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P.E.T.A. kills animals

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Started: 2/1/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Peta has killed more than 10,000 animals rescued. Why? I dont know, thats what the debate is for. Duh!


Actually guys, this is VERY easy to disprove that they're animal killers. Because there is no context!

The Center for Consumer Freedom, a lobbyist front group for some of the worst industries (e.g. tobacco, alcohol, animal agriculture, junk food, etc) created "PETA Kills Animals" to attempt to discredit People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals since getting people to be humane to animals is devastating to animal agriculture big business.

A lot of people critize PETA and think that they go around killing animals for fun. This couldn"t be further from the truth. They published a counter argument at which talks about their "shelter of last resort" where they ONLY taken in broken animals with nowhere to go that need relief. They defer away healthy animals that are adoptable and don't take them in. So the only ones they DO take in are ones that NEED humane euthanasia. They also offer discount euthanasia to locals that otherwise would throw a bag of puppies in the river or take them out back and shoot them. They also rescue animals about to be inhumanely euthanized (e.g. instances of shelters running a hose from a van to a box) and humanely euthanize them. They take animals in that need to go to a better place.

Debate Round No. 1


1. The receptionist stated that PETA did not operate an animal shelter.

When I indicated that PETA did report to operate an animal shelter and

that this office has inspected in it in the past, an additional staff member

was called to the desk and reiterated that there was no shelter. At this

point I asked for Ms. Nachminovitch. Ms. Nachminovitch was called

and indicated that she would be at the facility shortly. No other staff

was available to begin the inspection.

2. The facility contains three rooms designated as animal enclosures.

The rooms are not further subdivided into runs or cages. The three

animals occupying the rooms were not being held for adoption

purposes (one was being held in conjunction with the clinic operations,

one was being boarded for an indigent community member, and one on

behalf of a PETA employee). The facility does not contain sufficient

animal enclosures to routinely house the number of animals annually

reported as taken into custody.

3. 2902010 animal custody records were reviewed. 17 or 6% were

recorded as adopted or in foster homes, 273 or 94% were recorded as

euthanized. Of these, 245 or 90% were euthanized within the first 24

hours of custody.


Your argument you posted is "here-say" dialogue and doesn't include any sources.

Here's an actual response from PETA:

This campaign is the work of the deceitfully-named Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), a front group for Philip Morris, Outback Steakhouse, KFC, cattle ranchers, and other animal exploiters who kill millions of animals every year, not out of compassion, but out of greed. These companies are worried about the strides that PETA is making that are changing their industries and compelling them to take animal welfare concerns seriously, so"since they can"t argue with us on the facts of the animal abuse they fund"they hope to scare people away from caring about animals by spending millions on smear ads, mailings and Web sites like this.

Despite its deceptive intent, we welcome the opportunity that this provides to discuss the animal overpopulation crisis. We are on the front lines of the battle to turn back the tide of unwanted dogs and cats, and we need your help. PETA is on the front lines of the battle to turn back the tide of unwanted dogs and cats. Our caseworkers tirelessly rescue homeless animals from environmental dangers, as well as cruelty and neglect ( They crawl through sewers, poke through junkyards, climb trees, and dodge traffic in order to reach animals in danger. During floods and storms, they are out saving lives at all hours.

Some of the animals we take in are lost companions with loving families who miss them; we are always happy to return such animals to their homes. We have also managed to catch and return some highly elusive animals other agencies had given up on. PETA does not operate a shelter, but"even though we foster many healthy homeless animals that we have rescued in homes (often our own) or take them to shelters to await adoption"the reality is that thousands of adoptable animals are euthanized every day in shelters across America due to the lack of good homes.

Because most area residents take healthy, adoptable animals directly to local shelters, the majority of the animals we receive are extremely sick or injured beings for whom euthanasia is, without a doubt, the most humane option ( To learn about one local instance, please see On another occasion, when a power-line transformer explosion burned a flock of starlings, PETA was the only agency to come to the birds" aid; if our trained technicians had not been ready to end these starlings" misery, the injured birds would have suffered in agony for days before finally succumbing to a painful death.

In addition, PETA provides free euthanasia services for local residents who have very sick, critically injured, or geriatric companions but can"t afford to take them to a veterinarian. One family, lacking money for vet care and transportation, turned to us for help for their cat, who had barely crawled back home after being mauled by a pack of dogs. We were able to help by giving the cat a peaceful end to her intense pain.
We also began offering our services to shelters in North Carolina in 2000, after PETA was contacted by a police officer who was distressed by conditions in a county pound. North Carolina has the second-highest kill rate per capita in the country"35 animals killed annually for every 1,000 residents"and most do not die a humane death. When we step in to properly euthanize animals (at no cost to the participating shelters) as we do in this instance, our involvement prevents animals from being shot to death with a .22 caliber firearm, gassed to death in an rusty metal box, or injected with a paralytic that causes slow suffocation without loss of consciousness. It prevents their suffering for weeks on end from disease and illness, or worse. We know from bitter experience that for homeless animals"even those in some shelters"there is such a thing as a fate worse than death. To learn more about the conditions that led to our involvement in North Carolina and about some of the many improvements we"ve been able to make, please visit We also hope you will read this recent editorial that sheds more light on the issue of animals suffering in pounds near the North Carolina and Virginia border:

We wish that there were other acceptable options available. We cannot bring the majority of these animals back to Virginia for placement"the same issues regarding adoptability of injured, sick, or old animals exist everywhere, and "open-admission" shelters, which never turn their backs on any animal (unlike so-called "no-kill" shelters, which turn many animals away) are already unable to cope with the overpopulation of animals. There simply are not enough homes for them. Using Virginia shelters also means that there would be fewer homes for animals already in Virginia adoption facilities.
Debate Round No. 2


logangoodyear forfeited this round.


My last argument is this: "logangoodyear forfeited this round. This round has not been posted yet." Done.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by NerdCore44 5 years ago
If you think you are winning this debate it also explains why you think PETA is a bunch of cold-blooded animal murders too.
Posted by logangoodyear 5 years ago
BOOM, and dude, if a twelve year old can beat you in a debate, go to rehab!(im 12)
Posted by NerdCore44 5 years ago
Guys, very easy to add context to the situation and prove that this is a smear campaign not an act of animal cruelty. See my debate I posted.
Posted by logangoodyear 5 years ago
I'm saying P.E.T.A. kills animals.
Posted by DWolf2k2 5 years ago
As Already stated, this is an established fact that in the way it's worded, is impossible to debate against.
Posted by ax123man 5 years ago
I don't get it. Is Con to prove that PETA doesn't kill animals? But then Pro seems to say in round 1 that no, it's about why PETA kills animals. If so, Pro hasn't even taken a position. Or perhaps it is "PETA's killing of animals is immoral" ?? Or maybe the word kill isn't what we think. Maybe it's like a comedian "killing" it's audience.
Posted by KroneckerDelta 5 years ago
This is not a debate, this is matter of fact. Either PETA has killed that many or they haven't. In fact, people not dumb enough to blindly take this challenge would see, with minimal a minimal amount of research, that they have euthanized at least that many animals.

If you want to make this a true debate, then you should distinguish "kill" from "euthanize".
Posted by bladerunner060 5 years ago
What is the point of contention, here?
Posted by toolpot462 5 years ago
It's obviously a bunch of crap.
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