two or more people touching the Ouija Board"s pointer, they are all giving: 1. their attention to it, plus 2. they are automatically opening up their Auric Fields to contact by their welcoming the contact, and 3. asking questions hoping that the pointer will move to form words for "answers". With two or more people touching it, turning over their will to be a part of the movement of the pointer, it is also giving over their energy for the contact, In this way it allows lower energy and much darker Spirits to easily be able to come through. These heavier, lower range negative spirits would not have the strength on their own to have such a close contact with someone of the light and higher vibration here on the Earth otherwise, and they have ulterior motives when they participate. Their energy is such that it will not transfer through unless more than one person is sharing their Auric Field Energy with them. That's why the pointer needs more than just one person before it will be moved by a Spirit. It is the Spirit's hand that is moving the pointer around the board, not some kind of vague cosmic energy, but a real Spirit's hand pushing the pointer, in addition to also attaching to the two or more people's Auric Field while they are moving the pointer and waiting for those people present to ask their questions. They are not there to do any human being on the HIGHER plane of planet Earth a favor. They are usually not just standing there politely waiting while you ask your questions and chat with each other. They are also trying to force their energy into your back Chakras which are the Will Centers. They can and frequently do reach inside your bodies and force their minds to link with yours while the contact is established, so it is not a good thing to be doing the Ouija Board, especially if there was no prayers, no idea of bringing Christ into the situation,--doing it solely for an evening's entertainment. Even if you pray, if you are still using the Ouija Board out of idle curiosity you can still be vulnerable and here is the issue: it is intent that is the important factor and the easy access for dark spirits to access you during the usage of the board plus later on also that makes this board really a danger.

All is viewed in Spirit Realm with the issue of what the persons' intentions are when they contact Spirits with an Ouija Board. So you can see that there could be the opening of a door that would invite in negativity. Once they have established a link, it often isn't able to break or separate the link all that easily. The trouble you could be having after using the Ouija Board could go on for months or even years of having what is called a "Spirit Attachment". Why would a Spirit do this? If it isn't someone you know and you can also feel/sense a feeling of negativity there, then you have reached a darker-energy Spirit who has time on his or her hands and feels that you deserve a kind of trick played on you for accessing something that you know little about. Spirits who have earned a degree of benefits (accolades) and receive permission to travel can and do that willingly, even though those Spirit people are not very good characters.

Often when several people get involved with using the Ouija Board, they don't just "play" with it once. They have the board at their home and then they are fascinated by using it that first time, and start to plan to have more "visits" with the Ouija Board. They find themselves trying it out over and over, and often the times of the visits are "different feeling" with the strange and odd energies and feelings also coming through them or at them. They sense the trouble starting with the Ouija Board's comments becoming more and more negative or beguiling, so they then put a halt to the contact by getting scared or angry, but that feeling of negativity lingers, and that's why sometimes there has been the negative Spirit following around those persons later on, days, weeks, and even months. God will allow this to happen often to just teach those people a lesson in treating with respect the contacting of the Spirit Realm.

How can you tell for sure that you have truly contacted the one person you wanted to using the Ouija Board? You can't for certain.
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks for the many many many paragraphs of facts but you have copied all of your information from a website. I know this because I looked at the same site.

What is your opinion with your knowledge on the Ouija Board.


ouija boards are real.
ghosts are real.
the answer is yes ouija boards do work for communicating with spirits.
no you should not try one, at least not alone. do you have any idea how many people get attacked, possessed or even killed because of reckless 'playing' with the ouija board.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all thank you for an honest answer. You should have done that from the start.
I 100% believe in spirits and demons. I have done tons of research on the board and would love to to try one to see its power for itself.

I totally agree that you should never play alone always play with someone else that is comfortable with using the board and ask all the right questions to make it a little safer.


DongJuan21 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by OkLetsGo 3 years ago
Some studies have said that this is the idometer effect which makes it way more spooky, but demons and spirits don't scare me because there's no real evidence of them.
Also, everything con wrote has been plagiarized, so I'd say that his opinion holds no relevance and isn't really his opinion. It's not a debate if you copy word-for-word what another site says and especially not including the source when it's obvious when it's one of the first things that pop up is that website.
Posted by Pickle11 3 years ago
I thank you Responsiblyrresponsible for your comment. I hate when other debaters use other peoples information on the debate and not use their own knowledge when answering a question on the debate.
Posted by ResponsiblyIrresponsible 3 years ago
Everything CON wrote is plagiarized: []
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