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PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

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Started: 10/10/2014 Category: Games
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Greetings carriead. This debate will be a debate between PC and Consoles, as it pretains to gaming. The Resolution will be:

PC Gaming is superior to Console Gaming as it pretains to Gaming in general.

When I say, "As it pretains to Gaming in general" all I mean is that we aren't going to be discussing anything else except gaming. Obviously a PC can perform a plethora of other functions, but this debate shall be concerned primarily with the gaming aspect.


Round 1: Acceptance

Round 2: Opening arguments

Round 3: Rebuttals

Round 4: More rebuttals

Round 5: Conclusions


Would like to take the side of PC or console?
Debate Round No. 1


Thank You for accepting. Let's Begin!
Let's start talking about the major thing that people seem to debate about; The Price

Pricing is what seems to turn many people away from PC Gaming, as PC's have a bigger initial cost. However, many people fail to realize that in the long run, A PC will be much cheaper. Allow me to go into expand upon this point.

An Xbox One will cost you around $500 while a PS4 will cost you around $400. Now this is going to be cheaper when compared to a Gaming PC. But what exactly is a Gaming PC? And how much does one cost?

A gaming PC is generally built by the person Gaming. This allows for great Custmozation. I could have gone onto PC part picker and built a $500 Gaming PC. However, for the sake of this debate, I'm going to be using a pre-built Gaming PC. This is so that my opponent will be able to see all of the specs of this PC, and how exactly it runs.

The Gaming PC that I will be comparing these Consoles with will be: The Vanquish 2 Level 3 by Digital Storm (you can see all of the hard-ware components of this PC here:

This PC is priced at $979. As you can see, this is infact more expensive then the Consoles. Considerably more expensive. However, in order to play anything online (to play multiplayer) on a Console, there is a pesky subscription fee.

The fee for Xbox Live is $60 a year and for PS4, it's $50 a year, respectively. Let's assume that we are going to own our Consoles and PC for 8 years (that's probably when the next generation of consoles will come out). We have to include $60 a year for Xbox Live, which means that would be $480. Now add that to the initial cost, and we get $980. If we look at the PS4, we would be looking at $400. Add that to the inital cost and we get, $800.

But we can't just stop there. Just having a machine isn't going to be any useful unless we can play games on it. When it comes to the pricing of games, Console Games are going to be $60. Barely any sales are going to be involved. PC Games are going to be around $40. Now this is a very generous proposition, as PC games have TONS of sales and are generally quite cheaper than $40, but for the sake of this argument, let's just assume that PC games are around $40.

Let's say that we get around 5 games a year (a reasonable amount). That would cost $300 a year for the Consoles. Again, we are going to keep these things for 8 years, so our total for the Xbox One would be $3,380 and our total for PS4 would be $3,200, respectively. For PC our total would be: $2,579.

At the end of 8 years, you will spend:

Xbox One: $3,380
PS4: $3,200
PC: $2,579

Since we saved so much with the PC, I'll include some extra stuff in order to make this PC a full package. Let's include a:

1. 20 inch backlit LCD monitor for $90(

2. A Razer Taipan Mouse, for ultimate precision while gaming, for $80 (

3. A Razer BlackWidow Chroma Keyboard - An amazing Mechanical Keyboard, with some of the best mechanical keys on the market, in which every individual key can be custmozied to one of 16.8 million colors - for $170 (

4. Logitech - Z506 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers 6-piece set, surround speakers to enhance the gaming experience with ultimate surround sound, for $70

5. And lastly, let's throw in Logitech G230 Headset, an awesome headset for any gamer, for $60

With all of these other accessories (Please note that I did go a little overboard with this. No one needs such expensive accessories to be a PC gamer. Some of these things are ridiculously expenive, but the only reason I stated them here was to illustrate my point.), our Grand Total would be: $3,049 - STILL CHEAPER!!!!!

I was being generous too, by not adding the price of a TV in order to play a Console, but regardless - it's still cheaper

Now let's go onto some other arguments:

Mods and tons of hours of gameplay to a game. Take Skyrim for example; The game has many hours of content, but if you were to ever get bored, the mods add so much more gameplay. Mods add variety to a game that simply cannot be achieved on a Console.

Playing on a Couch:
A somewhat valid argument is that, with a Console you can play on a couch. However, this can be done on a PC as well. Simply connect your PC to your TV via HDMI cable and turn Steam on Big Picture Mode. Simple.

I'm not going to get into the Keyboard and Mouse vs Controller argument, because that could be another debate in itself. However, fact of the matter is the Keyboard and Mouse can have better precision while gaming. Of course, even if you don't want to use a keboard and mouse, you can still use a controller to play on PC. Any controller you want. Want to play on the Xbox Controller for a particular game, and then want to switch to the PS4 controller? No problem.

Using emulation you can actually play any console game on PC. Including Wii Games.

Backwards Compatibility
On Consoles, you can't play games from the previous generation. A game that's released on the Xbox 360, but not released on Xbox One, will die eventually. However, you can play a game that was released on 2002 on a PC, and it will work fine.

After seeing this Picture, you will change your mind about exclusives:

Need I say more?

The Hardware and Software on the PC is MILES better than the Consoles. You can't upgrade the Hardware on a Console, while you can do that on a PC. Of course, even if you don't upgrade the Hardware, the PC would KILL the Consoles in terms of graphics and just smoother gameplay. Here are the benchmarks of the PC that I used to compare to the Consoles (The Vanquish 2 level 3. Make sure you look at the level three specs):

As you can see - the Consoles get wrecked in this area. The PC's performance is so much better.

The Competitive Scene for Consoles cannot compete with the PC's competetive scene. games like LoL and Dota 2 have a much bigger fanbase and have much bigger prizes. The Prize Pool for LoL was 2 Million Dollars, while the Prize Pool for Dota 2 was a whopping 10.8 Million Dollars.

Compare this with CoD's biggest tournament which was around 1 million, which is still respectable, and the Consoles aren't close to taking the biggest share of the E-Sports market. Also, look at how many fans this games have:


Dota 2:

I'm going to stop right here. I await to here my opponents opening arguments =)



Well those are all good arguments BUT they are repetitions from a debate you had with another person just with a few minor tweaks here and there. Ah well who cares I'll still carry on.

01 Games are optimized for controllers.

Some gamers swear by the keyboard and mouse, but it's clear that video games were meant to be played with a controller. There's a reason why the most influential video game product " the Nintendo Entertainment System " was a console with a controller. If the keyboard and mouse were really superior, wouldn't one of the eight generations of consoles have come with those instead of gamepads?

02 Consoles are built for relaxation.

Want to play games on your TV from your couch? That's what consoles are for. Sure, you can hook a PC up to a TV, but don't pretend like that process is particularly streamlined. Even PCs with HDMI ports need to get relocated from the desk to the living room, and that's a hassle you'll never have to deal with when it comes to consoles.

03 Console gaming equals easy online multiplayer.

All consoles are built with painless ways to connect with friends and get gaming within minutes. You don't have to worry about server connections or matchmaking " you just jump online and play.

04 Automatic updates!

If your game needs a patch, or if your console's operating system needs a fix, the updates are downloaded automatically. How's that for convenience? Compare this to PCs, where you have to download and install patches and drivers manually.

05 Two words: console exclusives.

Want to play the latest Mario game? You'd better have a Nintendo console. The same goes for Uncharted on Sony's PlayStation consoles and almost every installment of the Halo franchise on Microsoft's Xbox consoles. If you're PC-only, you're pretty much out of luck. You can only emulate so many console classics, and they'll probably be buggy as hell.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you con for your arguments. I will now move onto rebuttals.
My opponent's first argument addresses the Keyboard and Mouse vs Controller idea. He states that,, "... video games were meant to be played with a controller. There's a reason the Nintendo Entertainment System was a console with a controller."

I will admit, that PC's were not always better than Consoles. Back in the day of the NES, PC's used to suck, and Consoles used to be awesome for gaming. The NES, which was by far one of the most influential Consoles of all time, ran with a controller, and it was the most optimal thing to use at the time. But the NES's era has ended. And in this current generation, the same argument is not applicable. There are two big counter points to my opponent's argument:

Counter-Point 1: Precision
Keyboard and Mouse is by far more precise. Denial of this statement is foolish. Using a mouse for gaming will yield more accurate results, by far. In fact, Consoles use aim assist, and the reasoning for this is because it's difficult to play precisely with a console. Mouse and Keyboard, however, is a lot more precise. Take for example the PC Gaming Mouse and Keyboard that I stated in Round 1; The Razer Black Widow Chroma Keyboard and Razer Taipan Mouse. Here are pictures of the two:

Keyboard Features:
- This keyboard has razer mechanical switches designed for gaming which give you maxiumum speed and responsiveness
- Each key will last up to 60 Million Keystrokes
- features individually programmable backlit keys with 16.8 million color options, all easily set through Razer Synapse

Features of the Mouse:
- It's symetrical making it viable for right and left hand players
- its light weight, perfect for low-sense gamers who need to execute fast, precise movements and lift their mouse often
- The mice buttons are designed to be hair-trigger sensitive. This means as soon as you think it, your finger has already mouse clicked it. Utilizing highly durable Omron switches, there is a pronounced tactile feedback to your fingertips with each actuation, so you get the absolute assurance that you’re winning with precision

I think this proves the precision of playing with Mouse and Keyboard

Counter-Point 2: You can play with Controllers on a PC!
The thing abou PC's is the fact that you can play with virtually any controller in existance (including Xbox One and PS4 Controllers). You can't play on mouse and keyboard on your Console. I have a couple of friends that like to play with a controller for racing games, since it's more optimal. Simply plug in you PC to your T.V., and turn on Steam Big Picture mode, and use a controller. Most, if not all, racing games on PC have controller support. Plus, you're not restricted to which controller you play on, while on Xbox One you MUST play on the Xbox Controller and same thing with PS4.

Onto my opponent's next point. He stats that hooking up a PC to a T.V. is a hassle. I understnad that it's not as easy as hooking up a Console, but it's actually not that tedious of a process. I have no real major arguments against this one though.

Next point is that Console gaming has easy multiplayer. My opponent states, "Consoles are built with painless ways to connect with friends... You don't have to worry about server connections or matchmaking, you just jump online and play."

This statement is a bit ridiculous. First of all PC doesn't have some set-up that you have to do. It's very simple to jump online and play as well. But second, an dmost importantly, when playing on a console you are ENTIRELY DEPENDENT ON SERVER CONNECTIONS AND MATCHMAKING. If you play on Xbox Live, the Xbox Live servers are what you are playing on, and your matchmaking is done by Xbox Live. If anything happens to their server, you are screwed.

Also, Steam' UI is very good, and it's super easy to connect with friends. I'm not sure how the consoles are superior in this regard.

Next, my opponent talks about automatic updates. First of all, you get automatic updates on all games on PC as well. There's no difference there. And second, if anything were to happen to the PC, you can always repair it at a local computer shop. There is no real argument here. Everything that Consoles have, PC has in this point.

Lastly, my opponent talks about exclusives. This is really stupid. Did my opponent not see the picture I showed about Console and PC exclusives?? Regardless, here it is again:

I would now like to reiterate some points from my first round:
-PC Gaming is Cheaper - Why would you not want something that's cheaper??
-Better Performance - Why settle for less, when you can get more for something cheaper??
-Mods - Don't miss out on tons of hours of player made content
-Get ultimate Precision when gaming
-Join an awesome E-sports community.

My opponent's arguments have all been rebutted. To sum up:
-Mouse and Keyboard is much more precise and customizable than a controller - Plus you can play with all controllers on PC anyway
- You can still play on a couch, just like a console
- PC multiplayer is just as good of an experience, if not better, than on console as it is on PC
- PC gets automatic updates, just like consoles.
- PC has more exclusives than Consoles
With that, I rest my case =) Look forward to opponent's rebuttals.



Due to some family issues I will not be able to post my arguments within the time frame. So to move this along I shall forfeit this round of the debate.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent has forfeited. I can't reut anything So I await his reuttals. I'm posting this argument with 4 hours time left. The reason I did this was so that my opponent would have ample time to post his next argument. I hope pro is able to take part in Round 4 =)


carriead20 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Another forfeit. I believe I should win, as Con has forfeited 2 rounds of the debate. He has rebutted to nothing that I have said, so Technically all of my arguments stand, and I've rebutted his arguments, so all of his arguments have fallen. Vote Pro please!


carriead20 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by TheCookingCardsman 3 years ago
@carriead20 yes, It is identical to the argument I used on another debate, but that's because basically all the arguments are going to be the same, considering that the debate topic is the same. Anyways, it's the rebuttals that really decide debates =)
Posted by DefineRich 3 years ago
To be honest this is the modern days! People start to use pc for gaming. Consoles are going to a pass! Hope pro wins this debate!
Posted by TheCookingCardsman 3 years ago
@Dishoungh Well, I was nearly 100% sure that I would win the debate, lol. I generally don't challenge/accept debates that I don't think I can win. The PC vs Console debate has been going on for a long time now, and I think it's pretty easy to see that PC wins any day.
Posted by Dishoungh 3 years ago
This debate topic is heavily favored towards Pro.
Posted by TheCookingCardsman 3 years ago
alright, my opening arguments are posted =)
Posted by carriead20 3 years ago
You did but for the people that don't know that I thought I would ask anyway.
Posted by TheCookingCardsman 3 years ago
I thought I already messaged you about this, but I'll be taking the side of PC
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