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Overall Xbox 360 is better than ps3 (not dependant on games)

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Started: 5/9/2009 Category: Technology
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My argument is as follows: As a whole, the 360 despite its major downfall (the red ring of death) is what I would recommend to someone who could only afford one system. IN this first round I'll just list pros, cons and similarities and wait for an opponent.

360 pros:
1. cheaper
2. more exclusive titles
3.wider selection of games
4.better warranty and an optional extended one live is preferred by more gamers than p.s.n. (source: game informer survey.)

360 cons:

2. must buy blu-ray drive (may not matter to some but remember this is about the overall system.) which are discontinued and rare
3. bulky controllers with unreliable bumper buttons
4.awkward "power brick" is a pain in confined spaces

accessories (Microsoft) :

quality of wired headset is appalling

keypad is ergonomically better with larger buttons (which are illuminated) than the ps3s (Sony accessory) however it gets its power from the controller which shortens its already less than stellar battery life

ps3 pros:

1. p.s.n. is free
2. lighter controllers with longer battery life
3. Internet browser with built in wi-fi
4. built in memory card slots |
5. enough usb ports to charge four controllers at once

ps3 cons:

2. price of controllers could be less if Sony dropped the utterly useless motion feature
3. weight, this machine has great heft
4. high gloss finish attracts scratches and fingerprints like nothing else

accessories (Sony):

headset is less comfortable than the 360 wireless (Microsoft) but being blu-tooth can be used with any compatible device (also any blu-tooth headset can be used with the system)


Although technically more capable, game developers usually don't put in the extra effort into ps3 graphics so I'd call it a draw in that department. (multi platform games) Both will play standard DVDs as well as play music

let it begin


Ps3 vs Xbox 360. Now I will show you why the PS3 is greater than or equal to the Xbox 360

Now the main reason why one would buy a gaming console obviously, to play games.
-Game stability goes to PS3. "far less problems with PS3 games than with 360 games." Now although the 360 may have more choice or variety. This cannot be used as a comparing factor considering that the number of exclusive titles will change over time.

Now everyone wants something that's worth there money.
-The Xbox is dirt cheap. Where an Xbox 360 ranges from 299-399$ and the "lower end" PS3 for a flat 399$. So first look the 360 wins hands down, but looking at features where the PS3 would cover your average 200$ Blue-ray dvd player, and the 100$ wi-fi add-on that you have to add-on for the 360. So at first the 360 may seem cheaper, but with the extra features whether you really need blue ray or wi-fi the PS3 would dominate.

Since we are not just basing this off of games we must look majorly to the specs also.
a)Graphics- Apparently the PS3 has a godly graphics processor, but it is noted that on the games which weren't created for the PS3 didn't utilize the full power of the PS3. Looking at exclusives the PS3 got better scores.
b)Memory- the PS3 wins with the changeable hard drive and all the supported media compared to 360
c)Networking- While the Xbox 360 had a great amount of features such as being able to even connect to our own PC. The PS3 comes with built in wi-fi, and ability to surf the web. The 360 makes a comeback with their Netflix downloads, but the wi-fi is going to cost money. PS3 wins
d)audio and video- Both Xbox 360 and PS3 process surround sound, but the PS3 has HDMI.
e)Processor- "Sony's Cell processor wins from a brute power perspective."
The Xbox 360 will last for the near future, but in the long run PS3 out runs it.

4)Looks- black-piano shiny PS3 wins

5)Multimedia- PS3 wins just by the blue-ray itself

6)Piracy, Hackers, Modders, or whatever else you want to call them- PS3 is still yet to be cracked

7)A big thing the RROD, Performance- Though the Xbox does have more games and other junk out there. The PS3 still wins without dying or having this power brick to run it. The PS3 is also much quieter than the Xbox

I am running out of characters, but there are so many things that can be listed between this battle of PS3 vs Xbox 360. Overall the PS3 has better features, graphics, looks, performance than the Xbox. Xbox is keeping good pace with the PS3 but in the long run the PS3 will win. Both the 360 and PS3 are equally great therefore this resolution is negated that the 360 in fact is not any better than the PS3
Debate Round No. 1


madmonkey889 forfeited this round.
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madmonkey889 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Me100 8 years ago
dont worry I still got
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Posted by madmonkey889 8 years ago
apparently my challenger is slow, and unable to discuss
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