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PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

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Started: 11/25/2014 Category: Games
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Thank you Hylian_3000 for accepting. This debate will be over which platform is better, PC or Console. The Consoles discussed in this debate will be either the Xbox One or PS4.

First round acceptance, good luck.


I accept the debate. Thanks for the challenge request Pro. I hope this will be an interesting debate

Oh, and just to clarify,

Pro: PC
Con: Consoles

If this is wrong briefly include it in round 2.
Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you once again for accepting this debate. I forgot to clarify in the 1st round, but I will be advoating for PC, and my opponent will be advocating for Console. Let's begin =)
Let's talk about the price first. Price can be a huge factor to someone who is considering to play on either platform, and although the myth states otherwise, PC Gaming is cheaper than Console Gaming in the long run. Some people may find this to be absurd, as they've seen the high prices of gaming PC's and how they are thousands of dollars.

Allow me to prove to you that in the long run, PC gaming is cheaper:

First, a note before I get into this. A Gaming PC can be as expensive and as cheap as the person playing it desires. It can be $5,000 or $200. However, unless you are rich (which most of us aren't), not everyone can afford an expensive PC that will cost $5,000. So, for the purposes of this debate, I will be using a $979 Gaming PC that is prebuilt. It's called the Vanquisher 2 Level 3 by Digital Storm. Here is a link, so that everyone can see it's specs:

Here are the benchmarks for this PC (make sure that you are looking at the benchmarks for Level 3 only, as I will be using the Level 3 PC for this debate.)

Vanquish II Benchmarks
Ok, so as we can see here, this is a powerful PC. It can run games on high graphics settings at over 60 FPS. Now, this is where most Console Gamers will tell me, "Well of course it's going to be able to do those things. It's $979, that's a lot more expensive than a Console."

True, $979 is a bigger initial price. But let's do some math:

1. Let's look at the initial prices

Xbox One Price: $400

PS4 Price: $400

PC Price: $979

2. Now let's assume that until the next generation of Consoles come out, it will be around 8 years. If we want to play multiplayer on a Console, we are going to have to pay $60 a year on Xbox One and $50 a year on PS4. On a PC, it's free. This means in 8 years, this is how much you will spend on each system:

Xbox One Price: $880

PS4 Price: $800

PC Price: $979

3. What's the use of these systems if you don't have games, right? The average game on a Console is going to be $60. PC games are much cheaper, and can be very veried in price. There are a lot of free 2 play games. There are over 1,000 games on Steam that are under $10. But even with all of this, I'm going to be very generous and make the average game on a PC $40. Assuming that we buy 5 games a year (for 8 years), our price after 8 years will be:

Xbox One Final Price: $3,280

PS4 Final Price: $3,200

PC Final Price: $2,579

So we see here that in the long run, the PC will save you quite a bit of money. But why stop there? Heck, we could buy a crap ton of accessories and STILL be cheaper. In order to play on a Console we need to buy a TV. That's pretty expensive if you ask me. But even if we include a :

Razor Taipon Gaming Mouse (This mouse provides ULTIMATE PRECISION. It's insane. Google it.): $80

Acer 19.5 inch HD Led Monitor: $100

Razor BlackWidow Ultimate Keyboard: $130

Logitech Z623 980-000402 200 Watt Speaker System: $110

Logitech G930 USB Connector Circumaural Wireless Gaming Headset: $110

Let's add up and look at our total price with all of these accessories combined (Note: I went a little overboard with this accessory thing. Obviously I'm just using this to illustrate my point. There is no need for all of this expensive stuff in order to be a PC gamer, I'm just trying illustrate my point.):

Xbox One Final Price: $3,280

PS4 Final Price: $3,200

PC Final Price (With Accessories): $3,109

Well, would you look at that? PC is still cheaper. I think I've made my point.

The Performance on this PC will CRUSH the Consoles. It can run High end games at true 1080p and 60FPS; there is no way the consoles can reach such a level of performance. This machine will have absolutely no lag at all, and will literally run almost anything. The performance is infinitely superior.

An argument I hear from some Console gamer is, "I don't care about Graphics. I care about Gameplay."

True, Gameplay is more important than just performance, but performance improves the overall feeling of the game. You can't expect to have fun playing Skyrim on a $200 computer, in which your game is lagging every 10 seconds.

But even more importantly, Console Gamers themselves actually do care about graphics and hardware, they just don't like to admit it. Why did most Console Gamer buy an Xbox One, instead of sticking with their Xbox 360? or buy a PS4 instead of staying with a PS3? Heck, why did Sony and Microsoft even bother to make a new System?? That's right, the new systems had better features, updated hardware, and could display better graphics.

Graphics are imporatant to Console gamers too.
A lot of games are multiplatform, but when it comes to exlusives, PC wins again. Look at this list:

PC has a lot more exclusives.

Furthermore, Console players can't play any MMORPG games, nor can they play any MOBA games. These games are strictly reserved for PC. A common argument from console players here is that, "You can't play racing games on PC." This point is actually invalid, and it brings me to my next point.

You can actually play with anything you want on a PC. A keyboard and mouse, an Xbox One controller, a PS4 Controller, or virtually any controller you can think of. In this way, you can play FPS games with great precision with a Keyboard and Mouse, and still enjoy racing games with a Controller.

Playing on a Couch:
This is somewhat of a legitmate argument that I hear from Console Gamers, and that is that they like to play on their couch. But with Steam Big Picture Mode, you can easily connect your PC to your TV with an HDMI cable, and enjoy playing on your TV.

Backwards Compatibilty:
On a Console, you can't play your Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One, nor can you play your PS3 games on PS4. But with PC, you can play any game. Even a game released in the year 2000, can be played in 2014.

E-sports are mainly dominant on PC. Games like Dota 2 and LoL attract millions of players from around the world. The prizes that can be earned from these games is insane. The Dota 2 International (the world championships for dota 2) held this year had a prize pool of over $10,000,000!

Good luck to my opponent. He may either rebut to my argument, or come up with arguments of his own or do a combination of both in Round 2 =)


That's a lot to take in, however, I'm going to attempt to rebut your arguments.
I'm going to counter Pro's argument about PCs being cheaper in the long run.

Pro's argument relies on the fact that the person who is buying the console when it came out recently, which makes consoles very expensive.
Now, someone who is thinking about saving money will probably not buy consoles on the first day, there are still games coming out for the previous consoles, and the new consoles don't have a lot do games to play. He (we are assuming he's male) doesn't even know if the console is any good!
It's more reasonable to think that he will buy the console after a price drop. Usually about a 50-100 dollar price drop.
Subtract $75 from both console prices.
Pro calculates his final price by assuming that PC gamers and console gamers buy the same amount of games. However, he states that PC's have lots more exclusives, and they are backwards compatible, so PC gamers have a huge library of games to choose from, and they are cheaper, so it's safe to assume he will buy more games than a console gamer. Oh, and those f2p games have to make money somehow, the PC gamer might find himself spending lots of real money on f2p games. Don't forget those really good subscription games (EVE online, WOW, etc.) they have to pay every month to keep playing these games. Console gamers who buy a new console don't have a lot of games to choose from initially, so they won't buy as many games. Plus, most consoles will come with a game to keep the gamer occupied. Gamers will have to wait for game companies to stop making games for the previous consoles and for new games to be released. So they will not buy as many games.
I will generously lower the average PC game price to $30.
I'm raising the amount of games a PC gamer buys to 10 per year
I'm adding $50 per year due to f2p in game purchases (sadly, this is actually the truth, I'm being very generous only adding $50 per year)
I'm adding $150 per year due to subscription games($12.45 per month for WOW)
(I didn't subtract money for console gamers buying less games, since doing so would contradict my earlier statement of buying the console later)
And the final price is:

PS4: $3,125
Xbox 1: $3,205
PC: $4,979

Whoa, a bit overboard you ask? I'll lower the amount of games he actually buys down 5. (Still keeping the $30 average amount)

PS4: $3,125
Xbox 1:$3,205
PC: $3,779

I'll even add back the $75 that I took away

PS4: $3,200
Xbox 1: $3,280
PC: $3,779

Hmm... The consoles are STILL cheaper.
Looks like our PC gamer couldn't resist subscription games and buying things on f2p, and it sucked money out of him, I think I've disproved Pro's point.

Ok, this is probably one of the most solid arguments Pro has, yet I think I have a counter.

Yes, your machine will not lag at all, but others will. You see, console games rarely lag (only when playing online) and do you know why? Because the games on the console are optimized for that console. Unlike PCs where there are tons of them and some may not be able to display amazing graphics, just the low setting on the game (and it might still lag a bit). Consoles don't have a graphics options because there is no need. The developers knew what machine they were building for and made the best graphics for it while not making it lag.

Your whole Skyrim argument about "gameplay over graphics" is disproved since Skyrim won't (or will barely) lag you at all on console (Optimized!) While on a computer, it can.

They make better systems to enhance gameplay, just like new gaming PCs come out when new technology arises. We do care about our hardware and graphics, they just don't lag us like yours do from time to time.
So we care about graphics, so, this makes PC better?

Oh that long chart, time to counter.

Do you know why the PC has more exclusives? Because the consoles are NEW. They didn't even have a lot of time to make exclusives for the newer consoles! It's not fair to pit up ALL the PC's existing exclusives against new born console exclusives! Give it some time.
Oh, we aren't debating about which console is better, are we? I think it would be more reasonable to add all the console exclusives together, and see where that gets us. Oh and while we are at it, go search up all the previous Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 exclusives, add them together, and then see which one has more exclusives. Since those are old consoles it would be more fair for their exclusive list to be compared to the PCs.
One thing I like to say is "quality over quantity" sure the PC has lots of games, but I've never even heard of some of them! Consoles have lots of great exclusives: Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Kirby, Uncharted, Halo, Super Smash bros., Prince of Persia. Forza Mortorsport, inFamous, etc.
These games, are great and they are way more famous than a lot of the PC titles. (Again, haven't even heard of some of those before)
Yes, we can't play MOBAs and MMORPGs, but console gamers aren't phased by that. They love the games they have!

Let me introduce you to the USB port! Just plug in a mouse and keyboard and poof! You are playing shooters with PC controls, on your console! No lag either, and bigger screen! I use a mouse and keyboard when playing the PS3 exclusive DUST514 (try aiming with a controller as a sniper in that game...) so much easier with the PC controls, on my console!

Playing on a couch:
So much easier and comfortable to play on a couch! Oh, and your machine of yours is a desktop. Have fun unplugging everything, lugging that big heavy thing around, and plugging it into your TV. Consoles, just push a button, sit down, and BOOM. You are playing on your couch.

Backwards Compatibility:
This is minor since someone who has PS3 games probably has a PS3 to play it on. And he still has his PS4 to play PS4 games. Same with Xbox 1 and Xbox 360, and I believe the Wii and WiiU are backwards compatible.

How many famous exclusives on consoles are famous for the competitive multiplayer? Next to none, those games are good, but it's probably the single player story or gameplay that makes the game famous. Competitive Mario and Zelda? Nope. A lot of famous PC exclusives are famous for their multiplayer. Play DOTA2 by yourself? Play LoL by yourself? Nope. There are just no console games that are competitive, however, they are still fun with friends (the ones that have multiplayer)

And now for my own arguments

Local multiplayer:
It's cheaper to just buy 1 console and multiple controllers for your friends to play some people just don't have the money to buy a gaming PC AND a copy of the game. And you only need one TV!

Bigger Screen:
It's so much more immersive and epic to play video games on a TV. How many computer monitors are bigger than TVs? Next to none. And it's very hard to hook up a desktop to a tv, (see playing on a couch). The truth is, consoles will have a better sense of engagement and immersion on a big screen, far more than those small PC screens.


Round 3 Pro, rebut and/or make more arguments.
Good luck!
Debate Round No. 2


TheCookingCardsman forfeited this round.


A forfeit? Aww... I was kinda hoping we would have a really big debate... I hope my opponent comes back in round 4 to debate.
Debate Round No. 3


TheCookingCardsman forfeited this round.


My opponent has failed to rebut my arguments. I have rebutted all his arguments and mine still stand. Plus, Pro forfeited. I think it's clear who won this debate.

Thank you, Pro, for the debate, and thank you voters!
Debate Round No. 4
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