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PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

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Started: 10/1/2014 Category: Games
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Hello everyone! This is my first debate! (On this website. I debate at school, so please don't count me as an amateur just yet =)

Today I propose a debate that his been going on amongst gamers since the beginning of time. What is the best way to game, PC or Console? There are many interesting arguments and propositions from both sides, but I will be standing up for PC Gaming, as I personally believe that it is the best.

My opponent will be advocating for Console Gaming. We will both be battling it out in 4 (technically 3) rounds of debate. The first round will be acceptance. I doubt anyone can beat me in this debate (I know I sound cocky - but I'm just confident). If you believe that you can, you may accept.

Please only accept if you are serious. I've seen many debates on this website that just end up with a bunch of forfeits. I don't want that to happen

First round: Acceptance

Second Round Arguments presented (Con may NOT post any rebuttals. ONLY arguments)

Third round: Rebuttals (Pro rebuts to Round 2 arguments. Con rebuts to round 2 arguments)

Fourth Round: Rebuttals and conclusions (Con may not rebut to anything Pro states in Round 4)

Good luck to whomever accepts =)


I am unclear by what you mean for the first round of acceptance, but will continue never the less. I would like your definition of "gaming". Do you mean First person Shooter, Role playing, Sports, Adventure, board games, action? These can effect the preferred console. I would also like you to define "best way to game". Console is also a fairly vague term as it can mean any console from any time period like the Sega Dreamcast, the Nintendo 64 or even recently released consoles such as the Xbox One or the PS4. If you could be more specific about these things I think it will make it easier for both of us to carry out this debate. Until I have this information I will just speak generally.

PC gaming has its pros and cons as does Console gaming. There are several differences between gaming on a PC and gaming on a Console, the type of controllers, social aspect, availability of games, the ability to manipulate games and servers, and the price of the device you are using to in game add-ons and membership fees.

When gaming on a computer or console you can interact with other people over a headset or through some type of messaging/chat system. The social aspect you can only truly get while sitting around one screen playing on the same console with a few other people is pretty unique to console gaming. While there is the option for local multiplayer on some PC games you cannot compare it to the local multiplayer of a Console system.
Debate Round No. 1


By accceptance, I meant to simply accept my debate. I will define some terms in this round. The debate offocially starts from this round.



When I say gaming, I simply mean the act of playing games. You are bringing up different types of genres. I'm simply trying to say that: Playing Games on a PC is superior to playing games on a Console.

When I say Console, I'm referring to the Xbox One/PS4. I admit that was my mistake, I should have specified.

Alright so now that that clears up any doubts my opponent had, I will begin.


As I browse across the internet, and I ask some people why they would rather prefer Consoles, I get a variety of responses. But the biggest response I receive, by far, is that: "PC gaming is too expensive." The first part of this argument is going to be focused on proving to everyone that that is just a big myth.

PC Gaming is in fact cheaper than Console Gaming, and by a good margin, I might add. Let's compare the Xbox One and PS4 to a PC. When I say "a PC" I mean a Gaming PC. A "Gaming PC" is also a vague term, but essentially, I'm talking about a PC that can run all games at high settings at 1080p and 60FPS , if not higher.

First of all, let me just say that there are two ways to start. Building a Gaming PC or Buying a Gaming PC. It's always better to build, but some people may not have the time or may just not want to build one, and if that's the case they can buy a pre-built one. In this examination, I will be comparing a Pre-built PC, and this is just so that the comparison will be easier to do

Digital Storm , a company that sells pre-built pc's has a Gaming PC called the Vanquisher 2 Level 3.( I will compare this PC priced at 979 dollars to the Xbox One and PS4.

Here are the benchmarks (Remember, the PC i'm comparing is the one that says level 3): s://; alt="" />

So how could the PC possibly be cheaper, if it's more expensive to begin with? Let's crunch some numbers.

A brand new Xbox One and PS4 are 500 and 400 dollars respectively. Let's start with the Xbox One. It's going to be around 8 years before the next generation of gaming. So we will assume that we will keep the PC and Xbox One for 8 years. Now, in order to actually play games online with an Xbox, you need to play $60 a year. Multiply this number by 8 and you get a total of $980 at the end of 8 Years. PC gaming is free to play online so the price will still stay at 979.

Now let's look at the pricing of games most Console games are priced at 60 dollars. The average PC game is 40 dollars. Now I'm being very generous here. There are tons of games that are in fact MUCH cheaper, not including the ridiculous Steam Sales. But for right now, we will assume 40 dollars.

Assuming that you buy 5 games a year, let's look at our total. For Xbox One We end up with, 3,380 dollars . For PC we end up with 2,579 dollars. That's a HUGE difference. Now, you could buy a $200 HD monitor, a Razer Black Widow Keyboard, A Razer Death Adder Mouse, and Sons Verse 0tI multimedia speakers, Razer Kraken pro Headphones, and the total would be:3,089 dollars. Still cheaper!!

With the PS4 it would cost a total of 3,200 dollars: $400 + (60*5) + (50*8). I think I've made it clear PC is MUCH cheaper.

Now, that I have proven how cheap PC gaming can be, let's look at some other categories:


The PC has access to tons of mods that add many hours of gameplay into games. Mods are a great pleasure, and to an already great gaming experience. Since Consoles don't even support mods, they are at a clear disadvantage here.

Performance and graphics:

The gaming setup that was aforementioned could eat up a console for breakfast. The aformentioned PC is YEARS ahead of the Console in terms of how good the graphics of the games will look like and how good the FPS will be. This bad boy would destroy the consoles in anything hardware and software related.

A Common argumen I hear from Console gamers is, "Who cares about graphics. It's the story and gameplay that's beter than the graphics." I laugh at this statement. While I do agree that Gameplay is worth more than graphics, why would you not want both? Also, what was the biggest reason for buying a PS4 or Xbox One?? That's right - upgraded Hadware and Graphics.

Better Hardware and Graphics do infact improve gameplay overall, and since PC gaming is cheaper - why not have both?

Playing on the couch:

This is also a common argument by Console players. They say, "I like to comfortably on my couch, rather then sitting at a desk." While I agree to a certain extent that Consoles are better for playing on a couch, you can still do the exact same thing on a PC. Thaknks to Steam's Big Picture Mode, you can hook up your computer to your TV and play all the games you want from your comfortable couch. Furthermore, you can play with ANY CONTROLLER you want. Some people who have a PS4 actually prefer the Xbox One controller, and vice versa. With a PC you can play with essentially any controller in existence.

PC E-Spots are a lot more competitive and have a larger fan
base The fan base LoL and Dota 2 are far greater than something like CoD. Plus the amount of prize money that you can get is insane. The Dota 2 International prize pool was 10.8 million dollars!

It's a Computer:

Computers can do a lot of things these days, and a gaming computer can do anything you want it to. You don't just play games , check your e-mail, do your taxes, etc. It can perform any action flawlessly on top of a good gaming experience, as opposed to Consoles, where the functionality is limited beyond gaming.

Backwards Compatibility:

If you've always wanted to play your PS2 games on your PS4 then you're out of luck. However, if you've wanted to play a 2005 game on a 2014 PC - you can do it. Consoles aren't backwards compativble, and the game that was a best-seller when PS2 was out, all of a sudden becomes obsolete because the PS4 can't run it. With PC's you can play old and new games alike.

In every way I can think of, PC is better than Console. Once you get the, "PC is expensive" myth out of your head, the performance the graphics, and all that you can do, makes for a much better gaming experience.

Ok, I do admit that Console has many exculsiives. But compared to PC exclusives... the Consoles are a spec of dust.

I await to hear my opponent's response =)



master_debat0r forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


This is unfortunate. I'm not aware of why my opponent forfeited, but obviously something came up. I can't rebut to anything, and I want to give my opponent a fair chance, so I won't add any more arguments this round. Hopefully he will come back =)


master_debat0r forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Another forfeit? I think it's clear that I win this debate. Please Vote for Me =)


master_debat0r forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TheCookingCardsman 2 years ago
@master_debat0r No worries. Things happen, and besides, this wasn't too serious of a debate =)
Posted by master_debat0r 2 years ago
Sorry TheCookingCardsman I got busy and forgot =( good job though
Posted by Dheu 3 years ago
Posted by TheCookingCardsman 3 years ago
it seems that the picture for the benchmarks didn't show up. Here is a link to the pic:
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