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Our generation is victim of low expectations - Books

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Started: 3/21/2011 Category: Society
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Just recently I was at a local bookstore looking for books on a "teen reading level". Most bookstores have a designated teen aisle so I walked over and started to browse through the titles. I was surprised at what I found. Almost all were fiction with a sadly twisted plot. Most had some reference to vampires, blood or lost love. Furthermore there were no books that could have helped prepare teens for the oncoming step into to adulthood. There were no inspirational books or books of information, politics or decision making. There was nothing to help teens prepare for the future, nothing that would help equip them for the important decision making required of them as adults.
Based on the current path of society, I probably shouldn't have been surprised. But I had to ask myself, how did we get here? What went so dreadfully wrong? Were we ever expected to do anything more than what most of us are required to do now which, let's face it, is just about nothing. Make our bed, do an occasional chore, and get decent grades in school is just about all. It seems like even less when we compare it to what we could be doing with our amazing God-given potential. What we are expected to do is less than young adults were required to do only about 50 years ago.


I have few questions:
What does the opponent base his/her claim off of--that our generation is victim of low expectations--that our teens have no inspiring books--that young adults 50 years ago were expected to learn more?
Moreover, to say nothing of the ontology of God, what is human's God-given potential?
How old do you consider teens?

Creationist cites no one piece of evidence to back up her claim other than empirical data, an anecdote at that.
In fact, there are, in the marketplace, many books, both self-edifying and educational, that target young adults.
Moreover, standard/quality of education for young adults fifty years ago was lecture-oriented with little participation in the learning experience on the student's part and, even if it were so and the point were to be conceded that indeed requirements were higher, it is indisputable that such quality of education was not available equally to all, in light of prevalent dogma of racism, sexism and secularism of the day.
At any rate, standards of education in the US shows promise of improvement:
I await rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 1


Firstly, to clarify.
I have based my argument on the sole fact that the current generation seems to be slacking off, when compared against what our full potential could be. I am not saying that there are no inspirational books that are directed at teens (teens being persons between the age of 13 and 19 approximately). If anything there are more books attempting to teach teens important life skills. But do most any teens read those kinds of books? How many non-fiction, character-building, inspirational books do you see on the teen best-seller list?

Not many.
Furthermore, regarding our God-given potential.
I am saying that we have been given amazing abilities and talents that we are wasting.
What are we expected to do as teens?
I found an articles on "teaching teen responsibility by setting expectations". Here is what that article said we are expected to do:

Managing an allowance.
Making plans with friends and giving parents all of the necessary information.
Have useful daily habits like making his/her bed and picking up his/her room.
Cleaning his/her room – vacuuming, dusting, etc – weekly, with some parental help.
Take phone messages and putting them where someone will see them.

Older Teens:
Everything on the preteen list that you have not added before.
Doing a daily household chore, such as cleaning the dinner dishes, straightening the family room, swiping down the bathroom, etc.
Helping with the weekly household chores.
Make sure the gas gauge in the car does not go below a quarter of a tank.
Marking special dates and plans on the family calendar or planner.

Please do not feel that your teenager should be doing all of them. Pick and choose a few and add on as your teen is able to handle more responsibilities.

Now doesn't it seem like we could be doing a little more that just that?

Secondly, respond.
I looked at all 3 of VirginianRobin's links.
The first one was a list of educational books directed at teens. But, as i said before, how many teens actually read them?

The second link was referring to educational levels 50 years ago.
I do not think he fully understood what i meant.
I meant that what is expected of us by most parents, teachers, and even society has dropped in the last 50 years, as well as how much we are expected to know and take responsibility for.
I did not mean that our grades plummeted. Most of us probably know more than people did in the 1950s. But they were not expected to know as much because they were not as advanced as we are now.
Now all of the recourses to seemingly limitless knowledge are practicably at our fingertips.
So why are we not taking advantage of this knowledge?

The third link was stating that Obama is pushing for higher education standards.
The only reason that I can think of that explains why VirginianRobin would post this link is to show that America is smart. But notice it says that we show "promise of improvement", which means that we were not doing that well to begin with.

Now I have one question for VirginianRobin.

Why are we not taking advantage?


VirginianRobin forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Because my opponent has not countered any of the points that I have just made, I will make no further points until he responds.


VirginianRobin forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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