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PC Gaming Is Superior to Console Gaming

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Started: 1/6/2015 Category: Entertainment
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Resolved: PC Gaming Is Superior to Console Gaming


PC - a computer
superior - over all better than
console - gaming systems that are not a computer ex. Xbox, Playstation, Wii, Gameboy etc.

If there is any dispute about the definitions raise them before taking the debate challenge.

First Round: Acceptance
Second + Third Round: Arguments and Rebuttals
Fourth Round: Conclusions (No new arguments allowed).

Other rules:
No semantics
No plagiarism
Be courteous, no personal attacks etc.
No trolling

Thanks and good luck!


I accept.

I expect that pro is taking the burden of poof. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


I thank my opponent for taking this debate.

PC gaming is superior t o console gaming in many ways.

1. Hardware and Performance

PC games are limited in looks and performance solely by the hardware the computer is running. If you beef up the hardware you can beef up your game to crazy speeds and resolutions no matter what the age or recommended performance levels are. For example, PC Gamer, a popular gaming magazine, built and maintains one of the best gaming computers in the world which they call the Large Pixel Collider (LPC) [1].

The LPC can run both new and modern games and older games at crazy high resolutions and frame rates. The LPC ran Battlefield 4 at a whopping 1440p [2] while Xbox One only runs the game at 720p [3] and PlayStation4 runs the game at 900p. Both of which are significantly lower than the computer's max resolution. Furthermore, the computer can also run older games at these incredible benchmarks. The game Thief was released in 1998 and on PC it is able to run at 3840x2160 resolution. Compare this to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare on the Xbox One which runs at 1360x1080 resolution [3] and you get the picture. PC's hardware and performance is simply better.

2. Modding

Due to the fact that on a PC a game's files are accessible the game's are then able to be modded (modified). Many PC games now days have dozens of mods for them. This means that any game you buy for PC can conceivably be multiple different games. For example, the popular Total War strategy game series for PC has modifications that change the games to the World Wars [4], to Middle Earth [5] and even to Westeros from Game of Thrones [6]. Or you can easily back the game up and play the original, now one game has become four and could become many more.

This is superior to console gaming because console games cannot be modded. Their files are locked onto a disc and cannot be changed. Even if one could argue that it could be done, it would not be easy nor beneficial like it is on computer. Modding makes computer games more dynamic, more valuable for their money and makes it so you can change any game to be just about whatever you want it to be. Console games have none of this.

3. A PC Can Be a Game Console

Through emulators a PC can become almost any game system. It can be come a GameBoy, PlayStation, Xbox 360 and more [7][8][9]. Now not only do PC's run better than consoles but they can become a console and thus be able to play console only titles on the PC. For example, I use a PlayStation emulator to play Kingdom Hearts from my laptop. Now the divide between what is a PC game and a console exclusive game is gone. PC's can play games better and now play all games. With the right things installed a PC could be every major gaming console ever made and become the ultimate gaming library. And better yet, most emulators and ROMs (the games) are now free of charge so you can build this ultimate gaming library for little to no money at all.

4. Always Backwards Compatible

Every few years game consoles get an upgrade forcing console gamers to also upgrade if they want the newest and best games. Some of these new consoles are not backwards compatible meaning you can't play your old games on them. Xbox One and PlayStation4 are not backwards compatible and therefore cannot play gamers collections of old games. PC's are always backwards compatible. A modern day PC can play games that came out in the early 90s. Some games do require some tweaking here or there but for the most part games are universally backwards compatible on PC systems and that goes back to the dawn of PC gaming in the 80s. The site GoG (Good Old Games) has a plethora of extremely aged yet playable games from yesteryear which shows how nearly every PC game made can still be played today. Good luck playing an N64 or PlayStation1 game today if you don't have the right equipment still.

5. Misc

* PC's can be configured to use any controller, Xbox 360, Xbox One, keyboard and mouse, PlayStation etc. You can game the way you want to.

* PC games are generally cheaper than console games. Console games all start around 60USD while many computer games now days start at 15-20USD new. [10]

* PC's, due to their backwards compatibility and ease of modding and game design, has far more games than a traditional game console.

Therefore, PC gaming is overall superior to console gaming. Thank you.



Thank you for initiating this debate Pro.

Superior gaming experience

I want to point out that gaming is meant for entertainment purposes. People have wildly different ideas on what they find to be entertaining. Some people enjoy golf while others enjoy a good boxing match. Pro is making the claim that PC gaming is superior to console gaming. Any claim that some form of entertainment is better than another form of entertainment is highly subjective. Since pro is the one making the claim, he will assume the burden of proof. All I must do is show that console gaming is equal to or better than PC gaming.


I'll argue why console gaming is equal to or superior to PC gaming then respond to my opponents arguments next round..

Consoles have AAA title exclusive games that are not available for PC.
LittleBigPlanet 3
The Order: 1886
Uncharted series
Halo 5: Guardians
Fable Legends
Forza 5
Gran turismo 5
God of War 3
The Last of Us
Metal Gear solid 4
Critically acclaimed console exclusives offer immense entertainment value and cannot be experienced on PC. Console gaming is superior to PC gaming in this respect.

Equal hardware makes an Equal playing field

Console gamers are all playing with the same setup. When everyone is playing with the same hardware out of the box, nobody is losing to their competitive edge to sombody that bought an expensive PC rig. Expensive PC rigs allow significant FPS advantages, significant graphical fidelity advantages, and reduced lag that are all due to raw processing power alone. When playing on consoles, everyone gets a fair shake. This makes competitive gaming more fair and practical on consoles.

Online competitive PC games = hackers paradise

Competitive online PC games such as Call of Duty are regulary hacked on the PC (autoaimer). This is because third party hacking software is much easier to download and optimize on a PC than it is for consoles. The net effect is a much larger hacking audience on PC than there is for those doing online console gaming. There's also a huge problem with botting/macroing on a PC for RPG titles such as World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls online where a script actually plays the game for you while you're away. If you don't want to run into somebody hacking or cheating to gain an unfair advantage, console gaming is where it's at. This makes for an overall better gaming experience on consoles for this reason too.

Console gaming is more social

Consoles are made to picked up and played with other people on the same TV. If you were gaming on a PC another person would need another PC in order to play. When other people want to play with you on a console game, you can just hand them a controller and start playing with them. While gaming on playstation or Xbox you can also personalize and customize your player avatar and give yourself a more unique gaming identity.


Whenever you buy a game for your console system you know that it's going to work. PC games have wildly different minimum spec requirements. If you want to game hassle-free and with peace of mind, console gaming is the way to go. There's nothing worse than buying a game, finding out your PC is too weak to run the game, then trying to return the game only to be denied the return. Diablo III is just one very popular example of this being an issue on PC.


PC gaming is a stigma. Just one example of how PC gaming is a stigma is the Southpark episode where they all played World of Warcraft. What comes to mind is somebody gaming by themselves, in a solitary area, and with a generally nerdy appearance. Console gaming on the other hand, appeals to a much wider audience and doesn't have a stigma. Knowing that your gaming experience is a stigma makes it not as enjoyable when talking to other people about it.

Health benefits and wider audience

One example of health benefits is Wii Sports or Wii fitness where men, women, and children of all ages are all exercising together and having fun. This provides a superior gaming experience for a much wider demographic while also having health benefits.

Console gaming = the best bang for the buck

Consoles are an incredible value. When all is said and done, buying a running PC with an equal GPU/processing capabilities is more expensive. Whatever is cheaper and provides the same benchmark of value is the superior gaming experience.

So consoles have AAA exclusive games, they're the best bang for the buck, they appeal to a wider audience and have health benefits, social benefits, among many other important benefits that were listed. Console gaming is superior to PC gaming.
Debate Round No. 2



1. Console Exclusive Titles

PC also has a wealth of exclusive AAA titles in many genres of game. I do not think that exclusive titles are a key factor in determining which method of gaming is better. Since both PC and Console have exclusive titles I would say this point is moot lest we let the debate devolve into which has better exclusive titles which is another debate entirely.

That being said, I already addressed this as well in my previous arguments by way of emulators. Console exclusive titles are not truly exclusive as they can be emulated on PC. Therefore, PC exclusive titles cannot be played on consoles but console exclusive titles can be played on PC. This makes PC better in this regard.

2. Equal Hardware = Equal Playing Field

My opponent falsely assumes that consoles are all equal in their online gaming experience in regards to performance. This simply isn't true. Console gamers can suffer from a lack of similar equipment as well. For example, the Xbox 360 originally came out in 2005 and since then has had multiple processor upgrades [1]. It has had 8 in total. This means that a person who has an Xbox 360 from 2005 has a different (and less powerful) processor than someone who has a new one from 2014.

Furthermore, many PC games cap their frame rates in order to prevent people from having distinct frame rate advantages. While people can still fall below the frame rate cap this can happen on consoles as well. This is called lag and many online players on consoles suffer from this from time to time as well.

3. Hackers

My opponent wrongly implies that there are not bots and hackers during online play on console games. This is simply not the case. In fact, PC is more optimized to deal with hackers and bots due to the ease of access and use of PC game files and networks. I would argue that consoles are less equipped to deal with bots and hackers than PC networks. If you log into older titles such as Call of Duty: World at War or Grand Theft Auto IV you will find the networks completely overrun with hackers, modders and bots [2]. Aim bots are used in all manner of newer titles as well on console.

It is actually more difficult to detect a bot on console than it is on PC due to the coding restraints. Therefore, consoles do not have the perceived advantage in regards to hacking over PC and in fact may be at a disadvantage.

4. More Social

PC gaming is plenty social. MMORPGs are some of the most popular games in the last decade and are exclusively on PC are some of the most social games ever made. Programs like TeamSpeak and Hamachi have been designed to make PC gamers very social in that you can talk to multiple people at once and join into the same game.

While people can come and pick up a controller and play on your console you are limited to the traditional 4 people per console which limits the sociability of the game. Even if you bump up the limit to the size of your living room (lets say you can fit 10 people in around the TV to play) it is still much smaller than the social potential of the Internet. People in MMORPGs partake in 30 player raids. A typical online game of Planetside 2 or Red Orchestra 2 can have 30 players or more.

At the very least PC is just as social as console but I would argue that it has the potential to be more social. Most PC games have the option to type or voice chat while in game while consoles only host voice chat for base users. In person social interactions are limited to four people. Though PC users would need to bring their own laptops to play with another person in person LAN (Local Access Network) can host far more than four people per game during a session.

Therefore, PC is just as, if not more, social than console.

5. Hassle-free

This only becomes an issue for uneducated people in regards to their PC. Most PC gamers know the limits of their system just as a console gamer knows that their Xbox 360 cannot run a PS4 game. There are certain limitations that people must know about before purchasing a gaming system and continue to know while maintaining it. The same situation could happen to the owner of an Xbox One who buys an Xbox 360 game for the system only to find that Xbox One does not run Xbox 360 games. This person can just as easily fall prey to this hassle as a PC gamer out of ignorance and be denied a return. Game return policies have no bearing on the system in question.

Therefore, consoles have similar constraints that can lead to the same hassles as PC if the people are ignorant to such constraints.

6. Stigma

My opponent uses a highly satirical TV show as his sole example for PC gaming being a stigma. The show in question, South Park, also has an episode stigmatizing console gaming via an episode about the Okama Game Sphere [4]. In this regard South Park equally stigmatizes PC and console gaming.

That example aside there is no prevalent social stigma surrounding PC gaming and such is only a matter of perspective. Those who prefer PC gaming believe that console gaming is a stigma [3]. It is all perception.

7. Health Benefits and Wider Audience

I will concede that fitness games are unique to consoles. However, the technology is not as it merely runs of webcam technology meaning that active health games could be ported to PC with ease. Also, this again falls into the category of comparing games and game genres rather than system and platform.

As for the wider audience I have to disagree. In a recent census report it was found that PC ownership in people ages 15-34 was 92.1% [4]. I highly doubt that 92% of people in this age group own a game console. PC gaming has a MUCH greater potential audience as 92% of people already own the system on which to play games. All they have to do is buy a few which they can do directly from their PC. Thus PC gaming can reach a far greater audience than console gaming right from the get go.

And since most people already have a PC they don't have to invest in a console which saves them $300-500 which makes PC gaming a much greater value as most people will just have to purchase games. Or not. Many PC games are free or extremely cheap.

I have successfully countered my opponents arguments and my arguments still stand. Therefore, with my opponent's arguments rebutted it leaves PC gaming as the superior method to game. Thank you.



Going into this debate I knew very little about PC vs console gaming. PC gaming clearly has more advantages. Therefore PC gaming is superior overall. Vote pro.
Debate Round No. 3


I thank my opponent for his generous concession! I am made glad that the power and merit of my arguments could sway a person so.

Thank you again for a great debate!

Please Vote Pro!


Yes, thank you for this debate and vote pro!
Debate Round No. 4
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