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PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

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Started: 12/2/2014 Category: Games
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Hi challenger,
So before we start here are the rules:

1. No swearing.
2. No going off topic.

1.Opening statement
4. Conclusion


I believe that Console Gaming is highly more effective and intellectual to play on rather than a PC. Consoles have a similar specs to be played on and have similar feel among them. Systems such as the PS4 and Xbox One have created a new era of gaming that nobody has seen before. It has allowed for 4K High Definition on televisions that resembles a realistic feel to them. It might actually feel like you're in the game. Meanwhile, PC gaming does not allow all the individual games to be played on. The prices of Gaming computers have increased and is highly more expensive than a console. Even though they may have the same specs. Most of the most popular games are sold on consoles such as the PlayStation or the Xbox. Console gaming is better.
Debate Round No. 1


PC is not only used for educational purpose, but also gaming. When I say gaming most other people agree with me. I also disagree the statement that Gaming PC are highly expensive, PCs that support gaming can be found for 100$ or if you want better experience, it gets expensive. If you look at a console, it starts with 300$ and gets higher and the better experience you need. When it comes to controlling, I do agree that console gaming is easy. But when you talk about keyboards, you have more keys to adjust your finger tips.
Also remember PC was the main reason of the making of console. Therefore, PC not only gives you more options, but it is easy to get used to and friendly user.


I agree upon your point about giving the consumer an option on how they are able to play the game. However, your argument on the prices is invalid.

The Prices of a PS4 starts off at $399.

The Price of a Razer Blade Laptop costs about $2,099

In terms on what you are getting, PS4 is while worth your money than a PC. You are not just getting a better machine to run your games, but it will still be relevant to be used in the next 3-5 years. Meanwhile PC's are always improving and you would need to buy a new computer every 2 years to keep up with what the games require to be run. You are not able to play in 4K High Definition on a PC, meanwhile you are able to do so with a PS4. I chose the Razer Blade as it is recognised to being one of the best gaming laptops in the market. Razer is known for their gaming equipment and is popular amongst gamers. But the price margin would mean you're spending a whole lot more money.
Debate Round No. 2


I do agree that the really good PCs have a expensive price. But the PC that you stated, had a lot of RAM and power, making it expensive. When you see consoles they vary in prices too. Taking xbox as an example. Xbox with 4 GB is for ~$150, when you increase the memory to 250GB the price goes up to ~$500. Therefore, increasing the memory of something increases the price.

When we talk about gaming we also think about the cost of the game and the priority given to it. Take Minecraft as an example, when it comes to seeing the updates and the priority given to it, PC wins. The PC versions are about 3 times ahead of the PS4 and the Xbox. If you look at a game, made for a console, such as: Halo 4. You can find the equal update in PC compared to the Xbox ones.

Coming to prices. When you see those new games such as Watch Dogs, Destiny and Titanfall. They cost 60-70$ for console, from the time they were realesed till now. When you pre-purchase a console game you have to pay 100$ (excluding the shipping). By pre-purchasing on console just gives you a wallpaper. I mean you could actually print for 1$ then paying 30$ extra for a wallpaper. When you see all these in PC, its the opposite. When you look at the prices you can see Watch Dogs and the others listed above for: 20-30$
(without any special sales). Also when you pre-purchase a game you usually get the in-game items and it is cheaper. Also you dont have to ship your games nor do you need a CD for it. Atleast you dont have to pay 30$ for a paper. When you look at stats, PC gaming always wins compared to the console ones. Even if the pc costs a lot by its self people still think its worth the numbers.

Therefore, PC gaming is not only cheap, but people tend to use it more.



I do believe that the games that you are able to purchase on a Console are much more expensive than buying games on a PC. But there are exclusive titles that you can only find on the Console that you do not find anywhere else.

One of the biggest titles in gaming is FIFA. The football game gives you a realistic feel to playing with the biggest stars in world football. But playing on the Console is much more better than playing on the PC. The game is made to be played on the Console and not on a personal computer. According to the reviews on MetaCritic (A Gaming Website) they rated playing Fifa 15 on the PC a 4.2. Meanwhile, playing on the PS4 a 5.9 rating. Reviewed by the users and consumers themselves, they would prefer to play the game on the PS4 rather than a PC.

The Last of Us has become one of the biggest titles in gaming. Selling 6 MILLION COPIES WORLDWIDE and winning Best Game Overall at the BAFTAS in London, it is only exclusive to be played on the Playstation. That shows that the biggest titles are only released to the Consoles. Making the console a more reliable and pleasurable experience, that game makers would want to release their games on.

Console Gaming has the best game titles as well as the best machines to run your games.

Debate Round No. 3


Ok now for the concluding paragraph. I agree that some games in the console are easy to control compared to computer. But I have to disagree with some stuff. Basically you were checking the rating from a website that focuses on PS4 and other consoles. What you could do is check the rating from one of the leading computer games website such as:

My point of making this was to see the majority of how many people prefer PC gaming or Console gaming. I choose PC gaming since I see it common now a days.

Why do I think PC gaming is truly popular, I can say that without a doubt. Gaming consoles such as Nintendo was popular back then and if you look at the records 30 million copies of games were sold. The reason is because the consoles back then were cheap. I do agree the point that Consoles developed PC gaming. But since 1999 tons of people have been switching from PC gaming to console. It was the games that changed the gaming. Counter strike and Team fortress 2 were the reason why gaming grew and people got the taste of FPS and Call of Duty was created. Therefore my point is that, Console gaming inspired PC gaming but then PC gaming added the flavour to Console, PC gaming is still on the top. Its not the number of people, its the people switching from console to PC.



To Conclude, I appreciate having this debate with you on a topic that truly interest me. PC Gaming vs Console Gaming has been circling the gamer's mind for years. These machines are not cheap, as well each person might have their own opinions and preferences. PC's are not for everyone, same goes for consoles. But I would rather see a consoles in a household rather than a personal computer.

After 9 months after the release of the PS4 and Xbox One over 15 millions units have been sold combined. This is one of the biggest sales that the world has seen that has to do with gaming. Consoles are more-wanted than PC. People have not seen a bigger sales to do with Gaming Units since the launch of these machines back in 1997.

Lets think of the biggest games available on the PS4 :
Grand Theft Auto 5 ( 32.5 Million Copies)
Killzone Shadow Fall (2.1 Million Copies)
The Last of Us ( 6 Million Copies )

These are the world's biggest gaming titles. All available on the CONSOLE. THIS IS WHY CONSOLES ARE BETTER THAN PC GAMING.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Helios932 3 years ago
There aren't enough of them Kentros, this "argument" is just completely childish.
Posted by BrookieDebate 3 years ago
I will rek ou kentros!
Posted by SlovakiaKentros 3 years ago
I'm very interested in how many more mistakes and logical fallacies they can add in their arguments.
Posted by BrookieDebate 3 years ago
The Instigator is for PC while The Contender is for Console.
Just if you are confused.
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Reasons for voting decision: This was a difficult debate to judge because both sides presented some compelling cases. In terms of cost, it seems that while consoles are less expensive than PC's of equivalent gaming capacity, PC's games are less expensive than console games. So, the cost somewhat balances itself out. Then there is the aspect of certain games having more updates sooner on PC than on Console, but really, Pro only gives one solid example of this (minecraft). On Con's side, there are console-exclusive games, and this is one of the strongest points in favor of Con because as Con showed, they are usually very top-quality and popular in both sales and ratings. The controller aspect is kind of moot due to it falling upon subjective preferences of the gamer. That's the problem with debates of this sort, they really fall on gamer preference. Due to the console exclusive games, and lesser cost of a console vs. good gaming PC, I award the win to Con.