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Our Youth Should Be Allowed Civil Rights

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Started: 11/6/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Post Voting Period
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When children are born to their parents, they are expected to spend the first several years of their lives (1-18) sealed within an invisible prison of bondage and social, personal, and sexual repression that society has refused to acknowledge for so long. Our youth are thought of as clay, just waiting to be molded by the parents they didn't choose. Their birth is only a means for unfulfilled parents to force their unachieved desires and world-perspectives onto them.

Children born into this world bare a heart-aching burden, the burden of fulfilling or satisfying others; their desires and individuality often go unheard. Our kids immediately must carry the weight of being a perfect individual for mommy and daddy, with perfect grades and demanding recreational pursuits. They are indoctrinated with religions that they don't understand as of yet. They are expected to be the housecleaners, they are expected to only think of their parents happiness, instead of their own. Kids are allowed to be treated like second-class citizens; they are allowed to be scorned, told to be quiet, their intellect is not welcomed, they are not able to choose what they want, often are told they DO NOT KNOW what they want, are allowed to be PHYSICALLY ASSAULTED when stepping out of line; work, career, innovation, and financial pursuits often aren't thought of for youth to pursue, they are financially dependent on their parents who use this as another means to control them, their sexual maturity is shunned, they are sexually repressed individuals, freedom of sexual orientation does not fly in most households, they are unable to say what they feel or pursue what they believe, and are trapped everyday in a realm where they must adhere to the laws and restrictions of the family they didn't ask to be born in.

These are the things SLAVES adheres to. And we don't even TRY to understand our youth. We don't try to remember what it was like; probably because we don't want to. The more we ignore the clear problem our youths must endure, which are issues a lot of us most likely faced as youths ourselves, the more misery we'll breed. Our inaction IS action, and this is an issue I feel no one has had the nerve to address: Our youths DESERVE civil rights. You see, children are not clay. Like me and you, they are their own individuals with a right to form their own ideas, opinions, and thoughts about the world around them, a world they are indeed present in, everyday.

Age does not and should not determine whether another human being should be treated with respect or not, or whether they can achieve their own happiness or not. Or whether they get to decide how to go about their life, or not. We need to get rid of that Industrial Age, 1800s idea that children are born to be, not their own people, but our servants, our tools, our means of gaining we wanted out of our lives. Youths ARE NOT your personal toys, meant to satisfy you. They are their own people, more intelligent, competent, and in-tune with self then we give them credit for. They should allowed freedom of speech and freedom of expression, just as any person is allowed to contain; they should not have to wait until their eighteen for those rights, that is insane and horribly repressive. They should be allowed to pursue healthy relationships and friendships and make healthy sexual decisions according to THEIR bodies; no human should be sexually repressed and parents (and society) DO NOT get to make that call. But they do, and our youth are rightfully rebellious because of it. They are catching wind of the unfairness of their everyday lives and how the people around them are controlling it.

Abuse, dysfunctional families, mental and emotional issues, repression, sexism, racism, restriction; our youth is subjected to it all, in their own households, in their own schools, in their own societies. They aren't somehow not exposed to the real world, they ARE in the real world, and they deserve real rights like any American citizen has; they ARE American citizens. Already I can hear parents claiming that their kids don't know any better, they need assistance to survive, they NEED to be our slaves, otherwise, how on earth will they survive or learn?

People do not understand the dynamic of child rearing; you bring a child into the world and it is your right to give him/her basic understanding of how to function in the world like a normal human being and NOTHING else. Safety, health, protection, and a good role model willing to be, not a parent, not a restrictor, not a master, but a mentor and guide, someone who has compassion and understanding, is what our children deserve. Someone to help them navigate the world based on how the child sees fit for THEIR own life, not that of their parent. That would create creative thinkers, innovate individuals, and more stress-free, happier, and healthier youth. The 1800s way of how we treat our youth should disappear immediately, including that 1800s styled, educational system that we FORCE these people to go to that does nothing for them but make their suffering, as youth, worse.

Mentors (yes I'm calling you that now), once you invite your child into life it should be your HONOR to ensure that child gets everything they need to ensure they become their own future individuals. They do not owe you; not chores, not an A, not nothing. YOU owe them the world, you owe it to encourage them to grow, to be who they are, to understand their plight, to teach them to act with love and respect, to MODEL respect, responsibility, and empathy, to give them what they need and desire to be fulfilled or to help them gain it, so stop robbing from them what you owe them. Stop forcing them to see the world the way you see it. Stop treating your kids like you wouldn't treat your own friends.

Let's change the way we see our youth; they are not cattle to be herded, or clay to be molded, or slaves to be oppressed. They are competent people with minds of their own, who deserve their own pursuit of happiness. Remember what it was like. Let's give youth civil rights.

One final note... A lot of people would not be willing to treat their kids like the humans they are and offer them the rights they deserve; they want their children, solely to control them. If our youth had rights, don't you think it would cause a shift in reproduction rates? People would be less willing to have children they couldn't reprimand. There goes your over-population problem! Just food for thought.


I accept and will be arguing that we need to whip our children into line like we did in the good old days before socialists took over america.

Where are the days where we had full control of our property.
We had the choice to raise children, we had the choice on how to raise them.
Are you going to put police in every home to flush out the "evil parents?"
How could this be enforced?

Children are so used to being told they are amazing. They get medals for finishing last or for losing. They should have those medals thrown on the floor. The sooner they realize life is about winning only, the better they are prepared.

Children should also perform what is expected of them. They should cook and clean and only play with their knight rockinghorses and dolls (male and female respectively.)

Also, speaking of which, stop cross-dressing your children. Stop making them queer. You people are terrible parents.

Simple logic will expedite the process of unveiling the obvious agenda here.

Communism -> Hates property -> Pro supports communism
Debate Round No. 1


My debater makes a clear example of the reason I believe a child should be given rights, to protect them from backwards thinking individuals like this.
To think a child is automatically your property or your object is horribly inhumane and objectifies the child; they aren't even human in your eyes.
But children and teens ARE human and they deserve the humans rights that any adult in this country is allowed, because clearly, our youth need them.

The choice is not the parents to make. Children are exposed to the real world everyday and they begin to form their own mindsets based around it. You can't control your kids or make the choices for your kids life because they literally begin to think and do for themselves by the time they're ten, hell even six. I believe it's not up to a parent to force their children to be a certain way or raise them to be clones of their parents, I believe the parents role should be that of a guide, someone who helps guide the child through the life that was given to them, that the child him or herself leads, while protecting and loving them along the way. Birth does not make you a slave to someone else, the very thought is horrifying.

But onto something else. This idea would simply be enforced by creating those civil rights. That's all that would need to occur. And so what if it causes a major shift? Most major and needed changes do. Because people are reluctant to treat their children like people, it'll cause tension. And yes, if a child's rights are intruded upon, they would have the right to get help from authority. If they are being treated like property, they would have the right to ask for help and the parents would have to change, if anything; or the children could be moved and get the healthy parents they need, folks who actually care for the child's well-being and not their own. That's reasonable and what would and should occur.

Yes, it does weed out bad parents. It would also weed out abuse and dysfunctional families. Terrible situations that children are going through everyday that no one takes heed to or cares to take heed to. Giving children civil rights could be the best thing we could ever do to ensure that the youth of America our protected by harmful individuals in their lives. It would also cause more people to be reluctant about willy-nilly having child for their own benefit, merely using kids as a means to get paid, or having kids as a means to force them and mold them. It would really encourage people to think about what they truly intend to do for their child as parents and stop them from thinking so selfishly about children in the first place. Giving children civil rights would revolutionary for everyone involved and change the way we think about parenting and children themselves.

As a conclusion, there is no "agenda" here. That's the equivalent of calling the civil rights movement, which would allow black people(one of which I am; a woman as well) civil rights, an agenda, as if it contains evil intent. This is merely the same concept, only giving our youth civil rights and acknowledging them as the humans that they are as well, there is nothing evil about that, at all. And I say, it's about time we did this. Because apparently, we assume our kids are objects, not human, to begin with. That's what people thought of black slaves, that's what some people think of the queers you mentioned, gay people, anyone else who rightly lives their life they way they please to. Why would we hold our kids to the same equivalent?

The world is not your little bubble, my debating friend, people do not have to succumb to your opinions about their sexually, just as kids should not have to succumb to what their parents want from them, that's not the parents role and should have never been. Let's give our kids civil rights, seriously.


Children's civil rights are free housing and food. They are property until they are self sustaining.

Its also kind of racist that you compared black people to children. This is not 1960, you can't do that anymore.

All of the ills you mentioned that are happening to children exist because of lax parents. We need to crack down and take the reigns back. If you need your porch painted, by golly, johnny better pain that porch or he's sleeping outside.

You also mentioned gays. Gays are created because of terrible "anything goes" parents obviously.

You also claim no agenda but you made several instances where you are paraphrasing marx. You may fool all the libtardos on this site but you don't fool myself and the strength of our tea party.

Children should only speak when spoken to. No one likes a rude punk kid who thinks he is too cool to play pop warner which I have coached for 30 years. I have see first hand what the marijuanas do to kids who inject them, who otherwise would never have picked up the needle if they had parents like I did.

Civil rights is a gateway drug to communism. I rest my case.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for keeping the debate going by the way.

I do not see giving children their rights as 'free housing and food'. The thing is, from the get go, parents owe it to their children to provide for them. Food, housing, clothes, education, and financial assistance, these are a given when caring for your child. Anything less and you aren't a very suitable parent to begin with. Giving children civil rights highlights the difference between providing for and guiding your child and not dictating your child's lifestyle and pursuits.

As a black woman writing in this debate... Nope, it isn't racist for me to compare two comparable plights. Racism is the reason the civil rights movement began. And ageism is the reason children/teens require civil rights as well, they are humans too, with needs, wants, feelings, and desires like their adult counterparts. Please stop seeing our youth as properly and start seeing them as the developing young adults that they are, who need to be taken seriously.

If by "crack down and take the reigns back" I hope you mean that in regards to the freedom and wellbeing of our youth. The ills that I mentioned aren't just happening because of lax parents, they are happening because of parents who are incapable of parenting or who don't know how to parent, because of parents who cannot provide for their children in the first place, because of parents who are mentally and emotionally unstable, because of parents who are dysfunctional or abusive, and many more types of unqualified people who choose to bring children into the world and don't plan on treating them with respect or care.

I mentioned gay people so that you would hopefully understand how our youth and gay people share an equal plight of a lack of respect, recognition, or rights; at least gay people finally have their rights, but some people are STILL reluctant to give some gay people their rights and are thus breaking a law (Kim Davis). And nope, gay people aren't created by "anything goes" parents. Their experiences and loves in their life shape them, study has even proven it to be genetic, it really depends on the person. But it is not the cause of their parents. And "anything goes" parents aren't necessarily negative, as you've painted them out to be; as long as their child is being cared for, protected, guided, taught, and loved, I believe these types of parents have the right idea of letting their children develop into who they want to be.

Hm, I don't know about marx... I'm only speaking from my heart and voicing what I truly believe, sorry if that sounds too scary for you; the truth usually freaks people out. Hopefully the people reading this and you, my debating friend, can realize the power and healthy change of accepting the truth of this matter: our youth deserve civil rights. There is nothing 'agenda' about recognizing that our youth deserve as much respect as any adult receives and to be treated like the individual and competent human beings that they are.
Sir, I do not wish to fool anyone. Fooling is not the mission. It's not a trick or deceit to suggest a child be owed their rights. And I make this debate, not for defying 'the tea party'. Because I don't care for the ego the tea party, I only care for the gratification of our kids. They deserve it.

That kind of thinking is ageism at it's finest. Children should speak when they want to, like any person is allowed to. Children are not out to step on your ego, that's what goes through YOUR mind. But an articulate child who has something worthy of adding to the conversation, wants to do just that: add to the conversation. Adults need to check their own fear and egos. Because apparently it's the fear of being shown up or looking less intelligent by someone who happens to be younger than them and getting your pride wounded, that is the problem. We need to change our perspectives on kids. Let's be grateful for their contribution instead of feeling threatened by it. Speaking of threatened, the way you went on about said "rude punk kid", shows me that you yourself could feel a little threatened and even jealous by them, too. This could be the case for many other adults. Us adults need to check ourselves. It's like the saying goes, age is nothing but a number. This makes a lot of sense, since there are ten year olds who are fascinated by politics and immature forty year olds who love playing video games (no shame, lol). Children are not somehow supposed to shut up so adults don't have to feel threatened or insulted; it's just plain immature if you think about it. No different than some big kids who don't like having the little kids tag along, thinking they'll ruin all the fun.

As a final note, drugs and marijuana is irrelevant to this discussion. By saying that our youth should be allowed their rights, I'm not somehow suggesting we automatically allow our kids/teens to partake in harmful substances. What civil rights entails is that our youth's autonomy, through relationships, emotions, mentality, personality, individualism, beliefs, ideas, and sexually, be recognized and respected. You know, recognizing and respecting them as HUMANS in their own right. The thought is scary for some people for some reason; I cannot understand it for the life of me. I remember being fourteen and younger and fifteen and older, and I sought the ability and freedom who I was and pursue my own life, but I was afraid of what my mom, family, church and society would think. I felt trapped and scared and repressed and no one has the right to feel that way, no matter how old you are. Them still being young, it goes without saying that they will still need to be guided, protected, nurtured, educated, and taught how to practice being safe and healthy in the different areas of their lives. But that should be done all without trying to dictate, restrain, and control them and their lives.

Let's give our youth civil rights.


Let me summarize my debate points

Civil rights are a farce to provoke communism.

Children are not asking for these "rights"

They almost invariably come from outside sources and college professors.

Children may not be communists, but they should do more to fight against it.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by wwwwh 1 year ago
"Children may not be communists, but they should do more to fight against it."
I will be sure to tell my 2 year old niece that she needs to do more to fight communism.
Posted by wwwwh 1 year ago
"Children may not be communists, but they should do more to fight against it."
I will be sure to tell my 2 year old niece that she needs to do more to fight communism.
Posted by JernHenrik 1 year ago
I thought "Renegader" made some very persuasive arguments.

At age 11-15 I was very interested in guns and warfare.
I learned early on what to anticipate in my adult life: The hardships of a soldiers life.

I am grateful for that. Otherwise, I might have turned homosexual?!!!
Posted by blackhawkbunny34 1 year ago
You both are terrible debaters, but kids cannot be thrown into the real world. They do barely any chores and a parent spends an average of 18 million dollars from the time their kids are born to the time they go off to college.
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Reasons for voting decision: Round 2 - con conceded by saying that children should be viewed as property because they should have civil rights (right to food and free housing). They effectively gave up the debate right at that point, and although pro never pointed it out, I must vote pro.