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Started: 11/18/2016 Category: Games
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Should Sombra be Nerfed


Yo, before we get into this, lets all give around of applause for this guy bringing this up.

Okay, so when I first got on Overwatch and played this new character, I was hooked instantly. As soon as I heard that there was a character who could both go invisible and teleport, I would have bought an entire new copy of Overwatch for twice as much just for that character.

Okay so yes she can turn invisible, teleport, and deactivate other hero abilities, however, if you haven't noticed none of her abilities do damage. here damage comes directly from her weapon. yes it has a lot of ammo, and does a fair amount of damage. however the gun doesn't have much range and doesn't have much accuracy. Needles to say, assuming ever shot hits, Tracer, Reaper, and Mr. #HighNoon himself all do more damage per second than her.

Next, her teleport. only 3 other characters have this sort of ability Tracer, Reaper, and Symetra.
Sombra's teleport is an instant recall to were she places her teleport-er. Tracers has a slimier teleport, however tracer's doesn't have a expiration date. yes she can trough it to get to places she hasn't been, but that is really only good for jumping into combat quickly and without being seen, however Sombra's teleport doesn't heal her. yes she can get places easily but she can't save herself from falling off a cliff. so personally her teleport ability is perfectly limited.

Sambra's skill lock ability allows her to deactivate health points and hero skills. deactivating a hero's skill forces you to stop shooting, not only that but is has a chance to reset the charge up time if you get hit while using it, her ability is only any good if she is only fighting a single person and catches them off gourd.

Which leads us into the final ability, her cloaking device. This device allows you to move faster and unseen for about 5 seconds. this is extremely useful as long as you use it without being seen, when you are hit by anything while cloaked, you are forced out of the ability, making it easy to deactivate if someone foolishly uses it to try to escape a situation. not only that but if you have to be behind the person when you come out, you can't attack while using it and there is a who 1 second deactivation graphic that happens before you can attack, giving the enemy plenty of time to attack first if you accidentally come out at the wrong time.

A lot of the people who think Sombra is OP are the people that have to play against her and that is because they only see the end result of there death, they didn't see all the effort that was put into killing them. if you have ever played Sombra and been consistently successful with her, you probably noticed that her abilities are actually pretty useless on there own. Supposing the two players have equal skill in there characters she doesn't do enough damage to take out another DPS and she doesn't have enough heath to out last a Tank. She can only one on one a support character. So how does she keep killing you?

Well its because her abilities are so situation specific that when you play her you are forced think ahead. you can't just charge in so your going to have to stealth into the battle. you don't have a lot of health so your going to need an escape so your going to have to through down a teleport-er so you can port out (just so you know, that is exactly why the made the moment speed boost so big, so that you can run into a battle happening a lot farther away) Ounce you get back your going to need a heal because none of your abilities heal you so your going to place your teleport-er on top of a health spawn. However, you want the health pack to be there when you get back so your going to hack it so you can be sure you will get a heal when you get back. Rinse and repeat.

She is a completely solo character and is completely self reliant, that is the only reason she is so powerful. She keeps killing you because her abilities are so situational that it forces her to be tactically smart in order to survive. Other characters aren't made this way, the reason you die against Sombra is simply because she is an assassin. She is built to go in kill someone and get out just like Tracer, and there is nothing wrong with an assassin character. If you die to Sombra its because you had lower health or she got the drop on you which is true for every DPS character in the game. If you died to Sombra going head to head at full health and she didn't use any of the tactics I just told you about, it was either a fluke "good try, get over it, better luck next time" or you just suck, and nobody can help you with that.
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Posted by Calebmiller 7 months ago
I think sombra is a counter for genji because you can hack and then he can"t deflect the bulluts which gives more time to attack.
Posted by HepEbolAids 1 year ago
XD just read back my post. Sorry I might have gone a little overboard
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